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id like to think theyre buds…….

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My friend and I have come to the conclusion that Viktor and Yuri, the dorks they are, are both determined to surprise the other on their wedding day. And they both decide that the best way to do this is to give their vows in the other’s native language.

They both stay up late studying without the other knowing. Yuri frantically asks Yurio to check his grammar (Yurio is of course DISGUSTED by how sappy he is but helps anyway), Viktor calls Mari at 3 am because he can’t figure out how the fuck this word works and he’s so worried it won’t be right… she looks at what he has and just laughs thinking of the time Yuri tried to write Viktor a fan letter in garbled Russian, taking pity on him.

Wedding day comes, Yuri comes down the isle, both are almost crying already. Viktor takes a shuddering breath and starts his vows. His accent is terrible, he stumbles on pronunciation, but Yuri? He is sobbing already. Viktor finishes, grinning widely. Yuri is crying and laughing, slowly takes a breath. Smirks up at Viktor, starts his own vows… and Viktor is in instant tears. 

It takes all their willpower not to kiss before they’re told to.

I was looking for Russian names and found out that Georgi and Yuri are both variation of the name George and come from the same root, so technically there are three (3) Yuris in Yuri on ice and I’m so done with this show

For those interested

Pronunciation of the Chicago family is butchered in the series. So

Zorya Vechernyaya is pronounced like
[zuh -‘ria (first vowel is a short a-sound, like in uh-huh, reduced; r is soft like a purring cat, stress on the 2nd syllable) vee-‘tcher-nia-ia (stress on the 2nd again, nya is like Japanese anime nya! ,soft)] 
Utrennyaya [‘oot (like foot, stress on the 1st syllable) - ren - again with the Japanese nya
Polunochnaya - [puh-'loo-nuh-tch-naya]

The way they say it in the show is zoraya ootren’jaja, extra syllables,wrong word stress, ending sounds like a German yes :/ don’t do that

Czernobog is [tcherrrr-nuh-'bokh] 1st consonant is closer to German tsch, middle syllable is reduced, last is stressed and the last consonant is Scottish like Loch Ness,glottal and rough

Phew, you’re welcome!

“Love is the highest form of prayer. If prayer is the Empress of virtue, then the Christian loves God, because God is Love … Watch the world only through the prism of love so that all your problems disappear. Then you will see that the Kingdom of God is within you, that man is an icon, and earthly beauty is only a shadow of heavenly life. You might think that it is impossible to love your enemies, but remember that Christ said, ‘Whatever you did to the people you did it to Me’. Keep these words written in gold letters in your heart, keep it next to an icon and read it every day.”

~Father Alimpije Caves

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i ship it so hard. they’re perfect. just imagine how they would scream smth like “I LOVE YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT” and hug the shit out of each other.

Slavic Mythological Deities

I’m sure a lot of people following me are a fan of the Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, etc series, and just a fan of mythological gods in general, but how many of you can name a Slavic god or goddess?

I bet not a lot of you! I am here to change that!

I hope you find this useful!

Belobog - the god of light

Chernobog - the god of darkness, the opposite of Belobog

Dazhbog- the sun god and a source of wealth and power.

Dodola - the goddess of rain and wife of Perun

Hors - the god of the winter sun, healing and survival

Ipabog - the god of the hunt

Koliada - the goddess of the sky, responsible for sunrise

Lada- the goddess of love, marriage, summer and beauty. Some say she is the supreme goddess, or Queen of the Gods.

Marowit - the god of nightmares

Morana - goddess of harvest, witchcraft, winter and death.

Myesyats - god of the moon

Peklenc - god of justice

Perun - god of thunder and lightning.

Porewit - god of the woods

Rod- the supreme god and creator of all.

Stribog - god of the winds, sky and air

Svarog - the god of fire, sometimes called the smith god.

Svetovid - the god of abundance and fertility.

Trigalv - the three-headed god of war.

Vesna- the goddess of spring. The word весна (vyesna)is also the modern Russian word for spring.

Veles- the god of the earth, the water, and the underworld.

Yarilo - the god of spring. The band Percival do a folk song about him - you can find it here.

Zaria - the goddess of love

The Zorya- the two guardian goddesses that represent the morning and evening stars.