Vitoslavitsy Museum of Wooden Architecture

It is a museum of wooden architecture in the outskirts of Novgorod on the place of the former village of Vitoslavlitsy. The village was founded in the 12th century but the museum was created only in 1964. On the territory of the museum you can see traditional Russian wooden houses as they looked in the 14th-19th centuries. So cool! We liked this experience to visit it! It was really hard work to make those wooden houses… We are really lucky to live today!


The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (sounds in Russian as “Khram Khrista Spasitela”) in Moscow is considered as the largest and  the tallest Orthodox Christian church in the world!  

The building was rebuilt in 2000 (after the original was demolished by Stalin) so it is not as old as it looks (although it does not really matter). The cathedral is really impressive and we do like it a lot!

BTW I want to warn you (for not to be disappointed as we were) that if you want to visit it mind that there is certain dress code for entering the Cathedral, and for example if men are in shorts they are not allowed to come inside.


St. Basil Cathedral is one of the most outstanding and remarkable monuments of Old Russian architecture. In the 16th century the tourists admired the beauty of the cathedral, and for the Russians it became the symbol of native history and culture.

In 1552 the temple consecrated in honor of Saint Trinity was put up. The temple was to commemorate the victory of Ivan the Terrible over Kazan and Astrakhan khanate. In 1554 Tsar ordered to construct the Cathedral of the Intersection of the Blessed Virgin on the site of the temple. The chapels of the cathedral were commemorating the victory over the Tatars. Later Saint Basil, Moscow “God’s fool” was buried in one of the chapels, hence the name of the cathedral.

There is the legend saying that Ivan the Terrible admired the beauty of the cathedral and ordered to blind the architects so they could never construct such a masterpiece again. Well… I have to admit that St. Basil Cathedral is really amazing both outside and inside! It a symmetrical architectural ensemble consisting of eight chapels surrounding the ninth temple, which is the highest one,  topped with a hipped roof and is dedicated to the Intersection of the Blessed Virgin. Each chapel bears the name of a saint, and all of them are conjoined by the system of passages. The cupolas that top the chapels are different from each other and decorated with windows, niches and cornices…

Is not Saint Basil’s Cathedral impressive?! We love it!