russia baikal lake

Lake Baikal - Russia 

Lake Baikal is a rift lake in southern Siberia. It the worlds largest freshwater lake (by volume), and with a depth of 1642 at its deepest point, it is also the worlds deepest lake. With the purest freshwater on the planet, in many places on the lake, the ice is completely transparent. It has been reported that you can see 40m below the ice in some of these places. 

On shore, the lake has many grottoes, that form impressive icicles during winter. During the summer, the beaches are also great for fishing, and river rafting.


Lonely tree by Tom Spearing



The deepest - and possibly oldest - freshwater lake in the world hosted a freezing endurance race on Sunday. Baikal in Siberian Russia is the largest (by volume) freshwater lake in the world and in the winter temperatures regularly drop below -14 Centigrade (7 Fahrenheit).

More than 40 Russians and 30 Dutch nationals took part in the event. They competed in an ice skating and cycling contest, with the skiing contest sadly cancelled due to a lack of people willing to brave the gruelling journey on skis.

The racing lasted three days and its participants had to overcome a total of 205 kilometres (127 miles).