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  • US liberal media: Trump is a dangerous autocrat with spurious ties to Russia who'll make the world a more dangerous place with military spending and foreign interventions
  • also the US liberal media: Go Team America, Trump is defending the Syrian people by dropping hundreds of bombs on their country without Congressional approval

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What type of birds would the allies be? Since, you know, you like birds...

(Damn right I like birds.)

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Little Witch (Part 3)

Pairings: Peter x reader

Word count: 3 194

Summary: The reader is raised by Hydra but manages to escape after they kill her parents. She is emotionally unstable and can’t control her powers. The Avengers rescue her and give her everything she missed form life and wanted to feel. But would her new found love be enough to extinguish her desire for revenge? What would be the side she would choose to rely on? Will she be ready to face the real her?

A/N: I am so happy how this turned out out to be. Flashback is in Italics:) I hope you like it an please, i am begging you, let me know what you think about the story ♥ Enjoy (Sorry for the mistakes) 

Part 1 // Part 2

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Peter was sitting next to the closed door waiting for the mysterious girl to get clean. He had showed her his room because he had a personal bathroom and was the only option he had. He couldn’t get her face when he told her which this room was to out of his mind.

‘Fantastic, she thinks I am a fool now.’ the boy was deep in his thoughts. The usual feeling of nervousness when you think you had messed up in front of a person you wanted to impress was now taken over him. He surely had showed Tony something he didn’t want to with his behavior or the way he was looking at her, but how could he resist? He was amazed not that much from her appearance but the fact she wasn’t a cry-baby but a tough little…witch. He longed for the moment to understand more about her character, what she liked, what her dreams are now and so on without knowing why. Maybe the mysteriousness in her personality was the only thing responsible for this.

‘Come to Earth, Peter! You just met her, you can’t be head over heels about a girl you don’t even know!’

As the boy was trying to convenience himself to stop the unstoppable desires of the soul, a noise came from the bathroom. With his blurred senses he entered the room with fuss thinking about the worse that could have happened.

“Oh my god, Peter! Don’t you know how to knock?!”, the girl screamed as she tried to cover her with the towel. Peter turned around and covered his eyes “You are lucky I am wearing a bra and underwear. I didn’t think you are so pervert and creepy.”

“What, no! I-I just heard something falling. I thought you have hurt yourself, I didn’t want to- bother you or see you naked.”

‘Great! Amazing! If she didn’t think I was a fool, now she definitely does!’

“You already saw what you saw…there’s no need to hide and act innocent.”, (Y/n) retorted. Unfortunately, Peter was thrown in a serious dilemma.

‘If I turn around, this may show her I want to scan her half-naked body…but if I don’t, she will think I am acting just to impress her. What the hell am I supposed to do!?’

As every man, he had to understand the girl’s mind faster and come up with a decision. In his opinion, turning around was the better option, so he did so. As he removed his hand from his face he got stunned. (Y/n) was wearing a bra and jeans given to her from Wanda but the body wasn’t what caught his attention. It was her back.  

“Beautiful, don’t you think?” bitterness and sarcasm was read in her response. Her bare back was marked with a stranger and macabre scar. The letter ‘X’ was carved deep in her skin.

“I-I am sorry, staring at it wasn’t my intention.”

“There’s no need to apologize, Peter. I am not ashamed of it, I don’t wanna hide it.”

“Why do you have it?”, the boy came back to the reality as the girl put a t-shirt on and hide the mark.

“I got it from Hydra. Like I said I was tortured.”, Peter wasn’t able to find any word to say something. He was amazed and angry at the same time by what had been done to this girl at her young age, “Let’s go to the others and finish this.”

“If you are not okay with explaining wha-”

“Wanda and Bruce told me about what they’ve been trough. I know others weren’t in paradise either. Maybe when I tell somebody what exactly happen, it won’t be that hard to bear it on my shoulders. ”

“Here you are, we thought something happened between you two.”, Stark smirked at the teenagers as they entered in the living room. He had a drink in his hand while standing near the huge glass wall.

“Actually, it did happened. Peter stormed into the bathroom as I was changing.”, the girl had crossed her hands in front of her so tried to make a pissed expression.

“That’s not how you try to win the girl, Peter!”, Stark exclaimed.

“What were you expecting from him? He is 24/7 with you, of course he will act like you.”, Nat smiled as she waved at the girl letting her know she can feel home here.

“I-It…I thought she had hurt herself, okay?”, it caused the whole group to laugh, especially when Peter got as red as a tomato.

(Y/N) sat down between Wanda and Nat. She ran a hand through her hair showing her worry. Wanda put a hand on her shoulder saying that it will relieve her and promised that she would feel better. They all waited in silence. (Y/N) didn’t wanted to start mainly because she didn’t know from when to or how. Steve managed to spot it.

“Well (Y/N) if Peter hasn’t scared you and you haven’t change your mind yet, we would like to know how you got possessed by Hydra, and if there are other people like you who we can save.”

The girl took a deep breath and began.

“It all started ten year ago. I don’t remember the date but I all the events after are still remained in my brain. We went on a holiday in Russia to spend New Year…”

1st January, 2007. Moscow, Russia.

