russia being adorable

Every nation is proficient at some sort of martial art:

Japan is good at Kendo and Karate,

China is good at Tai chi,

Germany knows German ju-jutsu,

Prussia is proficient in kampfringen,

Russia knows Sambo,

Ukraine does the combat hopka,

Italy is good at fencing,

Romano is surprisingly good with a staff,

Australia does coreeda,

America knows MCMAP (Marine Corp. Martial Arts Program) and after he saw Batman Begins went to Spain to learn the Keysi Fighting Method,

Spain does the juego de palo, knows how to use an axe and is a master of the Keysi Fighting method,

France practices Savate,

Canada practices Defendo

and England is a master at Shin Kicking.

Once a year, the Italy brothers, France, Prussia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Russia (And their female selves) have an opera contest and each one proudly sings opera pieces from their countries.

Romano’s favorite choice is Figaro’s Aria meanwhile Fem!Austria’s is Queen of Night’s Aria.

All the nations love Adventure Time. All of them. They once went to a comic con cosplaying as the characters. America was Finn, Italy was Jake, France was Prince Gumball, China was Peppermint Butler, Russia was the Ice King, England was Marshall Lee, Germany was Lemongrab and Japan was Beemo. They also made a huge banner of Lady Rainicorn to carry between the eight of them and dressed Pochi up as the snail that pops up in the episodes. Many photos were taken and they ended up winning an online cosplay competition. The prize money went towards charity.

Headcanon with all the tags

Italy likes to have little get togethers with people sometimes, Russia brings little treats for everyone, Estonia likes to see how many pieces of candy he can glue to himself, England shows up in a doctor cosplay, Switzerland tries to make conversation but he ends up screwing his words over until he runs to the bathroom, Australia tries to convince people his baby alligator won’t maul them or his snake win’t kill them, Romania usually comes dressed as a piece of fruit, Canada is busy being on his laptop, Prussia helps Italy with everything, and Iceland will go but he’ll just sit on the windowsill and sip Starbucks. Italy will just wonder how this went wrong.

All of the nations were awkward turtles during their “adolescent” years. Alllll of them.

-America shot up like a weed and had to buy an entire new closet of clothes.

-England was a gangly stork

-France was so hairy that daily shavings were neccesary

-China was a sweat machine on overdrive

-Russia’s voice was more cracked than his mentality

-Italy and Romano were emotional rollercoasters with no brakes

-Germany had the whole ‘hands-twice-as-big-as-his-head’ thing going on

-Japan ate twice his weight each meal

-Prussia had so much acne you could play Connect-the-Dots


-Canada was popping boners like nobody’s business

Russia absolutely adores Despicable Me, to the point that one day he brought a “ray-gun” into one of the World Meetings and kept yelling “Freeze Ray!” until Germany confiscated it and Ukraine sent him to the phony nation table. He then pouted for the rest of the meeting.

and sometimes America and he will watch it together because America loves it too

plus sometimes if they can convince them the micronations will dress up and some of them will be the kids and the rest will be the minions and America will dress up and Dr. Nefario and Russia will dress up like Gru and they will all have a grand time. Of course, Japan will take pictures.

The most annoying thing is being cold and trying to snuggle under the covers to keep warm, but your pajama bottoms keep riding up to above your knee.

The Nations who constantly live in cold temperatures, or have particularly cold winters have found a way to combat this.

It was originally Russia’s idea, but it caught on quick, and now England, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and many others do it too.

They wear those big fuzzy bed socks and tuck their trouser leg into the hem, using the length of the socks to pin them down - like when you tuck your trousers into wellies.

They look ridiculous, but hey, they’re warm.

Prussia survived living with Russia while the Berlin Wall was up by perfecting an impersonation of Belarus’s voice. Whenever he heard Russia coming, he would have a conversation with him self, using Belarus’s voice, in order to scare the Russian off.

He has also done this with Italy’s voice just to tick Germany off.

England once told Russia that he looked a lot like Alan Rickman because of his nose and long face. This led to Russia looking him up and finding out that he portrayed Rasputin in a BBC movie, and then actually being unable to help but like Rasputin if only for Alan Rickman’s portrayal of him. Russia now fanboys over him with England sometimes.

When Russia was very very little, he’d wear clothes made by Ukraine plus a handkerchief on his head; and they tended to make him look like a little girl. So for a long time in his childhood; before Ukraine had to give him ‘the talk’, he was partially convinced he was a girl. Now he, Hungary, and Italy run the “past-gender-confused-nations-support-group”.

One time Estonia introduced Latvia to this very blog, and made him encouraged him to submit a head canon. Latvia got really nervous, and he felt as if everything he thought of was offensive or just plain dumb. So eventually he submitted the HC “Russia can speak fluent Russian." Because he couldn’t think of a way it could offend anyone. Surprisingly, it was posted.

Sometimes nations team up to go to auditions for plays or musicals at various theaters or play-houses around the world. One time, some of them auditioned for “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”. America was cast as Chip, Estonia was Barfee, and Russia was Coneybear. Everyone came to see it, and were near hysterical with laughter.