Boy, this came out WAY better than what I saw in my head!! And I even have quotes for them!! X3

Auggie: Punch him! Punch him!! Punch him!!!

Shipper: *Fanfiction rambles*

Emo: ……

Fun: Haha! This is so much fun!!

Double: No one can defeat the master of Brawl!

Littlest: *Whimpers*

Geek: Whoa…

Russlob: Game over…

Happy: This is so exciting!

Mexican: ¡Vamos!

I hope you all like it!! I know I sure as hell do!! :D


Entering Day 2 of Russell School Doodles!! Yeah, I’m gonna try to make this a thing, get a few doodles in during school and stuff. :3

Panel 1: This is actually a quote I thought up of a while back. This is basically saying how, for example, if you go to a party, going by yourself can be fun, but going with a friend makes things even better.

Panel 2: Reference to Pinkie Pie from the episode ‘Too Many Pinkie Pies’. Of course Fun would be the most appropriate one to say this. :3

Panel 3: I wanted to practice drawing ponies, especially stallions, and I wanted to ponify Double anyway, so… ta-da! He’s a Pegasus because this way he can get away from Russlob better when he’s in the air. (I am SO proud of his cutie mark! ^^)

Panel 4: Surely everyone thinks this every so often. “Why do we even have to learn this stuff? It’s not like we’re gonna need to know anyway.” And since Geek is in a pet high school in his universe… yeah.

Panel 5: I have the HUGEST fear of spiders! Just a baby, baby, baby one sets me off running and screaming. So why not pass down the same fear to Double and even Russlob? XD

Panel 6: All throughout the school day, I desperately had to use the restroom and I didn’t have the chance to do so in between classes. When I finally got the chance, though, there was a small line. So I passed down my experience to one of the Russells. I wanted to see Auggie with a funny face, anyway. X3

Panel 7: Littlest’s baby fang fell out and he’s proudly showing it to Penny Ling (Double’s friend) and he’s being absolutely adorable as he does it! This was also the first time I drew a character from a slight bird’s-eye view.

I already started on a sketch for Day 3’s Russell School Doodles. And I’m starting to run out ideas… Does anyone have any ideas for what I can do with the Russells?


Russell School Doodles leaving the first week of school!! HALLELUJAH!!!

Panel 1: Sapphette requested me to draw Happy singing ‘Smile Smile Smile’ by Pinkie Pie. So I made him sing the song to Emo. He is not happy and he most certainly won’t smile…

Panel 2: I’ll make a story out of this soon, but this is how Russlob became corrupted. As you can see, he was scared and really didn’t want to become the Russlob we all know and love/hate today, but he had no choice…

Panel 3: Double’s and Russlob’s reaction to the new DoubleSlob ship. All I have to say. XD

Panel 4: Yeah. Uh… well, Que (won’t include the accent mark over the 'e’) sounds like the letter 'K’, so Littlest decided to finish the alphabet for Mexican. X3

Panel 5: I hope I’m not the only one who noticed that Auggie and Happy are the only two Russells with tails. I REALLY wanted to make a reference to it yesterday, but I didn’t have any room on my paper, so I drew it today. WAG THEM TAILS!!! 8D

Panel 6: I can SO see this, and I’m actually surprised Kukimao didn’t draw this yet. (Or at least not one that I’ve seen. :/) Fun doing the moonwalk like Michael Jackson! And since I didn’t draw any Shipper since Day 1, I decided to make Fun moonwalk past him as he wrote a fanfic. Smooth criminal.

I don’t think I’ll have any doodles for the weekend because, well, these are Russell School Doodles. Nevertheless, enjoy these! :D

The Corrupted Alliance: Discorded Mo and Russlob

“And that’s that,” Russlob grinned in satisfaction as he climbed off the unconscious hedgehog. An hour and a half ago, he had treated Double, his blogmate, to yet another merciless tickle torture. He was actually surprised the shy and weak pet managed to stay conscious after an hour. Yet another victory of dominance earned.

“Well, might as well see what I can do to Emo’s drugs.” The brown-gray hedgehog started towards the portal that led out of the blog and into the Tumblr Multiverse. As he jumped through, he bumped into a figure hard and painfully, knocking him off to the side.

“What the hell?!” Russlob snarled, rubbing his head and scrunching up his muzzle in pain and fury. He opened his eyes and saw a gray-yellow dog laying on the ground just in front of him.