The sequential cold day in the enormous and scary Russia. A war had been waged since last year but that didn’t stop the people from celebrating New Year, more precisely the new beginning, the time that would give them hope, strength, and maybe the time when the bloodshed would be stopped.

The clock had gone past 00:00 an hour ago. The people were still roaming through the centre of the capital city too excited to feel fatigue. There were young Russians enjoying the holiday, soldiers protecting the nation, families with their little children playing the snow, old people smiling as seeing their heirs happy. Nobody expected that this happiness will soon be ruined by a woman screaming.

A seven-year-old girl, named (Y/N) (Y/L/N) was holding her mother’s and father’s hands while admiring the splendor view of Moscow. She was coming from a country where snow wasn’t accumulating in such huge heaps like here. She wanted to throw herself into those cold clouds and play.

“Mummy, mummy!”, the girl pulled her mother’s coat getting her attention, “Can I play in the snow?”, the lady kneeled down and smiled at her little girl.

“Of course you can, but after that we will have to go back. And please, be careful.”

The little girl nodded in excitement and ran towards the other kids to play with. The family sat in a bench looking at their precious angel. She was far away but they never left an eye from her.

“Look how happy she is.”, they both were contemplating. The man took his wife’s hand and kissed it causing them both to look at each other for a moment. And that was their mistakes.

“Mummy!”, a shouting kid made them to both look away from each other. All the mother saw was her child token from a man in back and a van that seconds later got away. The woman couldn’t figure out what was happening in the first seconds.

“No! My child! They took my child! No! Save her!”, the lady began screaming. Everything went dead for a moment. The people were staring shocked at the screaming and crying mother. She ran straight to the soldiers and tried to shake one of them. Nobody did anything. The soldiers played as though nothing had happened. The mother was dying from the inside. Her kid was gone. She fell on the ground, her agony splitting the happy atmosphere. Her heart was slowly and painfully breaking, sticking it’s sharp ends in her chest not letting her take a breath.

That night was the last time (Y/N) saw her mummy and daddy. After being put in the van she was anesthetized so no one would hear her screams and weep. The girl woke in an unfamiliar room. She didn’t want to eat. All she desired for was seeing her parents again. But it’s different with kids. They don’t have the strength to do such things till the end. After days she gave up and attacked her lunch like a lion which hadn’t eaten in weeks. This time was the first she actually left the room she woke up into. A young lady had showed her the playground where she met other kids like her.

“Where is mummy?”, the little girl asked.

“She will come sweetheart, only if you do what we tell you.”, the lady gave her a bright smile causing the girl to believe her. The next few months she did what she was told but her mother wasn’t coming.

5th June, 2011.

(Y/N) didn’t believe anymore to the lies that were told to her. She knew her mother was gone, her father no more to be seen. Although she was only eleven, somehow she knew this place was probably her grave.

Since three years the men in white, how she decided to call them, had started doing some experiments with her. At first she didn’t know why and wasn’t resisting due to believing that this was the only chance to see her mummy and daddy again. Years later she still didn’t resist. There was no point.

Her schedule was hooked up in her room. 7am – breakfast, 7:30 – studying session (Maths, Russian, History); 13:00 – lunch, 13:30 – time to understand about your physical and psychological condition (that was how they called all the experiments they did to her, all the pain she felt and the indifferent from the doctors); 19:30 – dinner.

Each day was the same. The only different things were the subject they were teaching. This way of living ended on this day.

This time the experiments were two hour long and the other time was occupied with trainings. The remained children were getting a 4-hour long infernal torture. They began with learning how to use cold weapons. The first lessons were on dummies but the next week they began practicing on each other. Nobody wanted to hurt the friend opposite them. Some of the kids refused and got punished in front of all. They had to see that not obeying leaded to pain, not doing you best was leaded to torture. Since then (Y/n) was coming to her room all in blood, bruises and a hell pain that troubled her movements in the next day. Every night she was finding a first aid kid which she used to heal the wounds. Nobody was showing the kids how to use them, they had to learn on they own. Three kids died because of losing too much blood, from exhaust, from going nuts. Even those events didn’t stop Hydra with her experiments on their ‘rabbits’.

17th October, 2014

“Everything you’ve gone through was to get you ready for the cruel world out there, for the humanity. You are the one that would change the story. You will lead the planet to a better place and will do it with the cost of your life. Wars will be won by you and your names would be taught in the books.”, a tall beautiful woman was standing in front of the 14-year-old boys and girls who were formed in a perfect position. They looked willowier that the Russian army (Y/N) had seen 7 year ago. They were more dangerous with their killing skills. They were the perfect built weapon for Hydra’s plans.

“All the tasks more of you managed to survive had to unlock your powers which we gave you when you came. Everyone has different skills and now you should show us what you are capable of!”, after a cold smile the lady went away. They were in the usual training hall that was transuded with the blood of innocent kids who had lost their self. There was a hidden room where the people were looking at them, to see how they cooperated, how better they were becoming.

In the first day of this new training almost all of them found their power. One was able to get invisible, another one had the strength to break through a wall with his bare hands. Only (Y/N) was standing there not knowing what she can do. She tried several different positions but nothing. Once she got panicked she knew the result would be zero.

