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So as a reaction to the recently passed anti-gay laws, Russian gay rights activists have taken various Soviet propaganda posters and adapted them into pride posters instead.

Mostly they did this just by putting rainbow flags everywhere.

But I gotta say, a lot of the original Soviet propaganda posters were pretty damn gay already.

These are unedited Sino-Soviet propaganda posters. With their insistent and repetitive slogans of “Always together!” and “Friends forever!” and the aggressive hand-holding and hugging, I gotta say the Russian and Chinese guys in these posters seem like quite the committed couple.

They have kids and everything! Lookit their little blended family.

They love working together, relaxing together, and reading the works of Lenin to each other. On weekends they garden in their matching overalls.

Rainbow flags would almost be superfluous.



Jon Stewart interviews Ben Steele, director of Hunted: The War Against Gays In Russia. The documentary reveals how a recent anti-gay amendment to a Russian “propaganda” law has encouraged growing outbreaks of violent hostility, including homophobic Russians who beat and torment gays and post graphic videos of their acts online with little or no legal repercussions.

Why can`t we live peacefuly?

Ok, I`ve been patient for so long and I can`t keep silent anymore! 

First of all, Europeans, what do you know about russian anti-gay laws? It seems like you`ve heard words “Russia”, “anti-gay” and “laws” in one sentence and noone wanted to get in details. Let`s start from the name of this law “ The prohibition of homosexual propaganda to children”. It`s just mean that you`re not allowed to stay  on the street with placard on which is written smth like:“Hey, I`m gay/lesbian. Children, you must be like me”. THAT`S ALL! Noone will start firing homosexual person or beating them. To be honest, in Russia people are not really interesting how and with whom you prefer to share bed. It doesn`t matter , untill person try to draw attention to this theme. And in all cases ( not only when you are gay) people will judge you, because It is impolite to discuss your sexual life.

Secondly, I want to talk to you, tolerant European people. I`m going to reiterate word “tolerant” so many times here. I`m just wondering: why do you teach  us how to be courteous and try to tell us how should we act with people so-called “not like the others”, when you are booing 17 years old girls, who have nothing to do with politcs of country, because they are russian. Of course, it is so tolerant! It is normal to humble russian people. I don`t want to be rude, but your behavior looks like nationalism.  

I`m sorry but I`m absolutely sick of this situation. Why can`t we live peacefuly? I really like european people, culture and nature, but your behavior is rude, that`s why I decided to make this post.

Also, please, stop believing in everythig you heard from mass media, not all things they are telling you are real. 

(Tumblr ate my response TWICE, so here’s the third version of my answer; here’s the post anon mentioned, if you’re curious)

I definitely share your frustrations. I think the issue with Jensen and causing wank has several direct causes. First, there’s the con atmosphere and what he thinks people want to hear at cons. Destiel has always been a powder keg issue at cons, and since he doesn’t keep up with what’s going on in fandom (nor should he be expected to), he probably is compensating for past conwank, not realizing that he’s creating more.

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anonymous asked:

Is it true that you all Russians are homophobes and support anti gay law?

no, it’s not. actually Russians don’t really care about others’ sexual orientations, but sometimes, yeah, Russians make jokes about gay people, but when it comes to real life, they don’t give a damn, seriously. all my pals and i have nothing against gay people and neither of us think that this law is something Russia ‘needs’. i know several gay guys, and they’re absolutely awesome, smart and they’re great people in general, so… 

but you know what? what i see/read in foreigns mass media makes me sad and makes me laugh at the same time, bc they exaggerate everything, making everyone believe/think that we Russians are evil barbarians.  they say, that several surveys have been held here and the results show, that “70% of Russians support the law”. no, we don’t. we’ve never even heard of those surveys, and if we had, the results would have been ‘positively’ different, i’m sure. (nobody loves Russia ): )

the law is actually called Law banning the promotion of homosexuality, and “anti gay law” is something made up by the foreign newspapers, which also say that according to this law gay people aren’t allowed to kiss/hold each other’s hands in public. it’s not true. the law prohibits promoting homosexuality in mass media and among teenagers. the whole thing started after a series of billboards in Saint Petersburg called “They Were Gay” or smth like that (billboards with photos of famous Russians, like Tschaikovskiy, Akhmatova, Nureyev and their quotes on their sexual preferences). gay people aren’t sent to prison, fined or anything like that here in Russia. 

let me say that once again, so you don’t get me wrong: i’m not homophobic and i can’t really say i support the law. 

anonymous asked:

do you consider the russian anti-gay law fair? Do you think russians should do something about this?

This is the last time I will answer this question.

First of all, your terminology bugs me. Anti-gay law? Please send me a link to this so-called “anti-gay law” and then we can talk about this. What I understand under the “anti-gay law” is: the law that forbids people to be gay and subsequently punishes them for being homosexual with either a prison sentence or a fine. Now, I’m on the website of the federal codex of the Russian Federation and I don’t see any such law.


No one is going to put you in prison because your dick prefers boys instead of girls. No one cares about your personal preferences. Our government has other things to keep itself busy with. 

I am not a spokesperson for the Russian government, but even less am I a spokesperson for the sentiment of the Russian people towards any occurring phenomenon. What Russian people think of homosexuality is none of my concern. There are people who are tolerant, there are people who are not tolerant. I will let you in on a very big secret: It’s like that everywhere else on this goddamn planet. People were all blessed (or cursed) with a mind of their own. Some are stubborn, some are tolerant, some are hateful, some are forgiving, some are happy, some are miserable, some are arrogant, some are indifferent, and so on. Once again, I can never speak for 142 million citizens of the Russian Federation, because that’s not representative. People are people. It takes some time to convince them of things and change their minds and their objectives. It takes time and we should be patient.

