russian gang

Queen Yuri Plisetsky aka Yurio aka Yura 😘👑
//may your hair keep growing longer and longer because Beka and I like that a lot 🙏💙//

Katsuki Yuuri in Russia

Okay but??? Its the best thing ever????

- Everyone has to call Yuri “Yurio” or have to risk the confusion when both Yuri’s are present
- Stupid lewd comments or exchanges between Victor and Yuuri ON AND OFF ICE
- Yuri and Yuuri having really flexible bodies and can out-ballet each other
- Victor hogging up the ice to pair skate with Yuuri when his anxiety acts up again
- Yuri taking Yuuri shopping and its the cutest thing ever that every other skater stalks them cuz Yuri actually smiles the whole time
- Skype calls to Japan be like “Guys just act normal” and the Russian gang literally goes overboard with weird noises and faces and Yuuri is just sighing into his palms
- Banging down Victor’s apartment door to catch Yuuri and Victor in the act
- Victor Yuuri and Yuri winning and switching podium placements for a few seasons
- Victor and Yuuri watching over Yuri’s growth and help him adapt when puberty hits him hard
- Yuuri combing/tying Yuri’s hair while Victor brushes Yuuri’s
- I just want them all to be happy and I want the Russian team selfies with Yuuri included and they love him as much as they love each other
- Sappy Victuuri kisses and candid photos go viral at least thrice a week
- Yuri being annoyed with the idiot couple but doesn’t shy away from a victory hug when they’re all at the podium together
- Victor and Yuuri retire to become Yuri’s coaches
- Japan Holiday Trip for the whole crew

(Things that bother me about Payday 2;)

  1. Why are two dead people-They literally died in the 80′s- part of the Payday gang and no one is mentioning this?
  2. Why is it that no one bats an eye that Twitch straight up dies in the escape challenges then sometimes shows up to pick them up three minutes later?
  3. What’s up with the crying child (Woman?) in the Lab Rats contract? there was no woman and certainly no child there when Bain sends you for the Cook Off contract and Hector for the other.
  4. Why does no one seem to care Wolf is almost having a nervous breakdown in the safehouse? (Constantly reassuring himself everything’s fine?) -I know it’s just his pager lines but still.-
  5. Who keeps opening their client’s pictures and birth certificate folders in Gensec?
  6. How did the Commissar ever hope to survive in the vault when there was no food?
  7. Why was Beard right outside the Russian gang’s door like he was just chilling?
  8. Why did Dallas eat that jelly donut?
  9. Did we get the thermal drill?

Irreverent, sadistic , rude, and chatty. Crow has absolutely no filter between his brain and mouth and will spit out with an insulting opinion at a moment’s notice. He manages to offend just about everyone he comes across . He’s a foul-mouthed marksman who can come up with the best insult  that doesn’t include gender, sexual orientation, race or anyone Mother.

Crow is one of my Pay Day 2 OC. He’s belong to the New York Gang.