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concept: t'challa and bucky get into a fight because they find out that both of them have given tony the pet name of ‘kitten’

the actual hug was so. it was like. everything ive ever dreamed of? was really happening? and it was like holy SHIT? my mind was a bit bogged down by like all the weird mary shit but i was still like !!!!!!!!!!!!! numb on euphoria?
the reveal of bus lady being evil was when i started screaming and knocking things over though holy shit

The Russian business is perilous beyond words. But you can sense even now that our Fourth Estate is pushing it ever so gently in the direction of the same memory hole down which went Nixon’s treasonous behavior as regards the Paris Peace Talks and the possibility that the Reagan campaign monkeywrenched the release of the hostages in Iran in 1980. The way this works is that the elite political media decides something is so unthinkable that the children—that’s the rest of us—are too delicate to handle it.

WoPo runs a “fake news” article today citing anonymous “experts” with a “new organization” called “Prop or Not” which identifies “Russian outlets” spreading “fake news” so the public can turn to this newly anointed authority in these uncertain times.

The list is hilarious. It basically includes everyone but corporate news and partisan prog outlets. Ron Paul made it, Lew Rockwell’s blog made the cut. Consolidators like Drudge are on the list, which savaged the Bush regime is also present. Of course other former darlings of the left like Wikileaks are included.

Check out the insane doublespeak Greenwald calls out in the tweet from the Prop or Not FAQ.

If you’re not towing the corporatist line, you’re a Russian propagandist!

Russians were busy colluding with the Trump campaign in order to get him elected, which smells like TREASON to me and should therefore nullify the results.

Trump hasn’t even been officially chosen as President-elect yet. The Electoral College electors have until December 19th in order to change their votes. 

Too Much Work

How to say in Russian that you have too many things to do and are making heroic efforts to meet deadlines:

  • Я в запарке (Option: у меня запарка)- slang, lit. appr. “I’m steaming”;
  • Я зашиваюсь - colloquial, lit. I’m sewed up with work
  • У меня завал на работе - neutral, colloquial; lit. I have a blockage at work
  • У меня аврал - neutral, I have all hands on deck

The list is not complete, I just wanted to share a few expressions :)

Russian spy ship built for eavesdropping spotted 30 miles from a US submarine base

(The Viktor Leonov SSV-175 spy ship seen at a Havana port in 2014.REUTERS/Stringer)

A Russian spy ship spotted about 70 miles off the coast of Delaware on Tuesday has begun “loitering” 30 miles from a US Navy submarine base in Connecticut, according to Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson.

The intelligence-gathering ship, the Viktor Leonov, can intercept intelligence from nearby transmitters with a variety of sensors, and it can also measure Navy sonar emissions.

“We are aware of the vessel’s presence,” Lt. Col. Valerie Henderson, a Defense Department spokeswoman, told Business Insider on Tuesday.

“It has not entered US territorial waters,” she added. “We respect freedom of navigation exercised by all nations beyond the territorial sea of a coastal state consistent with international law.”

US Navy spy ships conduct similar missions near Russia and in international waters around the globe, but usually in waters near US allies.

The timing of this incident coincides with a flurry of news coming out of Washington about Michael Flynn’s resignation as national security adviser for having inappropriate conversations with Russia’s ambassador to the US.

Additionally, news broke Tuesday that Russia had developed and deployed nuclear-capable cruise missiles that violate the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in a move that is sure to draw a response from the US.

NOW WATCH: Top foreign policy expert: ‘Get over this idea of assuming that Russia is going to be benign’

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There was a certain tension in the air during the last week of March, one that became increasingly choking the closer the days drifted to April. The year after the drop of the nuke riots had sprouted all over the states where the destruction targeted Russian owned businesses. It didn’t matter if the people were innocent or not. Americans were angry and wanted the blood of the ones responsible. His family’s ability to stay under the radar was barely successful.

A year later and the number of riots diminished as well as the death tolls. The majority of them weren’t reported; the cops didn’t care. They had joined ‘the cause’ as well. It was easy to turn a blind eye when they were the ones committing crimes all in the name of ‘remembering San Francisco’. His ability to stay under the radar was barely successful.

Another year and he found himself keeping his head low, speaking very little if at all as he waited for the tension in the air to diminish. The recent ‘disappearance’ of mobsters and their crew seemed to keep the majority of people calm. Having a job where he didn’t have to speak much helped, even months after the ‘anniversary’. This year, his ability to stay under the radar wasn’t successful.

With the hood of his jacket up and his earphones on, he didn’t see the swing of the bat as it aimed low at his spine, sending the Walkman flying out of his hands as he stumbled. It could have been his head to put him out of commission immediately, but the individuals that surrounded him didn’t want to kill him, not yet. They wanted to make him bleed.

Fighting back only seemed to anger them more, especially when he managed to break the arm of one of them. Having no weapon in hand put him at an extreme disadvantage and no matter how much he wanted to grapple the bat away, he couldn’t stand up long enough to do so. Even when he was down, curled up in a tight ball and unresponsive, they didn’t end their assault.

Ironically, the last thing that went through his mind before everything went dark was about how disappointed his friend was going to be when he didn’t show up to hang out like they had planned.

Orange is the New Black: Galina "Red" Reznikov [ESTJ]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by howtotallyamazing 

Extroverted Thinking (Te): A natural leader, Red is the unofficial “mom” and “leader” of the white female inmates at Litchfield. She’s blunt with her assessments of other people and needs things to be done efficiently and expects others to live up to her code. She has no problem asserting her authority with prison staff or her fellow inmates, they generally fall in line - sometimes reluctantly - with what Red wants to be done. She’s good at masterminding situations, such as joining forces with Aleida to get Pornstache outed by framing him for rape - it kills two birds with one stone, pins Dayanara’s pregnancy on Pornstache and gets him off her back for interfering with her kitchen as well as his involvement in Tricia Miller’s death. Outside of prison, she proves to be just as capable as her male peers when it comes to dealings of the Russian mob and business dealings.

Introverted Sensing (Si): A stickler for tradition and routine, Red doesn’t know what to do with herself when her former friends abandon her and she’s ousted from the kitchen. She easily falls into a depression when her power’s taken away from her as the kitchen and the loyalty of her friends gave her great comfort. She’s very traditional in her views, valuing blunt honesty and telling Healy’s wife that she should respect the fact that he’s a good man who is trying.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Red is extremely perceptive about people and always tries to stay two steps ahead of people. Her plans sometimes include a Plan B. While she tries to adapt to change, such as finding friendship with the Golden Girls in season two and making the decision to divorce her husband in season three, she’s visibly affected and not quite herself. Red tends to speak in metaphors and has meaningful insight into situations (“The second you’re perceived as weak, you already are", “The world is better in black and white and red”, “Awaken your inner Russian”, etc).

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Red lives by a certain code and expects others to naturally fall in line with her morals and ideals. She exiles Tricia from the group because “two strikes, she’s out. Russians don’t play baseball” and has little tolerance for those who insult or betray her - for example, Piper finds herself in hot water with Red for insulting her cooking (“I can’t do shit with I’m sorry”) and lying about the success of her business (Piper argues that some cultures value dignity over honesty, Red replies with “In Russia, we call it bullshit”). She’s more liable to forgive those who are honest with them about their indiscretions (such as Nicky selling her out to Pornstache) because she values honesty. When Red’s leadership is tested and she’s outed from the kitchen, she lashes out by trying to sabotage the kitchen under Gloria’s leadership because she feels that the kitchen is her rightful place in the prison.