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Ovi and Geno - Same Height

It’s true… it’s a fact, according to the official NHL stats, they are exactly the same height and Geno is definitely only 6′3″

Yeah no obviously they are definitely totally both 6′3″ mhmmm for sure 100% I totally believe this fact.

Trump Signs Bill Making it Legal to Kill Hibernating Bears: Even Hitler Liked Animals

If you’re reading this, you already know it should have been President Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland filling the ninth SCOTUS seat. And you’re up to speed on how the GOP changed Senate rules to get DJT’s nominee Neil Gorsuch confirmed after Democrats filibustered. 

Gorsuch was sworn in today, rendering one ninth of the U.S. Supreme Court illegitimate. 

What got overlooked in today’s news cycle: DJT signed into law a bill that now makes it legal to shoot hibernating bears and bear cubs and wolves in dens. The same bill makes it legal to shoot all three from helicopters, too. 

You know, even Hitler liked animals. 

I can’t tonight.