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a list of things i think about whenever i write otayuri, part one

or, in which angel dumps all her otayuri HCs from twitter (originally here) to tumblr

  • beka has a really awkward, snorty laugh when he really gets into it; yura loves it
  • yura can actually cook; he learned from his grandfather. but he can only cook specific things. beka has a bigger repertoire of recipes.
  • beka loves playing with yura’s hair. he’ll absentmindedly braid it, or card his fingers through it, or twist it around his finger a lot
    • yura likes it when beka slicks his bangs back but likes it better when beka’s just showered, so his hair is loose and floppy and soft
  • they communicate by touch almost as much as by words. when they’re on the couch and yura has his feel propped in beka’s lap, beka will gently squeeze yura’s ankle to let him know he’s getting up; they’ll touch fingers to the back of a hand, lightly tap a shoulder.
    • when yura is anxious, beka lays a hand on the small of yura’s back to ground him; when beka is angry, yura will put a hand on his arm to calm him
    • a lot of their time together is quiet, comfortable, always touching; cuddled on the couch, tangled together in bed
  • when yura has panic attacks (bc he does, ofc he does), beka takes him gently by the wrists, presses yura’s palms to his chest so yura can steady himself to beka’s breathing and heartbeat. he doesn’t say anything, doesn’t pull any closer, just waits and is there 
    • when beka is lonely, homesick, yura cooks lamb pilaf, the only non-russian dish he can reliably make (that isn’t pasta), or they go out for shawarma and kofta. he asks otabek to tell him things about almaty, about his travels. on really bad days it’s yura who talks and talks about everything, and beka just listens and smiles, and lays his head in yura’s lap. (yura is blushing like heck; otabek thinks it’s adorable) 
  • beka is a huge sf/f nerd. yura prefers scifi to fantasy. they have 100% marathoned star wars together. yura hates the prequels; beka thinks they’re necessary to the story of darth vader/anakin skywalker. they bicker a lot about who’s the strongest force user. (nerds)
    • they have also watched lord of the rings together. yura did not cry when boromir died, what the f/ck beka, that is a LIE 
  • beka likes asking yura to listen to tracks and mixes to get his opinion or just share what he’s doing. sometimes he also plays songs on the guitar (it’s more portable than a piano), singing quietly. his voice isn’t the best, a little raspy, but it’s warm and full. yura loves it.
  • they challenge each other in skating a lot, sending each other snaps and clips of new routines, new moves. yura is angry but proud when beka nails a quad flip before he can (it’s victor’s signature move, damnit!!) but beka is so happy when yura gets his 3Lu3Lo combination

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Cute/Domestic Victuuri headcannons
  • Victor and Yuuri going ice skating in a public park 
    •  Everyone is just so stunned because holy shit they’re good 
    • Also, everyone wants to know why the fuck they can skate and make out at the same time 
    • This is why Yurio doesn’t come with them anymore
  • Working out together
    • They may not look like it but these boys are strong as shit
    • Thighs for days
    • They’re ‘That Couple’ at the gym, the one everyone loves because their so perfect and goals but hates for the same exact reasons
    • They’re great at motivating each other though and they keep one another going when all they want to do is give up
  • Victor taking every chance he gets to tell people how much he loves Yuuri
    • In an interview? He loves Yuuri
    • On the ice? He loves Yuuri
    • Talking with sponsors? He loves Yuuri
    • Ordering food at a restaurant? He loves Yuuri
    • Taking pictures with fans? He loves Yuuri
    • And Yuuri blushes every damn time
  • Makkachin is like a child to them but they know eventually they’re probably going to want human kids too
    • Yuuri tries to have the talk with Victor but Victor turns into a blushing mess which makes Yuuri blush too
    • It gets to the point they can’t even speak anymore they’re just staring at each other while red in the face
    • Yuuri has decided to postpone the talk about having kids until a later time
  • They both crave insane amounts of affection
    • They’re all over each other at first and it’s unbearable for Yurio
    • But soon enough it’s died down to just pecks and winks and hand holding and he decides maybe he can stomach living with them for a little bit longer
    • Phichit takes every chance he gets to document anything he considers even remotely cute
  • Cooking for each other…
    • They love to make food for each other
    • Yuuri makes Victor packed lunches and rice bowls and of course katsudon
    • Victor makes all kids of Russian dishes for Yuuri like Okroshka and Olivie
    • It doesn’t always go well but it’s one of their favorite things to do for each other
    • Teaching one another to cook certain dishes is a common activity as well
  • Kissing the others ring for good luck or when they’ll be separated for an extended period of time
  • Laying on top of each other on the couch to ‘save room for Yurio’ even though there’s plenty of room for him even when they don’t 
  • Arguing over who has to do the dishes for so long Yurio get’s tired and does them himself
  • Just being generally really cute and caring and healthy

