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  • Napoleon: If I run and leap at Peril, he will almost certainly catch me in his arms.
  • [Illya walks in, coffee in hand]
  • Napoleon: COMING IN! [runs at Illya]
  • Illya: NO! I'M HOLDING COFFEE! [drops coffee on the floor and catches Napoleon]
Why Montreal isn’t as shitty as you think:
  • the Netherlands intro
  • Nina & Fan made UB finals this time
  • Ukraine is alive again, with Diana Varinska making it into AA + UB finals
  • the gorgeous bar work from the Russians
  • Ellie Black slays
  • Brooklyn is in floor finals with the most beautiful routine this year
  • Thais Fidelis is in floor finals
  • The gymternet unites in the love for Larisa Iordache, and she knows she is loved (x)
  • It’s only the first year of the quad, so gymnasts with injuries have time to come back by Tokyo
  • Jade Carey is competing in her very first international meet and doing fab
  • Every Japanese girl made a final
  • Belgium has new leos and they were lovely
  • Giulia looks a lot stronger than expected
  • Chuso made vault finals
  • Lena, Cata, Nina, Wevers… giving interviews in English
  • Two Germans in the beam final
  • Vany is still in one piece
  • Melanie qualified in 4th for the AA!
  • Mai and Ellie Black potentially on the podium
brooklyn boy

Pairing:  Bucky Barnes/Darcy Lewis
For: @aspiring-trashfire
Prompt: [this list], you and your friend always sit at the table a couple down from mine and gossip in Russian, which happens to be a language i’m currently learning. i’ve been eavesdropping to try and improve my listening comprehension and oh my god are you actually talking about how hot i am??? 

Darcy was pretty sure she hadn’t heard them wrong, but she was also pretty sure that if she reacted, they’d know she was eavesdropping.  

Was this what they called a ’Catch-22’?  Probably not, but she was calling it one.  

So, she took another sip of her coffee and waited for them to talk again.  

Душа в пятки ушлa,” the hot guy’s red-haired companion chuckled.  

Darcy spun in her chair.  "My soul did NOT go into my heels, thank you very much.“  She turned towards the hot guy.  "James, is it?”  

He nodded, eyes wide as he looked between her and the red-haired woman.  The smirking red-haired woman.  

“James.  Would you like to finish your coffee over here at my table?”  

“Yeah,” he said bluntly.  "I was hopin’ you would ask.“  Dude was straight up from Brooklyn.  Darcy wanted to scream a little.  Here she was, brushing up on her Russian skills for a Brooklyn boy.

Of course, as he sat down beside her, smirking over at her a little, Darcy had to admit it was all totally worth it.    

The Point of No Return: A One Shot

I know, you all are relieved. No multiple posts on this one, ha. 

Summary:  You are on vacation in Europe, seeing a real opera, when you discover that there is another man sitting in the box seat next to you. He is intriguing, and he makes it known that he wants you.


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

A man was already sitting in the theatre box when you arrived.

           You had to work to bite down on your irritation at the sight of him; this was something you had been planning for ages—attendance at a real opera, complete with a new evening gown and actual alcoholic beverages served in your seat… and you hadn’t counted on someone being there to witness the roller coaster of emotions you knew was coming.

           He was seated, his back to you, his long, dark brown hair slicked back and tied up into a neat bun. The suit he wore was entirely black, and when he lifted his glass to his mouth, you saw that he was also wearing black gloves, made of leather. You blinked in surprise, wondering if he had been just as excited to dress up for this as you had.

           With a barely audible sigh, you resigned yourself to this man’s presence and sat down to his left.

           He turned his head to look at you and you felt your breath catch in your chest.

           A broad, square forehead swooped down into angular cheekbones, and his jawline was knife-sharp. His chin had a slight cleft in it, and his lips were full, a surprisingly soft pink. His hands rested gracefully on his rather expansive thighs, and you could tell from one glance that he was tall—maybe six foot four. Unaware that you had turned the barest shade of pink, you made eye contact with him.

           His pupils dilated; that wasn’t what held your attention. His eyes were a unique gray, unyielding, somehow tender, and intriguingly disturbing. You couldn’t look away.

           “Hello,” he offered. You blinked. His voice was unlike the rest of him, tentative and sweet, tinged with a Brooklyn accent.

           “Hi.” Your voice had cracked; you attempted to hold your cough in, but failed. He smiled.

           “Miss? Would you like something to drink?” The attendant was speaking behind you, and you had never been so grateful to be able to distract yourself.

           “Uh, yes, please. Um… vodka. Neat, please, if you don’t mind.”

           The gorgeous gray-eyed man blinked, and then, the corner of his mouth went up in an appreciative smile. “A woman who likes her alcohol,” he remarked admiringly.

