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Queen Nefertiti was more than the iconic pretty face. She and her husband shook shit up in ancient Egypt when they decided to change the religion, art and culture for the first time in the three thousand year old run of static Egyptian culture. (FOR THREE THOUSAND YEARS ANCIENT EGYPT STAYED THE SAME!!) Nefertiti, while being beautiful, was her husband’s equal and had elevated power. She was one of the only examples of being represented as a strong and loving Queen and Mother in Egyptian art work. Hell yeah.

Empress Wu Zetian was empress of early imperial China. She was, in fact, the FIRST woman to become emperor of China. She started out as the previous emperor’s favorite concubine, then his favorite wife and then a stand-in for her young son after he died…and then she said “fuck y'all i’m running this shit now” and made herself empress of China.

Catherine the Great started out as timid german princess marrying the next emperor of Russia who wouldn’t have sex with her and wanted to play with toy german soldiers all day. Luckily she knew from the start that she just wanted Russia’s crown. After battling for power in Russia’s royal court she managed to flip the table and claimed the Russian throne-even while her husband was still emperor. Of course she managed to murder him, crown herself empress and then proceed to lead Russia into its golden age.  

I did all this research on royal women in history because I was tired of seeing Marie Antoinette and Cleopatra being celebrated again and again and again when there is obviously all these other great sassy and stylish Queen Bees that exist in our history. Then I created three illustrations to celebrate these bad ass ladies and the culture they thrived in. 


An empress of Russia who is encouraging cultural renaissance. She became an empress by driving out the old, incompetent regime. By a surprising radical reformation policy, she takes care of people and tries hard to make Russia a powerful nation. But, this is followed by a growing counter force, which worries her.

Catherine the Great

Empress Elizaveta Petrovna in male dress, mid XVIII century (artist unknown)

Should be mentioned, that empress Elizaveta was a great fan of male clothing. She dresses as a male to balls and haunts. Sometimes she even organized carnivals, where all men wore female clothing, and all women - male. 


Hello my dear friends! I’m very glad to see you again on my channel. Today I would like to introduce you my new video about the Romanov dynasty. It’s not only about the last tsar as its content is dedicated to all 300 years of the last ruling dynasty of the Russian Empire. Hope you like it.


Five last Russian Empresses and their nicknames

  • Empress Elizaveta Alexeievna, consort of Alexander I - “Elise”
  • Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna, consort of Nicholas I - “Mouffy”
  • Empress Maria Alexandrovna, consort of Alexander II - “Masha”
  • Empress Maria Fyodorovna, consort of Alexander III - “Minnie”
  • Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna, consort of Nicholas II - “Sunny”

Granddaughters of Queen Victoria who became Queen Consorts 

  • Her Imperial Majesty Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of All Russians (b. Alix of Hesse r. 1894-1917)
  • Her Majesty Queen Maud of Norway (b. Maud of Wales r. 1905-1938)
  • Her Majesty Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain (b Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg r. 1906-1931)
  • Her Majesty Queen Sophia of Greece (b. Sophie of Prussia r. 1913-1917, 1920-1922)
  • Her Majesty Queen Marie of Romania (b. Marie of Edinburgh r. 1914-1927)     

“I remember when Aliya came up to me at the Olympic Games after team finals. Someone had told her about the article where Valentina was pouring dirt on her and stated that ‘Aliya had absolutely no chance of taking any medals and that she is finished as a gymnast’… I remember how wounded she was, and how she quietly told me: “I just heard what Valentina said about me”. At that time I told her: “Screw Valentina, you know what you can do, so get on there and prove it!” I believe that Aliya’s incredibly strong personality tremendously helped her to win the four medals during the Olympic Games, the highest count of all participants! That was Aliya’s answer to Valentina …” — A. Alexandrov


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