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Russell Howard’s Good News (2009) Stopmotion

Creative Diretcor: Chris Strong
Production Studio: Blac Ionica

‘‘A Radiohead riff reformatted to a cutout-motion existence where an artful dodger deftly dubsteps his way toward your entertainment. Blac Ionica’s opening for Russell Howard’s Good News, sets us right for human folly and a chuckle.‘‘

Everyone heard of Russel Howard’s Good News. It is a tv-show that anyone with the right humor would rather watch than the actual news.

Today we discussed the making of the intro.

At first they wanted to film it in big, with big signs and speech bubbles, but soon enough they realised that their budget would not allow that. They had to reduce the sizes to quite a bit. They shot one sequence with Russell in an empty white studio. Designed and printed out other elements (speech bubbles, logo sandwich board, arrows, newspapers etc) along with the selected stills of the shoot with Russell. Mounted it all up onto foam board. Rented some props, some lights and lenses. Made a tabletop white cover with some white formica. They shot it over a non-stop period of 2 days. Then they took the rushes into After Effects and tidied them up, tweaked colours and levels. Got a rough cut signed off by the client. Began the lengthly task of retouching and incorporating additional CGI props. Composited it altogether. Gave it all a final grade.

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Russell Falls, a multi-tiered waterfall in  Mount Field National Park, on the island of Tasmania.