In honor of Women in Translation Month, here’s a handful (okay, an armful) of fiction by women in translation that I’ve read over the past few years and recommend (Part 1):

- Umami.  Laia Jufresa [Spanish, Mexico]
- Pétronille.  Amélie Nothomb [French, Belgium]
- Fever Dream.  Samanta Schweblin [Spanish, Argentina]
- Seeing Red.  Lina Meruane [Spanish, Chile]
- Kuessipan.  Naomi Fontaine  [French, Indigenous Canada]
- Absent.  Betool Khedairi [Arabic, Iraq]
- Ru.  Kim Thúy [French, Canada/Vietnam]
- The Body Where I Was Born. Guadalupe Nettel [Spanish, Mexico]
- War, So Much War.  Mercè Rodoreda [Catalan, Catalonia/Spain]
- Summer’s End.  Adalet Ağaoğlu (6/20) [Turkish, Turkey]
- Landscape with Dog.  Ersi Sotiropoulos (9/16) [Greek, Greece]
- The Sexual Life of an Islamist in Paris.  Leïla Marouane (11/3) [French, Algeria]
- The Diving Pool. Yoko Ogawa (11/28) [Japanese, Japan]
- This Too Shall Pass. Milena Busquets (6/11) [Spanish, Spain]
- The Finno-Ugrian Vampire.  Noémi Szécsi [Hungarian, Hungary]
- Karate Chop.  Dorthe Nors ([Danish, Denmark]
- The Vegetarian.  Han Kang [Korean, South Korea]
- The Story of My Teeth.  Valeria Luiselli [Spanish, Mexico]
- Clash of Civilizations Over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio. Amara Lakhous [Italian, Italy]
- Why I Killed My Best Friend.  Amanda Michalopoulou [Greek, Greece]
- There Once Lived a Mother Who Loved Her Children, Until They Moved Back In. Ludmilla Petrushevskaya [Russian, Russia]
- The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine.  Alina Bronsky [German, Russia/Germany]
- Please Look After Mom.  Kyung-Sook Shin [Korean, South Korea]
- My Brilliant Friend.  Elena Ferrante [Italian, Italy]
- Kassandra and the Wolf.  Margarita Karapanou [Greek, Greece]
- All Russians Love Birch Trees.  Olga Grjasnowa [German, Azerbaijan]
- Dear Shameless Death. Latife Tekin [Turkish, Turkey]

A friendly reminder

That Otabek speaks Russian and knows almost everything about Russia. You know, Kazahstan and Russia are countries with a very nice relationship and Kazahstan is almost like Belarus to Russia. People there sure have tried pirozhki, borsch and every other Russian dish, they speak Russian language and all that stuff. But people in Russia know far less about Kazahstan (they still know some cities and some (!) things about the country and people there), they definitely do not speak the language and haven’t tried Kazah cuisine (in most cases). So if you’re willing to write a fic about Yuri and Otabek improving their relationship or whatever like this, keep in mind that Otabek knows almost everything about Russian way of life unlike Yuri and that of Kazahstan. :) 

Bitty Adopts Tater Like He Did Chowder

Stay with me here.

Aside from them having food names, Chowder and Tater are like adorable rays of sunshine who will fuck you up on the rink. Both of them really like Jack. More importantly, both are a long way from home.

Of course, Bitty would mother the fuck out of Tater. What the hell kind of question was that? He and Jack are the least subtle boyfriends ever in the history of secret relationships.

So say Jack talks about how Tater seems a bit down and maybe he’s feeling homesick? Bitty doesn’t even think twice about it. Because that sweet Russian ray of sunshine. He researches Russian dishes that could survive the trip to Providence and he sends Jack a care package for Tater (along with things for Jack himself).

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Andrew Ryan Headcanons?

oh boy. get ready. 

1. Super polite. Like, the most formal upper crust detachment, at least until he loses his temper or gets more interested in the conversation. His cold shoulder is pretty freaking formidable, too. 

2. He would rather die then go out looking less then perfect. His suits are always starched and pressed. Growing up as a refugee had made him keenly aware of how clothing can present people, and he wants to appear calm and in control at every turn. 

3. Has a grudging respect for cats. Will pet them if he thinks no one will see, but hates getting their fur on him.

4. Occasionally swears in Russian. As a kid, Russian bad words were the first bad words he learned, and he falls back on them when particularly stressed. He  actively tries to suppress it, however, as to not sound to alienating to others. It mostly comes out in private. 

