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Hi. I'm Carlos from Spain. I'm interested in learning russian. Can you suggest a web page, book or any other resources to improve. Thank you.

Hola Carlos! I will be honest, I only study Russian from time-to-time each month. But I will do my best (: Also I can only account for English-to-Russian resources, just a heads up! But if you want to know any spanish-russian langauge youtubers I watch just message me again (:

Books that I have used: 

The New Penguin Russian Course- Nicholas J. Brown

I feel like this book is very complete and concise in so far as grammar and basic vocabulary is concerned. However, to me as a visual learner, it can be difficult to get through. But still, I would recommend buying it, as I have!

(Teach Yourself) Read and Write Russian Script- Daphne West

This was the first resource I used for Russian, back in Summer of 2015 from my local library. I think it really did help me learn Cyrillic script! I didn’t finish the whole book though, so I cant give a complete review. But I would also reccomend it.

Russian in 10 minutes a day- Kristine Kershul

This book is highly visual; a kid could also probably use it, and it is set up much more like a workbook. However, it mainly focuses on vocabulary, grammar is not the book’s strong suit.

The only website that I have ever really used:

As far as (some!) blogs go:





And for practicing with native speakers, I like to use Hellotalk (app) and lang-8 (:


I learnt that in the nominative case to pluralise a masculine noun we have to add “ы” if the last letter is a consonant.

“Брат” is masculine, ends with a consonant. Why isn’t it “браты” ?

Is this another exception? I’ve barely seen nouns that follows the common pluralising rule, or am I the one who’s grammar is terrible? I don’t get it ? Idk

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