I think this piece was hastily put together. I wasn’t cocky about it but it felt wonderful to be so in tune with my art that I knew I could, more or less, whip out a successful piece quickly. It was relatively small… maybe like 12’’ x 18’’.

The real inspiration for and title of this piece comes from a Torches To Rome song “Young Arsenal”

I believe in a sound. The sound of a threat. And I believe in the course of days- of days you will come to regret… The sound of silence. Such an unsettling sound. And anger boils deep in the underground. We might just take our cue. A young arsenal pointed at you!

Visually, this was inspired by Russell Mills and his work with Nine Inch Nails (very late 90s). Obviously, I was taking full advantage of using Soviet stamps (of the proletariat fighting the dragon of capitalism!) and posters.