5. Still has a taste for Russian dishes, especially pelmeni and medovik.

A Birthday Surprise

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(real original title, I know)

Intro: So this is for @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse‘s birthday challenge follower celebration thing!  Yay!  Happy Birthday, Jo!  

My lovely Jo, I did write this as a reader insert, only because I know a lot of people have birthdays in August, and I kinda wanted to write one for everyone! But this one is for your challenge specifically!

It’s actually my birthday today! So I thought it was fitting to post a birthday fic on my birthday.  I am turning 21 today!

Pairing: None, really, but kinda Scotty, Jim, and Leonard x reader mostly - Kinda bridge crew friendship x reader

Word Count: 1,700

Summary: Birthday fluff!  Sorry it’s 1am and I can’t summary right now. 

A/N: Sorry for any grammatical/spelling errors I’m tired and going to bed right now lol. 



Your voice echoed into the engineering room, partially drowned out by the sound of distant voices and sounds of drills. 

Stepping down the stairs, you looked around to Scotty’s office but he’s wasn’t there. 

"Scotty?” You called again and heard a soft call in response, but you didn’t know exactly where it came from. 

“Lass?  I’m in here!” His voice was coming from inside a compressor tube and you strode over, raising your eyebrow even though you knew he couldn’t see you. 

“Ummm… Scott?  Did you forget about…”

There was a loud thunk followed by a sharp yell of pain.  "No of course I dinnae.  But the compressor blew this mornin’ an’ we…“

You interrupted, "It’s okay, I understand.  So there’s no way you can make it?”

“Nay, I’m sorry.  I’ve gotta finish up here. Shite, Y/N, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine.” You toed at the ground. “Okay, well, I’ll see you later, then?”

He didn’t respond, and you assumed it’s because he didn’t hear you or was getting back to work. 

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Big dishes band together

Earlier this month, radio dishes from three deep-space networks combined to catch faint ‘survival’ whispers from one of ESA’s Mars orbiters, underlining the value of international collaboration for exploring the Red Planet.

For the first time ever, deep-space ground stations from ESA, NASA and Russia’s Roscosmos joined together, on 13 August, to receive ultra-faint signals from ESA’s ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, now circling Mars.

Engineers carefully designed the test to probe the limits of what their ground stations could achieve, and confirm that all three could catch signals from the orbiter should it ever switch itself into the low-power, minimal ‘survival mode’.

This special mode can occur if a software or hardware glitch causes multiple onboard computer reboots.

The test took place just as Mars was moving from the opposite side of the Sun, where it is at its greatest distance from us.

This meant that ExoMars was more than 397 million km from the three dishes, a situation that occurs only every two years, when communications are at their most difficult.

Big Iron listens in

The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter is on a multiyear mission to understand the tiny amounts of methane and other gases in Mars’ atmosphere that could be evidence for possible biological or geological activity.
Trace Gas Orbiter at Mars

As expected, NASA’s 70 m-diameter dish at Canberra, Australia, could receive the ultra-weak signals and transmit commands.

Likewise, ESA’s 35 m antenna at New Norcia, Australia, picked up the call and demonstrated that it could also transmit commands to ExoMars – but only at 10 bits/s. This would be sufficient in an emergency to upload instructions to recover the craft.

In addition to the low rate, the New Norcia station used only its low-power amplifier to transmit, and there was poor weather over the station in Western Australia.

“If a problem is going to happen with our orbiter or, in future, our rover, at Mars, we want to have confidence that we can communicate even under the worst possible conditions of power and distance, and this test simulated that very well,” says spacecraft operations manager Peter Schmitz.

Testing success

The RT-64 radio-telescope at Kalyazin, Russia, is supporting the ESA-Roscosmos ExoMars mission.
Kalyazin 64-m dish

The real prize came with the Russian 64 m dish at Kalyazin, some 200 km north of Moscow. Originally designed as a radio telescope, it has been upgraded to support the ESA–Roscosmos ExoMars missions.

“Kalyazin was able to receive the signal, demonstrating that all three networks can support ExoMars under the worst-case scenario, when Mars is at its furthest distance and the signals are at their weakest,” said Daniel Firre, ESA’s ground station engineer responsible for cooperation with other agencies.

“And the test was all the more impressive given the extreme weakness of the signals. These had a power upon receipt at Earth some 1000 times less than we would receive from a typical mobile phone transmitting from the Moon.”