Two days had passed and (Y/N) was at the same conditional – no powers found. As she was putting all her efforts in understanding her abilities three soldiers stormed into the room. Two of them caught the girl by her hands and a voice filled the room.

“Ms. (Y/L/N) why aren’t you training?”, the words were spoken slowly and cold. They sent shivers down her spine and she stuttered an answer.

“I-I am doing my best, mister. I-I just don’t think I have powers.”

“Bullshits! You are considered as a rebel Ms. (Y/L/N) and I am sure you know what we do to them.”

“No, no, no!”, the girl began protesting, she kicked them all down in seconds and tried to run but other five soldiers came. She was doing well, observing, kicking, showing no mercy as she was thoughts until one of them punched her in the head. For a moment she lost balance. They took her hands and chained her. One of the soldiers kicked her in the ankles so she wouldn’t be able to stand. Her body weight had to be hold only by her hands. She took a breath and looked up seeing the red symbol of the organization. As soon as she did so, she felt an indescribable anguish in her back. The sound of a whiplash tearing a skill echoed through the room. Her so called friends were looking trying to show no sorrow or empathy.

Ten whiplashing later the familiar voice spoke again.

“I hope you learnt your lesson. If not, the whiplashes will increase with each disobey from you side.”

What was said had been done. The torture had increased and (Y/N) had been whiplashed in front of everyone.

“She is going to die!”, a woman spoke in the hidden room as she and some others people were watching ‘the show’.

“No, she won’t!”, said the leader – a tall woman with short brown hair.

“But it doesn’t change anything. We observed her. She definitely shows no signs of anything supernatural in her.”

“Why the others have and she doesn’t?!”, screamed the leader.

“Her powers are probably connected with her emotions. We raised those kids teaching them to hide, to forget about having feelings. That’s the problem.”, explained one of the doctors.

“So we should provoke her?”


23th November, 2016

“Don’t you feel pain, Ms (Y/L/N)?”, the voice asked her for a hundredth time.

“No”, she asked calmly as the whip went along her back for one more time.

“Don’t you feel anger towards us for torturing you like an animal?”

“No.”, and with that the action was repeated. The girl was lying. She’s been tortured since two years. They did give her months to recover, to gain strength but two months weren’t enough for her body. The big letter ‘X’ was carved in her body, bleeding almost every night. But that wasn’t the worst. They had begun to manipulate her. Giving her pills, playing with her mind they had tried to made her show any sign of emotion. The girl thought this was some kind of a task that she had to pass. She never let them know she was suffering. She never let her anger out, not even when she was alone.

“Do it how many times you want!”, the girl spoke though her teeth as another whiplash hit her. This time she screamed. She made the mistake to let her feeling out for a moment and when she did, she couldn’t stop, “Do it! You won’t break me! YOU WON’T BREAK ME!”, she shouted and at the same time the windows in the Hall busted. She looked shocked as the people who had now been exposed.

“Finally”, said the leader with a smile on her face, “She showed her spark. Let’s see what her true power is.”

13th April, 2017

(Y/N) was led to a new premise. They made her sit on a chair and tied her tightly to it.

“We saw you have qualities for becoming the best soldier we have ever created.”, the girl didn’t answer, “But something is stopping you from revealing your full potential. Well, for you fortune we came with a decision how to remove this obstacle.”

The room had nothing else expect the chair she was tightened to. One of the walls was made by a Plexiglas or a common material. It was definitely showing another room and when the voice finished his statements a light from the other room showed what was there. The girl’s eyes widen at the view in front of her. There they were. Two well known faces the girl never forgot through her life here. They were the only thing giving her strength, courage to continue, to get through the Hell. Only the hope of seeing them is the reason she was still alive. She smiled for the first time in years.

“You missed them didn’t you?”

And then she came back to reality. Hydra wasn’t going to bring them to her so easily. They were going to do something to them and that scared her.

“Don’t hurt them!”, she screamed, “Mummy! Daddy! I am here! We will get out of here!”

“They can’t hear you.”

“What do you want from me?”

“Show me your powers. Revile them!”

“I-I can’t! Don’t you understand, I CAN’T!”, she shouted, tears rolling down her face. She didn’t want to lose them, not now.

“You don’t give us another option. Enjoy the show.”

(Y/N) tried to untie her but her body wasn’t that strong as before. The tortures had weakened her. She screamed as loud as she could in order her parents to hear her. The girl was raging by now. She had to help them, she had to save them.

“Nooooo!”,she screamed as the way her mother did 10 years ago. With those emotions the ropes fell down on the ground black. She looked at them confused. Somehow she managed to burn them but now it wasn’t important. She ran towards the Plexiglas wall and started hitting it but nothing happened. Suddenly two soldiers appeared next to her parents. Her mummy and daddy were about to ask what was happening when out of a sudden they got shot in their heads. The girl fell on the floor at the same time her parents did.

“No!”, she was soaking quietly while looking her parent’s blood spread in the floor, at their eyes, which never saw her again, “Nooo! No! NO!”

Her rage unlocked. She fell the air getting hotter. Closing her eyes she let her feeling overwhelm her.

Part 4

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happy hearts

I know everyone and their mother has an angsty Viktor backstory, but what if we just…didn’t?

Big thanks go out to @kevystel and @cafecliche for letting me yell about this at them all the dang time. 