The dog quickly recovered from the pain pulsing through his head and stood on all four paws. “Hey, I’m trying to walk here!” he barked angrily in his new yorker accent. “Who da hell do you think you are?! Some type of know-it-all who can just run in people like that?!” Mo studied the strange pet in front of him and realized that he looked awfully familiar. He has a feeling that he has seen this hedgehog before, but he couldn’t quite put he’s finger, er, paw on it.

“Say, you look very familiar, Doll. Have we meet somewhere? I feel like we have. In fact, I feel like I’ve seen you multiple times actually…” There was something odd about this hedgehog though, Mo could feel it.

Russlob only snarled at the dog. “Who the hell do you think you are, crashing into me like that?! I oughta stick my quills into your eyes and make noodles outta your brain! And on top of that, where the hell do you think you saw me before, you Goddamn stalker?!” The hedgehog quickly rose up in an intimidating manner.

Mo growled at the hedgehog “Oh, we got a tough guy here, huh? I’m not sure you’d want to say something like that to someone who has a mouth full of sharp teeth that could rip your organs out, Doll!” Mo snarled, revealing his teeth. “And secondly, I don’t fucking know, I just said that I feel like I’ve seen you before; why would I stalk someone like you?! You just remind me of these other hedgehogs I’ve seen before!” Mo crouched into a pouncing position.

Russlob let out a harsh laugh. “You seriously think you can take on a corruption and win?! Listen, Doll! I don’t care who or what you think you are, but I suggest you scurry along home with your tail between your legs before I shove it up your ass!” He stepped into a back stance, stickin out his quills into sharp points, in retaliation of Mo’s pounce position.

“Ooh, I’m so scared! Obiously the only thing that can beat a corruption is another corruption, and besides, I just finished beating the love of my life into a pulp; as you can see he didn’t do much damage, so I’m more than ready to fight if I need to, Doll!” Mo kept his position as a smirk spread across his face, waiting for Russblob to make his move.

“Oh, so you punched someone in the face, big deal. I cause misery to everyone, not just one individual!” The hedgehog positioned his muzzle into a snarl. “And you are no exception!”

Before Mo could have a chance to react, Russlob launched himself at him and slammed his jaws down on his shoulder blade, his fang digging in deep and scraping at the bone.

Mo felt the extreme pain flow through him, but he acted quickly. He used his hind legs to launch Russlob off of him. The hedgehog hit the ground and was quickly back on his feet, and Mo ponced at him, digging his teeth into his stomach.

Letting out a screech of pain and fury, Russlob retaliated with a rock-hard fist to Mo’s nose, knocking him away, but dragging a small portion of flesh with him. The gray-brown hedgehog stumbled to his feet, a little light-headed from the pain and slight loss of blood.

However, Russlob was heated up. He hadn’t had a good fight since… ever; all the other Russells were either too weak or too scared to challenge him. The pet curved his lips into a wicked yet complimentary smile. “Not bad for a tiny little dog… But I’m just getting started…”

Mo landed on his paws, blood dipping from his nose as a smirk crept on his face. “Heh, well this tiny little dog still has some tricks up his sleeves.” He had fought many criminals in his life as a detective, brutes of all shapes and sizes, but never once had he ever faced an opponent as fierce as this hedgehog. Never had he felt his type of adrenaline rush before.

And he liked it.

“Well, I still have yet to pull out the big guns… But, as always, we’ll have to save the best for last…” In a flash, Russlob leaped forward and dug his fang into Mo’s muzzle, digging so deep the skin began to rip and tear off his muzzle.

The dog felt the blood drip out of his wound, and he felt as if he were to collapse any moment. Nevertheless, he kept his strength; he couldn’t miss all this excitement.

“Geez, Doll, if you wanted a kiss, you could’ve just asked.” Mo then quickly hurled himself towards Russlob and bit deep into his neck, holding a firm grip.

Zaps of agony, hot as fire and cold as ice, shot through the hedgehog. This fight was very exciting and satisfying, but it was also very intense, almost too much for him to handle. But what kind of dictator of the Russell Multiverse would back down from a fight just because of a nip to the neck?

Summoning all his energy, Russlob grabbed Mo’s upper and lower jaws and, with great effort, managed to pry then apart, freeing his neck from the sharp canines. Feeling a new surge of hatred and fury blaze through him, the hedgehog continued prying the jaws farther and farther apart; if Mo didn’t do something quick to escape, Russlob would break his jaws.

Mo realized what Russlob was planning and he fiercely jerked his head from side to side, freeing himself from the hedgehog’s grip on his jaws. He could taste blood in his mouth, and he licked his lips, chuckling with a devilish smile.

