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They have different personalities than the canon characters do but I have an au where everybody is dogs; it's more like animal farm lol it's not cute like nekotalia; Germany and Prussia are GSDs (tho Prussia may or may not be pure and has leucism), England an Airedale, France a French Spaniel, America an APBT, Canada a Toller, China a Shar Pei, Japan a Shiba, Italy an Italian Greyhound, Russian a Caucasian Ovcharka, Hungary a Mudi, and Austria an Austrian Pinscher. 1/2

idk how much you know about dogs but the temperament of the dogs breeds I chose all match up perfectly (or at least I think so) with some stereotypes/impressions of the countries. All the dog breeds are chosen from the country they represent (tho some dogs were developed across a couple countries/there is a debate over their origins); there’s actually a lot of American and English breeds and it was super hard to comb through the list; I have most of their designs down now; 2/3 (I lied lol)

Their sizes as dogs are really interesting to compare imo like Russia is the biggest at 28’’/71 cm tall and like 165 lbs/74 kg meanwhile America is only 19’’/48cm and 55 lbs/25 kg (literally 3x smaller) so imagining them attacking each other on their human bosses/(masters) orders and protecting their farms/citizens from each other idk i just love it; I think it’s obvious Animal Farm was a huge part of my childhood lmao; plus a draw animals better than humans so I can cheat lmao; 3/3

that sounds really cute and i googled a lot of these dogs(cuz i don’t know much about dogs) and like it seems they would really fit! Dogtalia sounds hella cute and send some pics my way if u ever post them !!! I’d love to see a visual of this cute idea 

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