*This isn’t to dismiss anyone else’s love of angsty hcs, but when in doubt, I want Viktor to have grown up loved. It’s totally possible to be a highly functioning athlete who is also depressed and miserable. Distance is real. Loneliness is real. You can have the best family and friend network in the world and still struggle with these things. kevystel and I have both mentioned that one of our favorite things about YOI’s portrayal of mental illness is that it shows you don’t have to have a traumatic backstory that Gave You Problems. Sometimes they just Are.

And sometimes I just need to imagine some fluff. Just let this boy be as happy and creative and loved as much as his heart demands.

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dark RC please tell me all your headcanons about Victor (post-GPF engagement bonding) with mama Katsuki when they came back to Hasetsu so that Yuuri could tell them the good news. Victor helping out Mari and the Katsukis at the inn while Yuuri rests, mama and papa Katsuki beyond ecstatic to see their boy happily in love with someone who'll treat him right as they come across the two in a quiet , intimate moment, and the good ok' shovel talk from big sis Mari... just Victor gaining a new family

At first I thought “dark RC” was your way of accepting me as the super villain this website deserves. Then I realized your phone probably autocorrected it from “Dear.”


After the GPF, Yuuri and Victor return to Yu-topia Katsuki with Yuuri’s silver medal swinging high above their heads, and Hiroko immediately takes it away to have it polished and displayed in the front lobby in a glass case. 

Toshiya wants to celebrate and the entire family proceeds to get a good buzz on–although Toshiya and Yuuri crank that shit to eleven and have a sing-off that involves way too much bad karaoke and not enough bread products to soak up all the alcohol. The next morning, Victor wakes up cuddling his soon to be father-in-law on the kitchen floor while Hiroko keeps stepping over them as she makes breakfast. Meanwhile, Yuuri can’t figure out how he got on the roof or how to get down.

While Yuuri begins boxing things up to go to Russia, Hiroko and Victor spend their time either cooking–Hiroko will teach him how to make the perfect katsudon bowl even if it kills her and Victor vows to not set another pan on fire as long as he lives–or looking at baby albums. She murmurs that she’s trusting him with her son, that he needs to look after her boy’s heart as though it were really made of glass. “He’s spent most of his life surrounded by you. You’re his whole world. If you aren’t completely sure–” And he stops her and solemnly assures her that the only way he’d ever leave Yuuri is if Yuuri wanted him to, “and even then I wouldn’t go down without a fight, Hiroko-san.” 

“Oh, Victor. Call me kaachan,” she says, and she gives Victor a snapshot of a six-year old Yuuri determinedly holding himself steady on the ice, chubby arms thrust out to keep his balance, and cheeks puffed out with the effort. She also gives him the next shot of Yuuri in mid-fall. Victor keeps the first in his wallet and makes the second one his Facebook cover photo.

The week before they leave, Ice Castle throws a huge going away bash and all of Hasetsu attends. People line up for pictures with Victor and all the kids demand ice time with Yuuri. From the outside of the rink, arms resting on the boards, Victor watches him lead a trembling, brave girl out onto the ice by both hands, and wonders how long he should wait before starting to drop hints about having kids. Mari takes the opportunity to sidle up to him and murmur, “If you hurt him, there is no amount of fame in the world that will save you from me.” 

Victor’s too terrified to do anything except laugh, and Yuuri comes off the ice not too long after that to ask if everything’s okay; Mari and Victor both say yes (and if Victor’s voice shakes a little, no one comments on it). Takeshi takes the opportunity to come over and bellow, “Hey Victor, did you know that Yuuri had hundreds of posters of you on his walls growing up? I guess if you wish long enough and hard enough, dreams really do come true!”

Guess which one of them Yuuri smacks upside the head:

“Yuuri, did you really,” says Victor.
“He really did,” says Mari.
“Ow,” says Takeshi.

Victor coaxes Yuuri back onto the ice and they attempt to skate to Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare, but then the Nishigori triplets get onto the ice, followed by every other child (and a couple of dogs and two birds), and it turns into a big game of ice tag. Victor’s never laughed so much in his life.

Later that night while they’re curled up together in Yuuri’s childhood bed, Victor whispers that he doesn’t want to leave. Yuuri whispers back that someday they’ll be here for good. “But Hasetsu will wait for us. We’ve got a world to conquer together first.” After that, Victor never again asks if Yuuri’s sure. 

At the airport, Toshiya tearfully hugs them both. Victor says goodbye and goes to hug Hiroko next, but she just smiles and pats his cheek and says, “You’re family, Victor, and families never say goodbye. I’ll see you both in May for my birthday.”

Mari just gives him a Look.

They board for their flight and before Victor is forced to turn his phone to airplane mode, a text comes in from a familiar Russian number: what the hell is taking you and the pig so long? just get here already.

Victor smiles, presses a kiss to Yuuri’s head where it rests on his chest while Yuuri scrolls through his iPod for something to listen to, and replies: We’re on our way.


It takes him three weeks to make a request.

By now he knows how the website works; Patrick uploads three videos a week for members- on Monday, Thursday and Saturday- of him eating something. There is a poll where members can vote for what they want to see each week, and Patrick updates it with several options every few days. Patrick mainly eats desserts, seems to have a real sweet tooth, but never overeats or gorges himself on anything (which explains how he stays so fit, despite eating for a living).

