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Alexander Pichushkin is arguably one of Russia’s worst serial killers, after Andrei Chikatilo. He was dubbed ‘The Chessboard Killer’, as he claimed that he had initially planned to commit 64 murders, one for each of the chessboard checks. After his arrest, he told authorities that there were “three missing checks”, thus admitting to have killed 61.

Trump’s business network reached alleged Russian mobsters

To expand his real estate developments over the years, Donald Trump, his company and partners repeatedly turned to wealthy Russians and oligarchs from former Soviet republics — several allegedly connected to organized crime, according to a USA TODAY review of court cases, government and legal documents and an interview with a former federal prosecutor.

The president and his companies have been linked to at least 10 wealthy former Soviet businessmen with alleged ties to criminal organizations or money laundering.

Among them:

• A partner in the firm that developed the Trump SoHo Hotel in New York is a twice-convicted felon who spent a year in prison for stabbing a man and later scouted for Trump investments in Russia.

•  An investor in the SoHo project was accused by Belgian authorities in 2011 in a $55 million money-laundering scheme.

• Three owners of Trump condos in Florida and Manhattan were accused in federal indictments of belonging to a Russian-American organized crime group and working for a major international crime boss based in Russia.

Relatable Literature:

Raskolnikov waking up mid afternoon, very grumpy. There is shit lying around all over the floor. He realises he really should clean his room asap. Precisely 7.8 seconds later, he falls asleep again. He is woken by an angry guardian knocking on his door, sternly reminding him that as a human being, he has an obligation to contribute to society. He looks around his room. It’s still not clean. He is grumpy.

Vladimir Nikolayev is housed in one of Russia’s toughest prisons, known as the Black Dolphin. He is under 24 hour surveillance and is locked in a cell with three doors for the majority of his day. When he does get let out, he paces a tiny exercise facility like a caged lion in total silence. Nikolayev is a cannibal responsible for at least two murders. Whilst drunk, he beat a man to death and dismembered his body in the bathtub. For some reason, he then decided to eat him, stating that “I just thought I’d try it.” He cut off part of his thigh and boiled it, but he didn’t like the taste so he deep fried some more meat and found it much nicer. He was so impressed with the taste that he gave some to his friend and claimed it was kangaroo meat. His friend took it home to his wife who made a meal of dumplings and fed it to the family. With his next victim, he went a step further, grinding up the human meat and selling it to the local market as mince.

I haven’t taken on a ton of commissions lately because of workload, but I will take a few on at conventions now and then. This one was from Emerald City Comic Con, and it was super, super fun to do.

Sherlock Holmes and Watson as they appear in the Lenfilm Sherlock Holmes series. It’s a Russian version I’d never heard of, but guys, it is really pretty fun. The back and forth between Watson and Holmes is really good and feels closer to the original novels than many versions I’ve encountered. Really enjoyed doing this one. smile emoticon


Ate People To Impress His Girlfriend
Alexander Bychkov

Between 2009 and 2012 in Russia, Alexander Bychkov lured old men mainly alcoholics or tramps and would kill them with a hammer or knife. Bychkov who called himself “rambo”, would then dismember and dispose of the body parts in his backed or the cities dump. The liver, heart and muscles he kept to eat. 

After being arrested they found his diary in which he confessed to killing 11 people. It also stated that he only began killing after his girlfriend kicked him out and he wanted to win her back. 

In 2013, Alexander Bychkov was found to suffer from mixed personality disorder but was deemed competent to stand trial. He was found guilty of 9 murders and sentenced to life in prison

Early Life 

Born in 1988 in Russia, both Alexander Bychkov’s parents Irina and Vladmir were alcoholics. As a child Vladmir committed suicide and Alex blamed this on his mothers infidelities. Alex and his brother were forced to work on a vegetable plant from a young age where they were beaten if they didn’t come home with enough money. Alex’s brother was badly beaten after being thrown out of a car and received brain damage, meaning Alex left college to care for him.

Dostoevsky Moodboard Challenge ( 2 / infinite ) : Crime and Punishment

“And what if I am wrong,” he cried suddenly after a moment’s thought. “What if man is not really a scoundrel, man in general, I mean, the whole race of mankind—then all the rest is prejudice, simply artificial terrors and there are no barriers and it’s all as it should be." 

“In my opinion, if, as the result of certain combinations, Kepler’s or Newton’s discoveries could become known to people in no other way than by sacrificing the lives of one, or ten, or a hundred or more people who were hindering the discovery, or standing as an obstacle in its path, then Newton would have the right, and it would even be his duty… to remove those ten or a hundred people, in order to make his discoveries known to mankind. It by no means follows from this, incidentally, that Newton should have the right to kill anyone he pleases, whomever happens along, or to steal from the market every day. Further, I recall developing in my article the idea that all… well, let’s say, the lawgivers and founders of mankind, starting from the most ancient and going on to the Lycurguses, the Solons, the Muhammads, the Napoleons, and so forth, that all of them to a man were criminals, from the fact alone that in giving a new law, they thereby violated the old one, held sacred by society and passed down from their fathers, and they certainly did not stop at shedding blood either, if it happened that blood (sometimes quite innocent and shed valiantly for the ancient law) could help them.”

Just recently I was feeling unwell and read House of the Dead. I had forgotten a good bit, read it over again, and I do not know a better book in all our new literature, including Pushkin. It’s not the tone but the wonderful point of view – genuine, natural, and Christian. A splendid, instructive book. I enjoyed myself the whole day as I have not done for a long time. If you see Dostoevsky, tell him that I love him.
—  Leo Tolstoy in a letter to Strakhov, September 26, 1880
Because of some strange, animal cunning, however, [Raskol'nikov] chose to conceal his strength for the time being, lie low, and pretend he still did not know what was going on. Meanwhile, he would listen, and try to figure out what was going on.

Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoyevsky

local confused axe-murderer continues to be astonishingly relatable

Anna Karenina is sheer perfection as a work of art. No European work of fiction of our present day comes anywhere near it. Furthermore, the idea underlying it shows that it is ours, something that belongs to us alone and that is our own property, our own national ‘new word’ or at any rate, the beginning of it.
—  Fyodor Dostoyevsky on Anna Karenina