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if you look for a reason to stay - just stay with me
it’s long past midnight, and you live across the town,
don’t mind their whispers, in the morning we’ll come up with an excuse;
and when it’s time for you to go, leave something behind
so you can return and stay the night. [x]

I am sure there are going to be fanfics surrounding Anton Yelchin’s (Chekov’s) death but I would like to give you all feel good fics surrounding our adorable genius.

Chulu Based:

Will You Always Answer My Call?


Summary:  Pavel Chekov travels long-haul more often than he would like, but maybe this flight won’t be so bad.

Rated G. 1,298 words, 1 chapter. No warnings.


Hikaru and the Tribble


Summary:  Hikaru struggles when Pavel finds a new friend in a tribble.

Rated G. 1,699 words. 1 chapter. No warnings.




Summary:  Chekov thinks he’s being subtle about his crush on Sulu, but it turns out he’s really not. angst and cluelessness and fluff ensue.

Rated G. 4,499 words. 1 chapter. No warnings.

McCoy/Chekov Based

Known Facts


Summary:  Please except this shameless piece of fluff that has no description or plot.

Not Rated. 2,474 words. 1 chapter. No warnings.




Summary:  It’s Christmas and everyone seems to be celebrating but Bones. Lucky he’s got a little Russian guardian angel of sorts.

Rated T+. 2,287 words. 1 chapter. No warnings.



Summary: Chekov get’s sent back to his quarters by Kirk, when the Captain realized the ensign was sick. Bones comes to look after the Russian teen.

Rated G. 1,123 words. 1 chapter. No warnings

The Trouble With Tribbles


Summary: is that Pavel is adorable and Leonard can’t say no.

Not Rated. 2,584 words. 1 Chapter. No warnings


All of these are complete. If you want to send links to other stories focusing on Pavel, then please feel free. I encourage it.