There is also a page for personal requests.

It lists the limits to any specialty request, and the pricing per scene. You can choose whether the video is private or uploaded to the general membership area, along with what Patrick eats, what he wears, and any specific things he has to do in the clip. The only limits are that he is never nude, will not show any more of his face, and will not speak to you. All requests are at Patrick’s discretion.

Zhenya has spent three weeks watching the prettiest set of lips he’s ever seen devour everything from mozzarella sticks (strings of gooey cheese dribbling into Patrick’s mouth, clinging to his lips, fingers, chin) to a simple chocolate bar (piece by piece, snapping it crisply with his fingers before savouring it slowly as the treat dissolved on his tongue) to the most oddly erotic clip of Patrick sitting at his table, looking bored, chewing and snapping and pulling on a piece of violently purple grape bubblegum. It seems like every moment he isn’t on the ice or travelling, Zhenya is getting himself off to Patrick’s talented mouth and sensual noises of enjoyment.

It only takes him so long to make a request because he doesn’t know what he wants.

In the end, he pays three hundred dollars for a private video of Patrick using his hands to slowly pull apart a chocolate eclair, licking cream and sticky chocolate glaze from between his fingers.

The link for it arrives in his inbox the day before a ten day roadie, and Zhenya watches it before bed every single night they’re away; working himself slowly and teasingly to almost explosive climax, eyes mesmerized by the sight of sticky fingers sliding in and out of that beautifully puffy mouth accompanied by indulgent, deep, throaty moans.

The Penguins win every game they play that trip, and Zhenya is on a scoring streak like he hasn’t been in years. The rest of the guys keep chirping him about his good mood, asking if he’s finally getting laid again, and it’s all he can do to stop himself from blushing and giving the game away.

Zhenya’s favourite thing about the video, though, is nothing to do with watching Patrick eat (though, fuck, that is actually so fucking hot). It’s the little casual wave of his fingers Patrick gives the camera before he begins, and the messily blown, sticky-fingered kiss before the scene cuts to black.

Just for Zhenya. For his eyes only.

He finds himself watching the last ten seconds of the video over and over and over again.

It doesn’t take him very long to make his second request. And his third. Until Zhenya is privately requesting a video from Patrick’s website every week, dropping hundreds of dollars without a thought, and now has his own personal collection of clips saved to a folder buried deep in his files on his laptop marked ‘russia - spending accounts 14/15’.

Because no one would ever confuse that with porn.

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If the Democratic Party spend 1/10 the energy it's spending on Russia actually opposing the AHCA maybe things wouldn't be half as terrible as they are.

Healthcare: $150
Civil rights: $150
Worker’s rights: $150
Russia: $3,600
Minimum wage: $10

someone who is good at politics please help me budget this. my party is dying


[ ]To start off Russia never planned to EVER fall In love with America
[ ]Russia (at first) believed that his relationship with America was strictly business, nothing more.
[ ]However, things don’t always go how we think it should go, and ends up changing your life for the better or worse. For Russia, his life change for the better.
[ ]America’s youth, personality, and presence made Russia feel happy, like if he’s found that last puzzle piece to his life
[ ]America felt uneasy about Russia at first.
[ ]Russia was a tall, strong, towering country. America was a young, scrappy and hungry country (heheha), not really sure who to trust without Britain to guide him
[ ]At first, America believed that Russia was a bigger ally to Britian than to America ( for Britain and Russia go way back). However, when he saw that Russia seemed to favor America more than his ex brother, the young country began to warm up to Russia
[ ]America soon began to see how handsome, intelligent , strong , and amazing Russia was, and began to fall for him.
[ ]America still too young to understand love, and Russia was too desperate to let the American puppylove to end.
[ ]Both wanted a complete family, and that’s what held their relationship together .
[ ]America and Russia was dependent on each other for food, raw materials, fossil fuels, etc. They both helped each other modernized, and helped each other when something drastic happens, like the civil war.
[ ]When America went through his civil war phase, he was conflicted to who he was and who he should be. Russia, being a supportive bf, help the union (which was America current personality) because he believed that America was perfect the way he was, and shouldn’t tear himself apart.
[ ]After the civil war, Russia and America’s relationship was even stronger than ever before, and it seemed the two were unseperatable.
[ ]WW1 came around, and a famine hit Russia hard. Like the supportive bf he was, America made sure that his love was always well fed along with the russian people.
[ ]Than came the Russian revolution, and the rise of Stalin.
[ ]Ever since Russia changed his government, he hasn’t been the same, but America didn’t recognize this change for a while (being blinded by love)
[ ]Russia was becoming more controlling, less caring, and more aggressive. This was the cause of Stalin “brainwashing” now the Soviet union. ( Stalin was an assertive country to show the U.S.S.R was a force never to be reckon with)
[ ]WW2 comes around, and America and the Soviet union’s relationship beings to shake. The two aren’t as close as they used to.
[ ]America, afraid of losing his precious “Russia”, tries to spend more time with his lover, but it only reveals how much Russia has changed.
[ ]America believes it’s his fault for Russia’s change and begins to go a tad bit nuts.
[ ]The Soviet union sees his lover in distress and tries to leave his home to go and comfort America.
[ ]However, the Soviet union caught leaving and is sent to his boss immedetly.
[ ]He tries to explain why he was leaving and why it was important, but Stalin, who was not in favor of his male country dating another male country, didn’t want to hear the Soviet union’s plea
[ ]Stalin “brainwashed” the Soviet union, and demanded for him to break up with America.
[ ]The Soviet union breaks up with his long time lover, causing the outbreak of the Cold war
[ ]The cold war for America was filled with heartache, and anger. He wanted to show that he was better off without his ex, and tries to act like he is so much better than everyone else, trying to show off his greatness, and life without Russia. (This causes his ‘MERICA personality)
[ ]The cold war for Russia was just empty
[ ]By the end of cold war, the relationship between the two countries became more of a competitive ex relationship . (SPACE RACE)
[ ]At the end of U.S.S.R reign, America and new Russia grew close once again. AS FRIENDS.
[ ]However, America and Russia began to grow a little too close. America began to believe he can win back his ex’s heart, and have back that happiness he lost so long ago.
[ ] America and Russia seemed to be getting back together, but then Putin got into power
[ ] Russia, with a a smile on his face and a passport in his hand, was getting ready to visit America, and ask him to be his lover again. As he gets into the limo he sees russian guards on the other side and Putin sitting between them. “Russia, you know you can’t”
[ ] America and Russia once again grew far apart. America, heartbroken and desperate for his ex’s love back. Russia, empty..just empty, he doesn’t love anyone anymore, not even his own sister’s. Why should he love someone if he keeps hurting them? Why should he be happy? Love is an melody that is dull and has no beat.

