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[Drabble ff] Faerie!EnglandxHiker!Russia

A/N: CAUSE I CAN. Need more Faerie England anyways…

Ivan stared, bewildered and amazed, as the small creature landed delicately on the palm of his hand; it’s feet so light that it tickled. It looked up at him from under a mop of sunny blonde hair with stunning emerald eyes that would have rivalled even the most beautiful jewel had they not looked so… Alien. There was no pupil or white to speak of, just the strong emerald green.

It’s wings, not too dissimilar to a dragonfly, quivered and buzzed, helping the small creature to keep its balance on Ivan’s shaking hand. He did not mean to let his hand tremble but the absurdity of the situation, not to mention the pain in his ankle, had left him feeling a little bit unsettled.

Hadn’t that Canadian fellow warned him about such creatures before he entered the reserve? Something called a Faerie? He remembered scoffing at the man, whose name escaped him, before moving on to starting his hike. It had only been a day yes? And yet he’d already found him self in trouble. A twisted ankle from falling foolishly tripping over a root and now a Faerie stood on his hand.

The creature appeared to be studying him, watching his face intently. He could feel power in its gaze that he would not have expected from such a small creature. Then it began to hum. Ivan’s eyes widened, confused and unsure he resisted the urge to move his hand and let the small creature finish its song. He had been warned these creatures were tricksters. Could this be some kind of trick? Would it put him to sleep then rob him of his clothes?

Two small lights began to glow atop of the Faerie’s head, after a moment Ivan realised these were some kind of antennae. They glowed a soft green colour, not nearly as beautiful as the creature’s eyes but still just as fascinating. As the glow grew Ivan found the pain in his ankle receding. Stunned, he watched the Faerie hum louder, the glow intensifying until he was forced to look away and cover his eyes with his free hand.

Then it stopped, abruptly and sudden, and Ivan could open his eyes again. The pain in his ankle had completely gone, he even wriggled his toes to make sure; his foot felt like brand new! He turned back to the Faerie, to thank it profusely, but it was gone. He hadn’t even felt it leave his hand. With much vigour Ivan stood to search for his little helper, disappointed when he could not find it hiding in any of the nearby bushes or trees.

He stopped looking after half an hour, deciding that maybe it did not wish to be found. It was a shame though; he had really wanted to thank the small being. Picking up his hiking bag, Ivan decided it was time to leave and continue his hike. He hesitated before turning back around. “Thank you.” He said into the emptiness, hoping that the Faerie either spoke or understood English. He was then on his way again, moving quickly through the undergrowth to make up for lost time.

The Faerie watched him from its perch on one of the higher branches of a tree. Its cheeks had darkened to purple, surprised and happy at the same time that the human had thanked it for its help. Its mood elated, the Faerie launched it self up into the air, intent on catching up to the human who tread below. Curiosity hadn’t killed it yet.