russian flooding

Stay With Me

Anon request: Ooh! Can I request a Bucky x Reader where we (reader, lol) go out on a Shield mission, and almost don’t come back? (I cant get enough of the angst/worry.)


It’s like the world stops for a second. You didn’t hear the click of the gun that since bullets ripping through your flesh, but Bucky’s scream of your name rings loud and clear through the din of harsh shouts in foreign tongues; the smell of blood and gunpowder mingling in the cold air.

You clutch your side instinctively, dazed by the sight of dark red pooling through the dark fabric of your jacket. You hold your hand in front of your face, vision starting to blur as you realize that the red is spreading all throughout the front of your chest as well.

And for that split second, you don’t feel anything.

But that split second ends and then the pain takes hold, dropping you to your knees as you let out an unearthly scream that you can’t even recognize as your own; you can’t possibly be in that much pain, you can’t be shot, you can’t be dying here on this frozen forest ground …

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