TOP IMAGE….New Norcia, Western Australia ESA’s sensitive tracking antennas at New Norcia, Western Australia, and Malargüe, Argentina (seen here in 2012), are being called in to help gather crucial science data during Cassini’s last months in orbit, dubbed the Grand Finale. The mission will end on 15 September, when Cassini plunges into Saturn’s atmosphere, bringing to a close one of the most successful exploration endeavours ever (more information). The craft isn’t exiting meekly, however, and its Grand Finale orbits are proving to be immensely valuable. On 26 April, Cassini made the first-ever daring dive between Saturn and its beautiful and enigmatic ring system. Starting next week, ESA ground stations will work with NASA’s Deep Space Network to record radio signals transmitted by Cassini across 1.6 billion km during 22 communication ‘passes’. The recorded signals will serve important new scientific purposes with the strong involvement of European teams. During its final 22 orbits, the Cassini orbiter is approaching Saturn and its ring so close that the tiny wobbles in Cassini’s orbit can be measured to separate the gravitational contribution of the planet and its main rings. From those gravity measurements, allowing radial velocity changes of the spacecraft as tiny as 0.05 mm/s to be measured, the total mass of Saturn’s ring can be inferred. Scientists will also gain a better understanding of the interior structure of Saturn. In addition, during certain part of the orbits, the radio signal will be transmitted directly through the rings and Saturn’s upper atmosphere, allowing valuable information on their composition and material distribution to be retrieved. “We are just now getting into a new mode of radio science, with much more accurate measurements of gravitational effects compared to previous where the effects of ring density on the radio signals were the main topic of study,“ says Daniel Firre, the service manager at ESA’s mission control centre in Darmstadt, Germany. Copyright ESA/S. Marti, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

LOWER IMAGE….Trace Gas Orbiter at Mars Artist’s impression of the ExoMars 2016 Trace Gas Orbiter at Mars. Copyright ESA/ATG medialab

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Hi Viktor...I was just passing by with a question about Russian cuisine. Which Russian dish would you recommend? Do you know any reliable website to follow the recipe? I know you say you can't cook but I think everyone can cook, it's just practice just as you practiced every jump, every step in your routines to become the best in the world ❄💙 ~

“I actually can’t recommend any recipes personally, but I’m sure there are tons of recipes out there for you to try! I can recommend which dishes I like the best: 

- Olivie (it’s a type of salad typically served during holidays, like New Years)

- Blini (Russian pancakes. They also come in the dessert form of blini cake)

- Piroshki (Fried, stuffed pastry)

- Borscht (A traditional beet soup) 

- Shki (Traditional cabbage soup) 

- Kasha (which is just porridge. There are many kinds.)

- Pelmeni (typically made with meat) 

- Kotletly (Fried meatballs) 

I have a lot more, but this list would go on forever if I continued!” 

Beef Stroganoff - a popular dish of Russian cuisine, cooked from finely chopped pieces of beef (brusochki), filled with hot sour cream sauce. The dish is a typical invented dish, that is, it has no folk roots. Named after Count Alexander Grigorievich Stroganov (1795-1891).

Бефстро́ганов- популярное блюдо русской кухни, приготовленное из мелко нарезанных кусочков говядины (брусочки), залитых горячим сметанным соусом. Блюдо является типичным придуманным блюдом, то есть не имеет народных корней. Названо в честь графа Александра Григорьевича Строганова (1795—1891).

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Yuri is a pretty good cook when it comes to Japanese and American food, (Pitchit even taught him a few this dishes!) he struggles to learn Russian dishes but eventually gets the hang of it. Meanwhile Victor CAN cook a decent Russian meal (he's atrocious at any other nationalities) he's just kinda lazy with cooking and has lived off little more than protein bars and microwaveable dinners for most (all) of his adult life.


some of my kurolev headcanons bc why not:

  • lev is extremely romantic and sappy, he just can’t help it when he’s with kuroo
  • but he’s so blunt that it’s almost awkward, like he’ll tell kuroo “I love you so much it hurts” randomly in the convenience store or during practice
  • kuroo’s perplexed but he still loves it
  • kuroo’s a huge sap and a romantic too but he’s much smoother about it
  • not that lev notices that part though
  • they hold hands A Lot in public and steal quick kisses whenever they can (I also imagine a lot of butt groping but Anyways)
  • lev is the big spoon
  • on that note bottom kuroo is good too
  • kuroo isn’t that great of a cook
  • yeah he doesn’t set the kitchen on fire (he’s decent) but he’d much rather have lev’s cooking
  • lev can cook traditional Russian dishes and kuroo really really likes them
  • kuroo really likes it whenever lev speaks in Russian to him, he thinks it’s really sexy
  • but kuroo doesn’t know that levs just saying cooking recipes and random volleyball tips that kuroo taught him
  • “mmmmh what are you saying babe” “always block with your arms together to properly block the ball” “lev I swear to god”