           An image flashed in your head, barely coherent enough to be anything but an idea, but there nonetheless—the sight of that mouth, grazing leisurely down your stomach.

           “Ah… yes.”

           The attendant brought your drink back, right on time, and you took a gulp, bigger than you meant it to be. The man went back to looking toward the stage, taking a sip of his whisky, and the lights flashed, warning the audience. You shifted nervously in your seat, attempting to get comfortable, and your thigh brushed his.

           “Oh God—I’m s-sorry,” you stammered, blushing for real this time.

           “It’s okay,” he told you with a playful grin, and touched his thigh deliberately to yours. “Now we’re even.”

           “…Yes, I guess we are.”

           The lights dimmed, and the man leaned slightly toward you to put his drink down. You turned your head abruptly, still red in the face. His eyes flicked to yours, and then, the corner of his mouth lifted once again in a smirk.

           You downed the rest of your drink.

           Halfway through the first aria, his thigh pressed against yours, this time with purposeful insistence. You started to pull away, wondering what was happening, and then felt his fingers brush your leg. The leather of his glove creaked discreetly, and a small, startled gasp escaped you. You didn’t even have time to be surprised by the sound before his fingers began to stroke your leg through your dress, building into a rhythm. Heat pooled in your lower stomach, and rolled through your core, but you couldn’t bring yourself to snatch his hand and stop him.

           Your dress fluttered lightly as he slipped his hand under it, rucking it up, and began massaging the inside of your right thigh. You bit your lip. His fingers curled; he was kneading you now, and you felt a wet spot in your panties, a low ache pounding through you. A tiny, weak whimper slipped from your lips, and before you could stop yourself, you arched forward into his hand.

           He pulled away.

           You managed to catch the desperate, miserable moan, but it was as if he’d heard it; he chuckled near your ear and then edged away from you, back to watching the opera. You chewed sporadically on your lip, trying to remember the fact that you had planned this night down to the very last detail, had saved up money for the trip, had promised yourself that you would remember every single bit of the opera for the rest of your life… but nothing helped.

           You needed.

           So you lifted your hand and set it on his upper thigh, stroking him just as he had stroked you. His leg jumped under your hand, tensing slightly, but relaxed again as your ministrations continued. You stroked faster, moving your hand over… over—

           He hissed through his teeth when you cupped him, and stopped your hand. “Let’s get out of here.”

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maksimc: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this award, but most importantly thank you for your efforts in organizing this incredible event.
We all dance for different reasons. For some it’s about freedom of self expression, for some it’s the thrill of a spot light and for some it’s about opportunity to ‘never work a day in their life’….as they say about people who do what they love for work.
I never danced because I was good at it or because I had dreams of one day receiving dance awards. When we immigrated to the US dance has suddenly become the only language I could 'speak’ and an opportunity to contribute to our financially struggling family.
I committed to competitive Ballroom dancing not with hopes of winning the world championships (that came later), but with hopes of getting a raise from the dude that owned a Russian restaurant in Brooklyn in which I danced at nights.

My partner and I were 15 at the time and I thought what better way to ask for a raise than to bring a trophy and say “look, I’m a National Champion now. Do you think I can get that $10 increase?”…..again, my partner and I were 15 at the time…. When our dad and I opened our first dance studio I was 17 and I didn’t really know what I was doing yet, but it felt like I needed to do my best and just work.
So, for me it wasn’t passion first career later. I discovered my passion for dance after I retired from competitive Ballroom dancing and joined DWTS.
I don’t think I got to enjoy those first couple of seasons as much as I should’ve, because I was too busy trying not to get eliminated.
I want to take this opportunity to thank our Dancing With The Stars family for 12 years of amazing experiences,
for providing a platform for personal growth through working with some of the best professionals in the entertainment industry,
for making it possible for two kids from a strange foreign place to EARN the right to be called an American citizen.

anonymous asked:

So could we put Maks and Peta in this same category he too did some shit in their relationship? Although she did cut him off for a while and didn't play that back and forth game with Maks. She also knew going in Maks was a cheater and was more serious with Karina yet cheated. I wonder was she Maks side piece when he was with Karina?

1.) was it ever proven Maks cheated? I don’t recall that. (I’m by no means a Maks fan, but never knew this to be fact.)
2.) I thought Maks broke up with Peta because she wanted to get serious and he didn’t. He never hid her when they were dating. I don’t ever recall anything g about Maks cheating on her.
3.) Peta was dating someone else when she first started DWTS. JJ pretty much fell for Val her first season in troupe, according to her fans. She was a cheerleader in HS, dating the Mormon FB player, then starts chasing a rap-loving Brooklyn Russian dancer her first time on the show.
4.) So basically I don’t see any comparison between the couples, other than bring brothers.