“So? What says you?” Russlob panted, feeling quite fatigued by all the fighting. “Give up? Or is your pathetic little hunger for victory still what you crave?”

“Is victory what you’re looking for, Doll?” the dog cackled. “Because honestly, I’m not fighting you to win.” He stood his ground, tired and breathing heavily, as he eyed the gray-brown pet.

Eyes narrowing in confusion and suspicion, the hedgehog growled, “Then what are you fighting for?”

“For my own needs. I just feel like fucking someone up. It doesn’t matter wether or not I win; I just want to hit and bite something that will fight back.” Mo gave Russlob an evil smile.

So that’s what Mo is treating him as? Just a little toy that bounces back for his amusement? Fury beyond compare rose in Russlob and he parted his jaws wide in a war cry before launching himself back at Mo. “I’ll teach you not to treat me as nothing but a toy! I’ll fucking end you!”

Mo stood his ground and allowed yet another sly smile to spread across his face. “Bring it.”

In seconds, Russlob reached the dog and, instead if punching or buying his fang into him, he rolled into a ball and slammed his sharp quills into his face, embedding them into his skin, drawing small drops of blood, and even detatching from the spiked ball.

Mo shook his head in effort to remove the quills. In a flash, he used this head to knock Russlob onto his back and pinned him down.

“Let me up, you lil’ piece of shit!” the hedgehog roared as he struggled to lift the weight off him. He was surprised; for a small dog, Mo was fairly strong.

“Nah. Not until I get a good look at you. And besides, I like you better this way, Doll.” Mo continued to, with much effort, hold Russlob down with a firm grip.

Refusing to give up due to pride and fury, the hedgehog continued struggling under Mo’s grip nevertheless, yet the grip was too strong. Slightly feeling defeated, he subsided his struggles and stared coldly into Mo’s dark brown eyes with gray-green ones, waiting for the chance to shoot up if the dog released his grip even slightly.

“Alright, if you try to escape my grip again, I won’t hesitate to rip out your stomach or neck.” Mo snarled as he glared at Russlob, growing tired of his opponent’s pointless struggles. “Alright, Doll, listen. At first I thought you were a good-for-nothing hedgehog, but fighting you made me realize I was wrong. And surprisingly, I actually grew fond of you, and don’t you even dare think its any of that mushy love shit, because its not! All I’m trying to say is maybe we should team up.”

“Why the hell should I team up with you?” Russlob roared furiously, yet he didn’t struggle.

“Think about it; we’re probably two of the most powerful and threatening pets in the entire Tumblr Multiverse. We could rule everyone and everything, and basically do anything we want.” Mo had a sly smile on this face.

“I already rule the Russell Multiverse, thank you very much! I practically got everyone eating out of my paws; Happy was for a week tied up in the basement and I’ve already got enough enjoyment torturing my blogmate!”

“Okay, I dont even want to ask why anyone was in your basement… Anyways, you might have the Russells, but is that really enough?”

Russlob blinked in realization. “Huh. I never really thought of that.” He looked off to the side, obviously deep in thought, then looked back up at the dog with an evil grin. “Let the Corrupted Alliance commence…”

“Good choice, Doll…” A devilish grin spread across Mo’s face.


Lu and I decided to write a story together about the alliance of Discorded Mo and Russlob. We’ll just see how this new Corrupted Alliance plays out… >:3


I felt really DoubleGeeky on Day 3. So have some DoubleGeek doodles! (This ship needs more pics and doodles anyway. XP)

Panel 1: Double caught Russlob bullying Geek, and once Geek was slapped hard across the face, shit went all over the place on Russlob. (Like me, Double will go over and beyond, doing whatever it takes to protect his friends, especially if it’s his boyfriend.)

Panel 2: I just needed an excuse to draw a picture of Russell anointing, which is what hedgehogs do with new or good-smelling foods; they make a frothy substance out of the bitten food and lick it onto their quills. Yeah, this will be a little of an awkward explanation… ^^;

Panel 3: SO MANY PROJECTS FLEW THROUGH MY HEAD WITH THIS ONE!!! Emo and Fun drunk and making out, Happy getting drunk in my first day of RSD, the fact that neither Double nor Geek would be dominant during sex… So… yeah.

Panel 4: Everyone loves snuggly-wuggly-buggly… snuggliness. So… yeah x2. CX

Panel 5: I had to think of a funny doodle for the last one, so I made Double wearing Geek’s clothes! Double is having trouble seeing through the glasses and Geek’s just trying to cover up the best he can. XD