russian dining


dining with the tsars exhibition in the hermitage in amsterdam. i really loved this exhibition, it was filled with the most gorgeous and delicate tableware from catherine the great and i learned a great deal about their parties: the meals, the rules of etiquette, entertainment, dinner invitations and what not. really great :-)


On 9 June, the royal yatch reached Reval (now Tallinn) on the Baltic and anchored there, close to the tsar’s yatch Standart. This yachting meeting with Tsar Nicholas was the culmination of much patient diplomacy. 

At 11.30, Tsar Nicholas II and his family came on board the Victoria and Albert. It was contrary to protocol that the tsar should pay the first visit, and it signified the nephew’s respect for the uncle. 

The next night the Russians dined on board the Victoria and Albert. Bertie’s suite had feared that the notoriously difficult Tsarina Alexandra might refuse to attend the dinner if she was forced by protocol to take second place behind her mother-in-law, Minnie, who accompanied the Russian party and, as dowager empress, enjoyed precedence. Bertie solved the proptocol issue and prevented a scene by taking Minnie and Alexandra each on one arm.’Tonight I am going to enjoy the unique honour of taking two Empresses in to dinner.