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Hey I saw ur romanian so I have a question. What was it like to be a kid in communist Romania? Reading Seb's interview and wondering what kid Seb was like! Thx

Hey Nonnersson, guess what? It’s OK to talk to me off anon. I’m always glad to talk about stuff like this!

Being a kid towards the end of communism wasn’t as bad as in the 60s and 70s. But it was still bad. There was very little food and it wasn’t nutritious. We were being starved by our government. A slice of bread moistened with a  bit of water and with a little sugar on top was a treat. But we did have very good bread. 

There were Russian or Polish cartoons, series and magazines to be enjoyed with extreme restraint (Seb was right when he said there was only 1 hour of TV). The whole TV programme was 2 hours, but one hour was the President giving speeches and the other hour was cartoons. Not too many, not too nice, nothing too imperialistic (that meant absolutely no Disney!)

We had to have a portrait of the president in every classroom and every textbook began with a pic of his. 

We didn’t have warm water, we often had no water at all, we couldn’t drive around or buy larger amounts of food. And there were these horrible shrimp chips they made us buy together with any other food item. 

The toys were pretty nice. Mostly creative building games on the LEGO model, space guns, squeaky animals, water pistols, rubber hammers, very beautiful made in Romania dolls… 

It was pretty good to be a kid towards the end of communism. It sucked to be a parent though because nothing was certain anymore and the worries went through the roof.

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