Can cheaters change? Sure. But I think it’s a big leap to taking a cheater back who cheated one time to taking a repeat cheater back. Again, you teach someone how to treat you. So, hypothetically, if Maks cheated once and Peta took him back, and he cheats again and she takes him back, and he cheats again and she takes him back, WTF would anyone think if faced with cheating again, he’d say “Oh no! Can’t do that!”

So conversely, if Val told JJ they’d get serious and he wouldn’t hide her after the season, and she took him back, and he never posts anything with her over the summer, and show starts back up and she gets mad, but takes him back, and says “someday we’ll go public,” and then season is over and he doesn’t defend her like he does Amber and untags himself from shipping posts, she takes him back and he says “I’ll go visit your family,” and never sets foot in Utah or meets her HS friends and doesn’t follow or hang with her brothers and sisters, wtf would she think he was serious? She’s said she was in a toxic one-sided relationship. Where has he shown any indication he’s making her a priority? She’s taught him it’s fine to make her an afterthought, so he’s gonna continue that. Like I said, he could do a 180 and move to Utah with an engagement ring, start posting pictures with her left and right, but she’s already taught him he can walk over her and she’d hang in there. So they could get engaged, after living in Utah for a month he could say “no way. Going to NYC” and she’d say “ok” and follow him, rather than break up to stay close to her family. He could take a movie role where it gets him good publicity to romance his costar. She’s taught him it’s fine to ignore her and do that. He’s called her bluff and she’s always backed down. Does not matter what he says in this moment, his memory will always be “she’ll take me back, no matter what” and now she’s stuck. if she was smart she would’ve never looked back and found a decent guy who treated her well.

So I guess I just never say this on-off repeated thing with Maks/Peta. So don’t think it’s comparable.

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Imagine Steve having this really heavy accent, but he hides it underneath his 'Captain America voice'. That is, until Bucky comes back and suddenly his accent fully comes out again.

When Steve first became Captain America, he had voice coaches. It wouldn’t do to have a spokesperson who spoke with the thickest Brooklyn drawl, his words jumbled together and a few “ain’t”s dropped here and there.

So. It stuck. It was easier, anyway, and helped people take him more seriously if he didn’t speak like the poor Brooklyn trash he was. So it’s really no surprise that the rest of the team doesn’t expect it when Bucky starts hanging around again and Steve’s accent comes back full force.

Bucky, for his part, oscillates between a faint Russian lilt and Brooklyn drawl depending on what he’s doing and who he’s with, but either way, Bucky’s presence is something magic to Steve.

When they’re together, no one can understand what they’re saying. Even Natasha has trouble piecing it together and Tony complains about them whispering around him, which of course makes them do it more.

He even slips up around the press now, and there are countless articles talking about the “degeneration of Captain America” but as long as Bucky’s with him, Steve couldn’t care less.

In Which Steve and Bucky Discover Their RPF Fandom

I blame tygermama and because I thought I was going to stop with this but naturally, I was DEAD WRONG.

“The kids call it Stucky.” Tony began.

“No, Tony, no no no no no!” This from Bruce who promptly buried his face in his hands and started to breathe evenly.

“Personally, I rather like the ring of ‘Starbucks’ myself.”

Okay, so that alone should have told Bucky not to ask.  But he was curious and Steve wasn’t the only one with a thing for cats and curiosity so he took the plunge.

And asked.

“TL;DR:  It’s a shipping thing the fans got into after everyone went nuts over the Howling Commandos series on HBO.  Try not to poke at it anymore,” Sam explained, effectively putting the kibosh on Tony, who pouted. 

“I was just going to say that it’s like the whole Science Bros thing with me and Brother Banner here!  It’s SWEET!" 

So Bucky, naturally, ignored the pleas of common sense from both Sam Wilson and Bruce Banner, and went on Tumblr.

And then promptly started swearing in Russian.  Then Brooklyn-ese.  Which he was both equally fluent in.

Steve spluttered and went pink after seeing some of the slightly more…. racy artwork of him and Bucky …. no, Bucky Barnes could just not finish that thought.  Too much to ask of a man who already had his brains fried fifty-seven ways to hell and back. 

"But -  we didn’t…. we weren’t…. not during that time…. I mean…."  And then, because Steve was Steve and he was not really the angelic blushing virgin everyone else in America liked to think he was, looked closer at one of the artworks and then slanted a Certain Kind of Smile in Bucky’s general direction.

Said smile was generally guaran-damn-teed to take out any sane person at the knees.  Bucky could vouch for that.

"Hey, Bucky, you think we could try this one out later?”

Amidst the cries of “AAAAUGH! BRAIN BLEACH! TMI!!!” from the others, Bucky gave Steve his own slow smile and purred back a definite yes.

Later on, Tumblr was again sent into a major meltdown after Operation: Troll the Stucky Fans was put into effect by Captain Steven Grant Rogers and Sargeant James Buchanan Barnes.