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Otayuri: falling snow!

ok i’ve chucked up too much angst on here and twitter let’s swap over to something happy

here’s a thing about christmas: yuri doesn’t think too much of it.

he celebrates it, in a way, dinner with his grandfather (and his mother, sometimes, but he’s learned years ago not to hold his breath) and presents and cake. each year he spends the morning training, honing his routines for russia nationals, euros; he spends the afternoon at home, listening to his grandfather watch old holiday movies. one year, when he is twelve and nikolai gets him a cat, the day is bright and full of laughter.

otherwise, it is a day like any other day, and yuri has long since ceased being enamored by the lights.

here’s a thing about christmas: yuri is in moscow with his grandfather, the smell of pirozhki baking in the air, a mug of sbiten on his bedside table. he’s in bed with potya, who’s playing with the discarded ribbons from his presents. he has more, this year: from yakov, from lilia, from victor and yuuri; from the nishigoris and the katsukis, all the way in japan; from mila and georgi and chris and sara. even emil has sent one, a card and a voucher for aerograd kolomna (don’t tell your coach!! the note says, and yuri laughs).

there’s a text on his phone, from a few hours ago. it says, merry christmas, yura. 

yuri hasn’t replied yet; he’s not sure what to say. otabek’s followed the text up with a photo of a very grumpy looking cat, so he could start by asking where the boy had even found it. he’s not even sure why he’s so nervous, so bent on forming the perfect message in response.

but then the doorbell rings, and yuri gets to put it off a little longer.

he pads down the hallway, past the kitchen where nikolai is making their dinner, yanks on a coat over his sweater because winters in moscow are frigid. he throws open the door, fully expecting a postman or the lady across the street, but –

otabek altin is standing on their doorstep, snow in his hair and pink on his cheeks, shivering in the cold. there’s a small suitcase beside him. he meets yuri’s eyes and smiles.

“merry christmas, yura,” he says, and yuri takes all of fifteen seconds to process this before he throws his arms around otabek’s neck.

“how are you here?!” he yells excitedly, grinning so hard it hurts. otabek laughs, pats yuri’s back, tries not to fall over.

“can i answer that inside, please, it’s very cold,” he replies, and yuri withdraws sheepishly.

“sorry,” he says meekly, stepping aside to let otabek out of the snow and into the house. he catches sight of his grandfather peeking out of the kitchen with a knowing smirk, looks to his left to see otabek giving nikolai a wave and a smile. potya’s wandered into the hallway to see what the fuss is about.

“i invited him,” nikolai declares, waving a wooden spoon. “you are always going on about this kazakh boy, so i figured it was high time i got to meet him.”

“dedushka,” yuri hisses, a blush on his cheeks. but otabek laughs and wraps an arm around his waist. potya winds herself around their ankles and miaows.

“is this puma tiger scorpion?” otabek asks, squatting down to inspect the feline who’s demanding their attention. potya sniffs at his knees, unimpressed.

“yeah.” yuri picks her up and buries his face in her fur to hide the pink in his cheeks, the smile that’s almost painful. 

“are you two going to stay in the hallway forever?” nikolai shouts from the kitchen, and the both of them stifle laughs.

“sorry, here, let me show you to the guest room.” yuri puts down potya and gestures otabek down the hall. they make it to the door of his room before he stops. “oh, right.”

“hmm?” otabek stumbles to a halt, looking over curiously.

yuri smiles, stands on his tiptoes and presses a quick kiss to otabek’s cheek. “merry christmas.”


