Archaeologist Find Axe With Marks of Rurik

“Expedition of the Institute of Archaeology have been opened and studied the remains of a medieval burial ground burial mounds near the village of Shekshovo in Suzdal. Burial mound near the village Shekshovo known as one of the largest in the center of Suzdal. Traces of mounds currently have survived, however, knowing the location of settlements, they were able to locate the approximate location and identify the burial in one of the excavation trench surrounding the circular area in terms of the size of 17 x 18 m, which, apparently, was the mound. In the center of the site at the ground surface they have found an battle ax with traces of silver inlay, much corroded, and a silver horseshoe brooch with gold. Obviously, these things were accompanied by a male burial, the fossil remains which have not survived. The value of the findings for the study of the early history of North-Eastern Russia was able to fully appreciate after the restoration of found axe that is researched in the laboratory of the State Historical Museum, Shirjakovu. Under a layer of corrosion to reveal not only decorative symbols but more importantly princely marks (“Marks of Rurik”), never before encountered on similar subjects meaning who’s ever burial ground this was he belonged to the Rurik family.”

- Slavorum

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