List of Characters Semblances We Haven't Seen Yet:

Coco Adel

Velvet Scarlatina

Fox Alistair

Yatsuhasi Daichi

Lie Ren

Cardin Winchester

Russel Thrush

Dove Bronzewing

Sky Lark

Penny Polendina (If she has one)

Ciel Soleil

Neon Katt

Proffesser Port

Doctor Oobleck

Roman Torchwick (though I think we have seen it already)

Junior (if he has one)

The Malachite Twins

Neptune Vasilias

Ozpin (If he has one - I think it’s something to do with healing )

General Ironwood (unless being an asshole is a semblance)



Applying to colleges soon? 

Here’s why you should consider an all women’s school >>

saw this on tumblr and it made me giggle.

i love my college.

1. There are two theories as to why Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage named the college after her departed husband.  The first theory is that Russell Sage was a suffragist and staunch supporter of women’s rights, and she named the college in his honor.  The second theory is that old Russell and Margaret had a miserable, loveless marriage, that Russell was a famous philanderer and misogynist who believed that a woman’s place was in the home, so Margaret named the (women’s) college after him out of spite.  It is said that every time a woman graduates, Mr. Sage turns in his grave.

2. There is a statue of a minuteman in the courtyard of Sage Hall and Bush Memorial.  Sage lore states that whenever a virgin graduates from RSC, the minuteman fires his gun.