russian country houses

Detail from a Polaroid taken by Andrei Tarkovsky on the set of Nostalghia

Memories can be blurry; That’s why my father took Polaroids all the time. His films drew from real memories. Nostalghia especially is about losing your home; that is, your home country, which is your spiritual home as well as your physical home. My father had to actually rebuild our Russian country house near a village called Otricoli in Umbria.  He wanted an exact replica—which, by the way, took the workers two months to build. He had a Polaroid of the original house, and it looks exactly the same. With that film he basically allowed his childhood home to resurface. He’d actually fly my grandmother to the set so she could see the house again. When she saw it, she started to cry, because it was exact.”

Andriosha Tarkovsky (Andrey A. Tarkovsky)