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Slavic Mythological Deities

I’m sure a lot of people following me are a fan of the Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, etc series, and just a fan of mythological gods in general, but how many of you can name a Slavic god or goddess?

I bet not a lot of you! I am here to change that!

I hope you find this useful!

Belobog - the god of light

Chernobog - the god of darkness, the opposite of Belobog

Dazhbog- the sun god and a source of wealth and power.

Dodola - the goddess of rain and wife of Perun

Hors - the god of the winter sun, healing and survival

Ipabog - the god of the hunt

Koliada - the goddess of the sky, responsible for sunrise

Lada- the goddess of love, marriage, summer and beauty. Some say she is the supreme goddess, or Queen of the Gods.

Marowit - the god of nightmares

Morana - goddess of harvest, witchcraft, winter and death.

Myesyats - god of the moon

Peklenc - god of justice

Perun - god of thunder and lightning.

Porewit - god of the woods

Rod- the supreme god and creator of all.

Stribog - god of the winds, sky and air

Svarog - the god of fire, sometimes called the smith god.

Svetovid - the god of abundance and fertility.

Trigalv - the three-headed god of war.

Vesna- the goddess of spring. The word весна (vyesna)is also the modern Russian word for spring.

Veles- the god of the earth, the water, and the underworld.

Yarilo - the god of spring. The band Percival do a folk song about him - you can find it here.

Zaria - the goddess of love

The Zorya- the two guardian goddesses that represent the morning and evening stars.

The second one!
Kostroma (rus. Кострома) — is an East-Slavic deity, a personification of sping and fertility, who was traditionally portrayed as a beautiful young woman in white clothes with an oaken branch in her hands. She was always followed by a women’s khorovod (rus. хоровод — a slavic folk dance, during which dancers form a big circle). In Kostroma’s presence everything in the nature was given a new life: herbs begun to bloom, birds flew back to their nests.  With the beginning of a summer season, however, people arranged a magnificent ritual funeral, during which they burned/drowned/buried Kostroma, depicted by a giant straw doll, as it was giving a fertility and wealth to the earth. Anyways, slavs deeply believed that Kostroma shall resurrect by the next spring.

P.S. God damn, the word “ khorovod” looks monstrous when written in English)
Deities from Russia & Slovenia

BABA-YAGA - Goddess of endings, death, and revenge.

Associated with the snake.

DAZHBOG - God of the sun, fair judgment, and destiny.

DIIWICA - Goddess of the hunt and the forests, hounds, victory, and success.

Associated with the horse and dog.

DZIDZILEYLA/DIDILIA - Goddess of marriage, fertility, and love.

MATI SYRA ZEMLYA - Goddess of the earth, crops, fertility, oaths, justice, divination, and property disputes.

PERUN - God of storms, purification, fertility, oracles, defense against illness, victory, and oak forests.

Associated with the cockerel, goat, bear, bull, and lightning.

SVANTOVIT Four-headed god of divination, prosperity, victory, and battles.

Associated with the horse.

Conway on deities from Russia and Slovenia - a selection from The Little Big Book of Magic.  

Helmet Party + Zhanna Concept

I mean, imagine…

*solly kicks open lab door*


Engie falls off his chair, surprised by the sudden ambush, but swiftly rights himself, peering up at the military mercenary through his ever-present goggles… and turning his gaze to the amazonian woman standing by his side.

“Uh… ah’m delighted ta meetcha miss…?” he frowns, a little confused.

Raccoons being adopted at all hours of day and night was one thing, but bringing a woman home was new.

“I am Zhanna, sister of Misha… you call him Heavy, da? I am here to meet competitor for the Soldier, Jane.”

The frown deepens, as the Texan turns towards the other man in the room. “Now Sol, did you at least ask if she wanted ta be part o all this, or didja forget to tell her about…”

He trails off. “…is there even an us anymore?”

Soldier deflates a little, “Of course, Engie, I gave the private a full tactical briefing but i think it may not have translated correctly to communist from Pure AMERICAN!”

Engie rolls his eyes.

“Miss Zhanna it’s nice ta meet you, ah’m the team engineer, some call me Engie, but this here loudmouth and a few others call me by my given name, which is Dell.” He introduces himself. “Now ah don;t know where this rivalry idea came from, but if ya okay with sharing, we ain’t gonna have a problem.”

She narrows her eyes for a long moment, gaze sweeping up and down his form in a way that reminded the Texan of the one time he let Soldier talk him into a situation involving honey, nudity, and a once-more scandalised scout.

Finally, Zhanna nods, and gives a smiles. “Da, vil vork for me. Now I have two attractive men with which to have the fun times.”

Engie nearly chokes. God damn, she was straight forwards.

…how did Jane keep finding people like this?

“Uh, alright then. Y'all hungry?” he offers, trying to ease into the situation.

“I HAVE A BETTER IDEA, PRIVATE!” cries Soldier, already naked somehow and cracking the lid off of their last jar of honey.

“Now, Jane ah don’t think-…”

“Is good plan.” replies Zhanna, over him, already sans most of her attire.

Engie isn’t sure where to look, to be polite. “JANE… are you su-…”

“C'mon Dell… dinner and a show…” cajoles Soldier, with that damn smirk that started this all off last time.

“Please, let Zhanna help…” purrs russian goddess by him, enticingly covered in a layer of honey and reaching for the clasp to his overalls.

Engie takes a deep breath, exhales, and accepts that he has the most unusual taste in partners this universe has ever seen.

“Oh all right…” he relents, already feeling the sticky condiment being poured on his head, as other hands helpfully stole his clothes away…

He starts to laugh at the ridiculous of his life.

And that’s when the door creaks open.
“Hey, are you guys coming to dinner or wha-…aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?!?!?” Scout just stands there, hand on the doorknob, eyes wide, and mouth open in an unending scream.

Engie groans. “Godamnit, ah knew this was gonna happen… we need a lock for that door.”

Soldier and Zhanna look to him pleadingly, but the Texan steadfastly shakes his head. “Ah think he’s traumatised enough without you trying to get him in on the acti-… put down that honey, Zhan, or so help me…”

And thus began the great nude honey marathon around the base, as Scout tried to escape, soldier and zhanna tried to catch him, and engineer jogged steadfastly behind wondering how his life came to this.