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Yuuri Katsuki! for the ask meme ^^

Sorry for the late my cutie pie **huuuuuuuuuuugs** <333

Send Me a Character

  • First impression

oh my my I feel like this character is gonna give me so much emotions already. I can already relate to him a bit//// good luck Yuuri!

  • Impression now

HOW INSPIRING HE IS!!!!!!! One of the character the most well-written I could see. Everything sounds real about him, even his seiyuu said he was dubbing him with his natural voice, it’s so refreshing to have, not a cliché or a precised type of character, but a character who won’t give an impression to be only fictive. And I don’t think I’m not the only who felt that way ^^  

  • Favorite moment

Everything about his performance in episode 7. Let me explain. His performance happened just after this emotional scene when Yuuri’s heart has been “broken” for a moment because of the amount of stress and Viktor’s words. So at this point, I was wondering if it won’t affect his skating. But in the end, he was just amazing ;_; instead of keeping the negative anxiety he had before, he uses it here positively, releasing it through his body, like, laughing about Viktor’s face and coaching, or thinking himself he has a mental weakness but will go with it anyway. He even took his own initiative even though he felt unconfident before, by trying a quadruple flip!! It’s like he is saying “I’m gonna show you my love is stronger than everything else”. So, when Yuuri came then to Viktor and admitted even to himself that he did good, can I say how big it was for me?
Personally, I see it like his best performance of the whole season.
As a pretty unconfident person who has to deal with anxiety all the time, this moment meant so much to me

  • Idea for a story

Yuuri, Viktor and Yuri training in Russia and spending time together (it makes already the story great xD)

  • Unpopular opinion

I….really really reaaaaaaally love chubby Yuuri/////////////////////////// (don’t even know if it’s unpopular but have to say this)

  • Favorite relationship

Viktor & Yuuri of course, future husbands and soulmates for life <3

Yuuri & Yuri, like I said with the Yuri answer previously, their friendship has been absolutely precious for me in the anime/////////

Yuri & Phichit, what a lovely friendship they have <3333

  • Favorite headcanon

Yuuri winning the gold medal while Viktor winning the silver one. And while standing together on the podium, Viktor would kneel, kiss Yuuri’s medal and ask him to marry him for good this time :’) <3

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How would France, Romano, Prussia, England, Russia, Italy and Germany spend a Valentines Day if there was no electricyty in whole city for a whole day?

He had an extravagant thing planned, but now he would just take his s/o out on a walk so they could see the Paris that he missed.

It would be perfect for a picnic at sunset, and Lovino would pretend that had been his plan the entire time.

*wink wink*

It’d be a small concert that’s acoustic. Very quaint, and candles are everywhere.

Ivan would take this opportunity to take his s/o out to see the stars.

A gondola ride at night while the stars shine bright. Feliciano would probably sing as you rowed down the canal.

A night time snowball fight. He had planned a simple dinner, but the power was out, and Germany is cold during February

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What would Russia and Prussia be as elderly people / grandpas

Ivan (Russia)
-Ivan would usually spend most of his days inside, so he’d pick up lots of hobbies. He always like to knit, and that wouldn’t go away as he got older. He’d also like to read and rarely watch TV. 

-He’s always disliked the cold too, and it would affect him a lot more in his older age, so he’d always have tons of blankets lying around for whenever he got cold, or for other people to use if they came over. 

-If he had grandkids, they’d be spoiled so much. He would always be really sweet to them, and he’d always be knitting them something or other in his spare time. If they ever mentioned to him that they wanted something, he’d try really hard to get it for them also. 

Gilbert (Prussia)
-Gilbert would always act innocent and sweet around someone he would first meet, and then he’d prank them as soon as their were relaxed enough. He might use one of those electric hand buzzers as an example. He would find stuff like that absolutely hilarious. 

-He wouldn’t be motivated to go out for most of the time too, and he has a really bad habit of online shopping for random things instead of going out to the store. He’d have lots of random things laying around because of this. 

-If he had grandkinds, he always take then out to cool places or on road trips, even though he wouldn’t usually go out by himself, he’d love it if he got to go with his family. He’d try to embarrass them in public sometimes, but he’d always make up for it by doing something nice for them if they were genuinely upset by it.

things they do when no one is looking.

Allen D, Jones/ 2p America: Picking his underwear out of extremely hard-to-reach places, even if it requires actually removing his pants to do so.

James Williams/ 2p Canada: Wearing the same dingy tee shirt with his butt hanging out for days on end.

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France: Pushing spilled items under the refrigerator when he is too lazy to get the broom.

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England:  Eating peanut butter/Nutella/marshmallow fluff out of the tub with his bare fingers.

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: Spending inordinate amounts of time on the toilet, just because it’s sweet and perfect ‘alone time,’ even if his legs eventually go numb.

Yang Wang / 2p china:  Sprawling out naked on his bed in the world’s least glamorous/flattering position, and browsing around online.

Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany: Just kind of existing in his slightly damp bath towel for upwards of two hours

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: Reading angry comment sections while gleefully eating junk food and actually thinking “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!”

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano: Taking upwards of 30 selfies before finally settling on one that is remotely salvageable with a filter.

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia: Putting his laptop on top of his toilet so he can watch Netflix from the comfort of his bath.

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: Biting off little pieces of his lip and swallow them.

