Anyone heard of or used WordDive? I just found it looking for Estonian & Finnish apps and just caught a first glimpse but it seems cool! And I love that it has both of the langs tbh
You can learn the basics, vocab for travelling, for work or advanced vocabulary.
Also it has audio which I find super important!!
So yeah it seems cool so I thought I’d share.

A Linguistics Rant (TM)

you know what really, really fucking bugs me sometimes?..  

in russian, we have this amazing word.  it denotes a state of relationship that’s closer than “acquaintance” and not as powerful as “friend.”  basically, most relationships you will ever form.  amazing.  

english has this word too.  Which is great.  In theory.  

HOWEVER, because this word was used as a form of address by communists, the english version of it lost its original connotation completely.  it’s never used anymore.  left to rust on the pages of history books.  

And the result???  

THE RESULT IS THAT EVERYONE I KNOW CALLS EVERYONE THEY KNOW A FRIEND.  every friendly acquaintance they make.  and before you know it, they’re doing crazy favours for those “friends,” they’re hanging out with those “friends” all the time, sacrificing things for them, not because they like them all that much but because they’re Friends and That’s What Friends Do.  

TL; DR – 

If you’ve got a ton of these shitty fake friends?..  Blame the Cold War.  I mean, sure, you know these people better than plain acquaintances, but like…  they’re not your friends.  And you won’t ever admit it to them OR to yourself.  

Because there’s no way you will ever call them “comrades.”  


100 years since the execution of the Romanov family

Today marks 100 years  since the Russian royal family – Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, and their five children Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and Alexei – were brutally murdered in Ekaterinburg on the orders of the Bolshevik army.

“Skarapeya” by Boris Zabirohin.

Skarapeya (Russian: cкарапея) is a magical snake who reigns over the other snakes. If a mortal will eat skarapeya then he’ll get an ability to understand animals, birds and herbs.

The snake knows whereabouts of buried treasures, but always protects them. Also it can open locks, cure and spread diseases, protects from magic.

to all struggling language learners out there: keep going!! you are smarter and stronger than you know, just keep on studying and loving culture, and you will achieve all of your goals!