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Lindsay Lohan making TV show about Russian oligarchs

Cannes, May 23 (IANS) Actress Lindsay Lohan is reportedly making a TV show on the lives of the ‘super-wealthy’ individuals of Russia.

The “Mean Girls” actress was overheard telling guests during a party at the Cannes Film Festival about her new project, which will centre on the lives of the super-wealthy in Russia, reports

“She was saying she’s writing it with a partner for Netflix. And that they’re writing it every day while she’s in town. She described it as being about 'Russian oligarchs’ - three princesses, and covering different ages,” said a source.

The source added: “She plans to act and co-direct or direct, but (Lohan) said she hasn’t decided yet.”

The 30-year-old, who was previously engaged to Russian businessman Egor Tarabasov, was heard telling guests at the party that “she’s going to Moscow to see some of the people that are working on it with her”.



In 2008, the French actress Isabel Adjani was chosen by the Russian businessman Evgeny Yakovlev to impersonate Margarita in a series of photographs for the exhibition Le Maître et Marguerite, Création Photographique, which was accomplished by the French photographer Jean Daniel Lorieux. The exhibition was so successful in Paris that it was extended. Then it moved to Moscow, where it was opened by the actor Alain Delon.


“ Is a pity , really . Such a promising , young mind ruined by foolish dreams of justice and that useless, unproductive Marxist trash of yours. You got any idea of how long will it take to the company’s economy to  recover from this damn strike? ”

Anon asked for an AU with Ivan as the capitalist and Alfred as the communist . So I though about this nice human!AU in the first years of the twenties century, where Ivan is a Russian businessman that owns a good deal of factories and a trade company in the united states ,while Alfred is a young worker that soon starts to fight for other worker’s and proletarian causes  and shares Marxists/ Communist ideals . The young boy manages to organize a strike (and manages to make it last for a whole week) in one of Ivan’s factory , claiming a raise of wages  and the recognition of the workers’ basic rights. Unfortunately , the police manages to put a violent end to the strike and drag Alfred directly to face Ivan , that is obviously  pissed bu the whole situation. That’s how the two meet . At first the Russian decide to get rid of the young boy , but he can’t help but notice that the boy is smart and could be put to a better use , will Alfred accept any of Ivan’s offers, tho?  WHO KNOWS

but yesss, love hate relationship , greedy businessmen , hopeless young souls and one of the most messed up centuries ever, guess it’d be a good mix   



This is the painting in the funeral home that made Alison upset. It’s called “Isle of the Dead” and it’s by Swiss artist Arnold Bocklin. I have no idea what the significance of this painting is… I mean, how did Alison recognize it and why did it make her feel so bad (she even left the room because it made her so upset…*edit: some blogs are pointing out that this painting was seen previously at the Fitzgerald art show that Ezra took Aria to, so it could be that Ali recognizes it from something to do with Ezra or maybe it’s A’s way of sending her a message….anyway, what I’m looking at is what the writers are trying to tell us as a clue outside of the show about the show)… THEN I FOUND IT ON WIKI.

The only thing on Wikipedia that connects this painting to PLL is this Vladimir Nabokov bit:

“Prints of the work were very popular in central Europe in the early 20th century—Vladimir Nabokov observed in his novel ”Despair that they were to be "found in every Berlin home.”“

Vladimir Nabokov is the author of Ali’s favorite book "Lolita” and he’s the one who used the anagram “Vivian Darkbloom” - it’s actually an anagram of his own name. We know he and his works have significance in PLL so let’s take a look at the plot of “Despair”, his other book which this painting from 5X03 leads us to:

“The narrator and protagonist of the story, Hermann Karlovich, a Russian emigre businessman, meets a tramp in the city of Prague, whom he believes to be his doppelgänger. Even though Felix, the supposed doppelgänger, is seemingly unaware of their resemblance, Hermann insists that their likeness is most striking. After some time, Hermann shares with Felix a plan for both of them to profit off their shared likeness by having Felix briefly pretend to be Hermann. But after Felix is disguised as Hermann, Hermann kills Felix in order to collect the insurance money on Hermann on March 9. Hermann considers the presumably perfect murder plot to be an artistical expression rather than a scheme to gain money. But as it turns out, there is no resemblance whatsoever between the two men, the murder is not ‘perfect’, and the murderer is about to be captured by the police in a small hotel in France, where he is hiding. Hermann who is writing the narrative switches to a diary mode at the very end just before his captivity, the last entry is on April 1.”



I’m gonna share this everywhere I can because I think it’s really big and I’d like to figure out together who on PLL are the equivalents to the characters in Nabokov’s “Despair”… (so far I’m thinking Cece and Ali as dopplegangers, and since Cece is the person hiding out in France now, like Hermann from the book did, then Cece would be Hermann and she reached out to Alison the way Hermann did to Felix… Meaning Cece is the person who tried to kill Alison, Mrs. D was trying to protect her [also gave her clothes and everything… maybe she had something on Mrs. D or maybe they’re related…] and Cece was in Rosewood the night that Mrs. D was killed, she was arrested but we all know she broke free… maybe she killed Mrs. D and only then came to New York to lie to Alison in her face and get the heck out of America and hide out in France as VIVIAN FUCK*NG DARKBLOOM which is a clear clue that this 'Despair’ story has a lot to do with the Ali/Cece story! *edit: wrote about this more here: X)

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