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G: I started small seria of BilxDip pictures, using Lin’s interest  and random keywords as my inspiration. I really can’t draw fanart for myself, I’m usually loosing interest when I’m alone in my girlish fan-dreams. But I’m not alone and I’m happy about it xD 
This one is about ‘Delusion’. Enjoy!


“Bill Bergson, Master Detective”/”Mästerdetektiven Blomkvist” project, based on the book by Astrid Lindgren. In my version the location is England (instead of Sweden).

  1. Bill Bergson’s room
  2. Town map
  3. Bill Bergson’s house
  4. White Rose’s headquarters
  5. Discovering the stolen jewelry
  6. Rescue Mission
  7. Eva-Lotta runs into the criminal
  8. Main characters

[umm i saw this actually and even though Cornel West is trash, he got on Bill Maher’s yt ass show and the yt dude was shook by how much wittier Cornel West was, how he naturally bounced off Neil and how he brought up the thing that yt ppl in this country keep derailing from: Trump is one of many n he was voted in by yt ppl. 9 out of 10 Black women voted against him. 7 out of 10 Black men voted against him. 6 out 10 Brown ppl voted against him. 1 out of 3 yt women, regardless of class, voted FOR him. Yt ppl voted him in. Trump probably doing some shady shit with Russia but yt ppl still voted him in. and as someone with Haitain descedent, Hilary is a villian and wouldnt have been any better than Trump, we would just have to see the ramifications later. the whole system is failed and antiBlack and that’s the real fucking issue but whatever. let’s make this about the Russians and Hilary losing. bill maher wasn’t ready for a niggas 2 be a lot smarter than him on his show, let alone two at the same time. he was shooook. last time he let’s that happen again.]

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I'm am so very thankful for the awareness that has been spread across sm regarding how dangerous DK is. Here I thought the biggest problems facing this nation were the new health care bill, Russian interference in our election, and the renewed war on petty drug use....but no, DK is what we must all remain vigilant about.

😁😀That Diane is a serious threat to our safety. Looks out it’s hurricane Diane!!😂👍✌

My Favorite (330+) Faceclaims 

As requested, this is a list of my favorite faceclaims! There’s a mix of #331 overused and underused faces, and I also included their age and ethnicity (if it’s available). The list is also divided by gender, and listed alphabetically. There’s probably not going to be a lot of model/musician/reality TV/Youtuber FC’s since I’m not a big fan, and the FC’s I’m most familiar with are popular in Western culture just you’re aware. So yeah, enjoy!

Note: All ethnicities were found on either or Wikipedia. If you notice an error or have the answer to somebody’s unknown ethnicity, please message me with a valid source and I’ll change it! 

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Фан-арт на Паченого Билла :D   И да, это первый рисунок по теме гф который попал на тамблер, что весьма странно, ведь я давно в Гф…И когда я обзавелась тамблером у меня было много артиков по нему, да и сейчас под накапливается ХDD                           

(Sometimes I’ll write in Russian .з.)