It is right that gay couples cannot get married in Russia. I don’t know how this will evolve. I suspect that with time it will become more acceptable, but I can’t know for sure. Now, I would like to remind you that Russia is not the only country on this world whose actions towards gay couples are troubling. Here is a (incomplete) list of countries who still haven’t legalized same-sex marriage, just to give you an example: Germany, Italy, Israel, Japan, Nepal, Poland, Turkey, and so on. Also don’t forget about the countries where you’ll get the death sentence for just being gay. 

Some people have come here on my blog and would start complaining to me about the police seizing them for demonstrating whatever on the Red Square and say how bad it is and how limited their freedom of expression is. It’s not my fault that you forgot to get your picketing permit from the government which you need to get before you start any kind of protest. You don’t just get out on the street with posters, it can cause inconvenience for the traffic and the infrastructure. Go get your permit and protest about whatever you want. Not my fault you can’t do a decent job of organizing a protest, but hey it’s whatever. 

Further on, the only law I know that even remotely talks about this is one included in The Federal Law about the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development. This law includes the prohibition of certain types of information that could be harmful to little kids and that would force them to act in ways that would harm their health, that would make them want to use drugs/alcohol/whatever, that would make them think that violence is acceptable and use it on others or inflict self-harm upon them, etc. These sources of information are not to be shown during day-time when children watch television or should not be shown on channels that broadcast children shows. 

Here is a screenshot I took of the law, which you can find here in Russian (use google translate, we live in such an innovative age!). 

A loose translation of it: 

Article 5. Types of information harmful to the health and/or the development of children.

1. Types of information harmful to the health and/or the development of children include: 

1) Information, provided in part 2 of the current article and prohibited for propagation amongst children;
2) Information, provided in part 3 of the current article subject to the provisions of articles 7-10 of the current Federal Codex and propagation of which is limited among children of certain age groups.

2. Information harmful to the health and/or the development of children includes:

1) The encouragement of children to commit acts that threaten their lives and (or) health, including harm to their own health, suicide;
2) Information capable of triggering in children the desire to use narcotics, psychotropic substances and (or) intoxicants, tobacco and alcohol products, beer and beverages produced on its basis, participation in gambling, prostitution, vagrancy or begging;
3) Substantiation or justification of violence and the permissibility (or) any cruel motivation to exercise violence against people or animals, except for cases stipulated by this Federal Law;
4) The denial of family values, promotion of unconventional sexual relationships and the formation of disrespect for parents and (or) the other members of the family;
5) Justification of unlawful behaviour;
6) Containing foul language;
7) Containing information of a pornographic nature;
8) Information concerning a minor affected by unlawful actions (inaction), including the name, surname, patronymic name, photo and video images of the minor, his parents and other legal representatives, the date of birth of the minor, the audio recording of his voice, his place of residence or place of temporary stay, his place of work or study, and other information allowing directly or indirectly to establish the identity of the minor.

Now, allow me to ask: has the whole world been bitching about a law that was signed to protect the development of Russian children? I don’t care what you think about this law, whether or not it’s justifiable, whether or not being gay has anything to do with nature rather than with nurture, etc. I don’t care. But have you really put up this entire moronic piece of crap circus for a law that doesn’t even concern adults? Is this why I have to put up with disgusting anons hating on me because my country is so anti-gay? Are you out of your rabbit ass mind, you smelling buttcracks of trailerpark rednecks??? 

What should Russian people do about this, you ask? Let Russian people sort it out for themselves, we’ll be okay. Maybe you should be more concerned with people dying of hunger and diseases all over the world instead of focussing on a law that prohibits pornography on children’s channels. 

Ultimately, I don’t know who you people think I am, but for further questions concerning the legislation of the Russian Government, please direct them to: It’s not like they pay me to be their spokesperson.  

In case you missed it, check out the SNL Weekend Update with Kate McKinnon as tennis legend Billie Jean King. King was a pioneer for women’s athletics, the founder of the Women’s Tennis Association, and is openly gay.  President Obama selected King for the U.S. delegation at the 2014 Sochi Olympics as part of his response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay propaganda law.

Dave Davies spoke to King this year about women’s athletics, winning “The Battle of the Sexes,” and being outed as gay by her assistant.


6 countries with worse gay rights records than Russia

While we should celebrate all the athletes at Sochi, we would do well to remember that the Russian delegation isn’t the only one representing a country with anti-gay laws on the books.

Here is a list of some of the countries participating in the Winter Olympics that criminalize same-sex relations, as well as some reasons for hop

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Channel 4’s response to Sochi and the Russian anti-gay laws. This is played repeatedly all day on national TV… I love Britain!

I want to be part of the chain reaction!

Please help this image go viral and promote the Butterfly’s message of peace, love, and equality.

This art piece has three messages:

1) That we are ashamed of the Olympic Committee’s decision of a homophobic country for the 2014 winter games.

2) We are more ashamed of the Russian government and their anti-gay laws.

3) We are here with faithful love and devotion to the entire LGBTQ community of Russia. We will not forget about you after the Olympic closing ceremonies today! We will keep pushing for equality in Russia and throughout the world.

Love all.