The Truth About Russian Literature

Russian literature is a significant part of the strategems the Kremlin employs in order to perpetuate its ruling of the world, which started at the times of pharaoh Amenhotep III, of whom Putin is a currently living avatar.
The CIA has been investigating the hidden mechanism of the devilish plan to little avail. Pushkin, Leo Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and Nabokov were secretly trained agents, experts in NLP, initiated into the fifty fourth inner circle. They are the Blue Freemasons (Freemasonry of the highest rank). They possessed esoteric knowledge and were in constant communion with the malevolent souls of deceased Martians.

Hotel Ukraina - Moscow, Russia 

Now the Radisson Royal Hotel, this luxury five star hotel lies on the banks of the Moskva River. It is still known by its historic name, the Hotel Ukraina. The hotels construction was commissioned by Joseph Stalin and opened in 1957. It was the tallest hotel in the world for almost 20 years, until the opening of the Westin Peach Tree Hotel in Georgia, USA. Recently renovated, the hotel maintains its historic facade and features, while being updated with the latest technology. 

The hotel houses a large collection of original paintings by some of Russia’s most famous artists, with over 1,200 pieces in total. 

I’m terrified of getting smudgie marks on my beautiful new phone, so I always use the voice-friend, Siri, to do everything. Taking selfies has been a thorn in my side. Just as I command him to take the photo, he does… but then the photo inevitably catches my lips in a rather unflattering phoneme - usually in the “f” or “o” position. It basically ruins the selfy and, to be honest, sours my mood for the rest of the day. So, I’m caught in this impossible decision: allow a disgusting oily human-snail-trail to decorate my screen… or be immortalized as an ugly stupid idiot

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Katrina Mumaw was once the ‘world’s fastest kid’. She earned that title at the age of 11 when she convinced her instructor to let her fly a Russian fighter jet and became the youngest person to pilot a MIG-29. On that same flight, she also became the youngest person to break the sound barrier after reaching the speed of Mach 1.3, then celebrated by doing a series of military-style maneuvers and aerobatics. Source Source 2 Source 3