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria: Trying to summing a demon for third time this week.

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p spain: Stalking exes and/or crushes for extended periods of time, across multiple websites, until he has three browser tabs open.

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Imagine Russia and America spending all this time avoiding being outright about their feelings. They're politely formal nothing more. Then a spell of England's goes awry and for an entire day they (and everyone else why not) has to speak the truth...

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#105 Evgeni Malkin Imagine

You are sitting on the edge of the pool, dangling your feet over the edge. It’s a hot August afternoon and all you want to do is dive in the water and cool off. But you promised your boyfriend Geno that you’d wait for him. He said he had a surprise, and for you to wait by the pool for him. As the minutes ticked by, your mind raced as you tried to think of what it might be. He had just returned from Russia after spending the summer in his homeland, and you were glad to see him. You didn’t realize how much you would miss him until he was gone. It was like a major part of you was missing, like an arm, or a leg, and now that he was back you felt whole again. You felt complete and content, but whatever his ‘surprise’ was, was taking him forever to get.

“Y/N!” He said and you turned around, eager to see what he had for you. He was standing in his bathing suit with ‘The Little Mermaid’ themed arm floaties (the kind kids use) strapped to his arms. “Sorry it took so long, had to blow them up myself.” He shrugged and came over to sit with you. You were laughing hysterically, and he gave you a questioning look. “It’s your favorite movie, right?”

“Yes, Geno, ‘The Little Mermaid’ is my favorite movie,” you said, still laughing. “I just wasn’t expecting this,” you motioned to the floaties on his arms, and giggled again.

He wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “Y/N, you are so cute when you giggle like that.” He leaned in to kiss you, but pushed you in the pool instead.

“Geno!” You screamed when you surfaced. You splashed him with water, but he just laughed and jumped in after you. He flailed his arms for a minute and pretended he couldn’t swim, splashing you even more.

“Oops, did I splash you?” He teased and winked at you, sparking a full-on water fight.

As the splashing died down, you pulled yourself back up onto the side of the pool and watched him play with his new ‘Little Mermaid’ floaties in the pool. He was almost like a kid, so happy to have a new toy, and proud to show it off.

“Geno, you’re so lucky you have a pool,” you reflected, thinking of your hot, stuffy apartment and how nice it would be to just dip in the pool every time it got hot like today.

“Yeah? And how would you like to have pool too?” He asked, swimming up to the edge near you.

“I’d love to have a pool, but I don’t think that’s in my lease,” you laughed.

“No, you can have this pool,” he smiled.

“You want to give me your swimming pool?”

“You use it when you live here.”

“When I live here?” You thought for a minute. His English got progressively worse when he was nervous, and right now, he was definitely nervous. “You want me to live here?”

He nodded and grinned. “With me.” He took your hand in his. “Because I love you.”

You slipped in the water next to him and wrapped your arms around his neck, leaning your forehead against his.  You were speechless, and tried to think of something to say, but kissed him instead.

“I love you too,” you whispered.



Victoria’s Roxy’s Secret

“Are you sure, Merlin?” She asks hesitantly, holding the credit card aloft between them. “I mean, I might go mad. I might buy twenty bags full of Prada. Or Chanel. Or clear out every department store from here to Oxford Street.”

“I don’t mean to brag, but with just me in this house, I’ve built up quite a reserve of funds, Roxy.” Merlin chuckles. “I’ve been waiting for someone to spoil. So, yes, I’m sure. Go crazy. Buy whatever Prada you want.”

“…I fucking love you, Merlin.” She grins, kissing his cheek.

10:30 [Incoming Text from Eggsy Unwin]
Heyyy Rox, Merl told Harry he gave u his card. Brave man. Plz remember that he chooses our missions. I don’t wanna end up in fuckin Russia again. Spend wisely xoxo

10:32 [Compose Text to Eggsy Unwin]
Bit late for that, I’m afraid. I just bought a pair of shoes that cost £300. And it’s only half ten. He knew the risks when he handed over that card…x

10:40 [Incoming Text from Eggsy Unwin]
Fuckin hell Rox. At least buy me a nice fluffy coat 4 when he sends us to Siberia.

10:45 [Compose Text to Eggsy Unwin]
Will do, Eggsy xxx

14:55 [Incoming Text from Eggsy Unwin]
Maybe u shud get sumthin for Merlin 2 say thanx? Sumthin sexy???? ;)

14:59 [Compose Text to Eggsy Unwin]
That’s not a terrible idea, actually. He’s going to have a heart attack when he’s seen how much I’ve spent…

15:02 [Incoming Text from Eggsy Unwin]
U look good in light blue, if that helps?

15:07 [Compose Text to Eggsy Unwin] 
Thank you, Eggsy. I think there’s a Victoria’s Secret a few streets over. Should be able to find something.

“How painful will it be to open my bank statement next month?” Merlin asks casually when he hears the front door open, stirring a spoonful of sugar into his cup of tea. He walks into the hallway and nearly drops said cup of tea when he sees Roxy standing sheepishly in a crowd of sixty bags.

“Well then.” He nods sharply, taking a shaky sip of his tea. “I think you should give me a private showing of what’s in those Victoria’s Secret bags. You owe me that much.”