russian empire

Крестьянин на сенокосе за отточкой косы / Russian man tending to his  scythe.

Last Words of the Romanovs

Alexei I: “I would never have married had I known that my time would be so brief. If I had known that, I would not have taken upon myself double tears.” 1676

Peter the Great: (1, written).“Leave all to…” (2, spoken). “Anna” He was calling his daughter’s name but was unconscious when she returned to his room. He died the next morning. 1725

Peter II: “Get the sledge ready, I want to go to my sister.” Spoken while delirious. His elder sister had died two years earlier at age 14. 1730

Peter III: “It was not enough then to prevent my reigning over Sweden, and to tear from my head the crown of Russia! They must have my life besides!” 1762

Paul I: “Gentlemen, in heaven’s name, spare me. At least give me time to say my prayers.” Strangled after refusing to sign his abdication. 1801

Alexander I: (1). “What a beautiful day.” (2). “Give me the remedies that you judge necessary.” 1825

Elizabeth Alexeievna: “Do not worry too much about me, but if I dared, I would like to follow the one who has been my very life.” 1826

Nicholas I: “Now I shall ascend to pray for Russia, and for you all. After Russia, I loved you more than anything else in the world. Serve Russia.” 1855

Alexandra Feodorovna: “Niki, I am coming to you.” She’s referring to her late husband, Nicholas I of Russia. She died in 1860, in the Alexander Palace.

Alexander II: Home to the palace to die…His guards heard him utter this phrase after he was attacked with bombs by anarchists in an assassination attempt. His stomach and legs were bleeding profusely and he died hours later in the Winter Palace. 1881

Alexander III: (1). “I feel the end approaching. Be calm. I am calm.” (2). “How good!” as the priest placed his hands on his head after he received the Last Rites. 1894


Nicholas II: “What? What?” He uttered those words in shock after he was told that he, his wife, five children and four servants would be shot immediately. 1918

Sergei Mikhailovich: “Tell me why? I have never been involved in politics. I loved sports, played billiards, and was interested in numismatics.” 1918

St. Elizabeth Feodorovna: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Those words were reportedly uttered by Elizabeth shortly before she was struck in the head and thrown in an abandoned mine shaft. 1918

Dmitri Constantinovich: “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Spoken while he and other 3 Romanovs were being lined up to be shot. 1919

Olga Alexandrovna: “The sunset is over.” 1960


Vintage Beauty

OLGA had the lightest hair in the family and was a dark blond with blue eyes and her father’s pug nose. She was thin and willowy. Like all her sisters she was naturally graceful, delicate in her movements and exceedingly polite in public. Olga was the most scholastic sister of the four and loved reading novels and newspapers. Her favorite book was Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables.

Modern Beauty

TATIANA had exotic, dark features with widely spaced grey eyes and dark brunette hair. Old black and white photographs do not do justice to her extraordinary beauty. No one never mistook her for anything other than a royal. She was reserved, was excessively thin, tall and had the posture and attitude of a princess. Tatiana was also graceful and charming. She always sensed people’s initial unease being around a Tsar’s daughter and made a point of putting people at ease in her presence. Tatiana had a lovely voice that was elegant and aristocratic, and more formal than her sisters.

Russian Beauty

MARIA had big blue eyes, light brown hair, rosy cheeks and a bright smile. When she was young she tended to be fat and somewhat stout in comparison to her older sisters. In her teens Maria became a great beauty, although she was not as elegant as her older siblings. Maria is occasionally considered the prettiest of the four, described as a typical Russian beauty. Maria was bold, unafraid of meeting new people and easy to speak with.

European Beauty

ANASTASIA had blue eyes, fine light-brown hair and a thin, delicate nose like her mother’s. People close to the family thought she could have become a real beauty when she grew up. As a child she was small and impish. As she grew into her teens she put on weight and become rather round and pudgy in Siberia. Out of the four sisters, Anastasia looked more like her mother, who was of western European descent.