Vitoslavitsy Museum of Wooden Architecture

It is a museum of wooden architecture in the outskirts of Novgorod on the place of the former village of Vitoslavlitsy. The village was founded in the 12th century but the museum was created only in 1964. On the territory of the museum you can see traditional Russian wooden houses as they looked in the 14th-19th centuries. So cool! We liked this experience to visit it! It was really hard work to make those wooden houses… We are really lucky to live today!


The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (sounds in Russian as “Khram Khrista Spasitela”) in Moscow is considered as the largest and  the tallest Orthodox Christian church in the world!  

The building was rebuilt in 2000 (after the original was demolished by Stalin) so it is not as old as it looks (although it does not really matter). The cathedral is really impressive and we do like it a lot!

BTW I want to warn you (for not to be disappointed as we were) that if you want to visit it mind that there is certain dress code for entering the Cathedral, and for example if men are in shorts they are not allowed to come inside.


As I mentioned already each of the 143 bears represent a member state of the United Nations. So we found ours bears also :)

There is Clinton with USA bear, I am with Ukrainian one, we are together with “country” where we were - I mean Russian bear! And last picture is where bears holding heart :)

If you would like to see your bear than find it (or just favorite one) HERE :)