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Headcanons for the band with a significant other that deals with the technical side of Gorillaz? (Lights, audios, recordings, essentially a tech whiz) And how would they feel about it

2D: Even though he’s not hugely familiar with tech that isn’t music related he’s fascinated with your line of work. The two of you share audio tips and ask each other about certain recordings. You’ll surprise him by showing him impromptu light shows

Murdoc: Considering he’s programmed cyborgs he knows a thing or two about computers. When it comes to recordings and concerts he inundates you with ideas and concepts and you’re probably one of the few people who can go along with his bat shit plans

Noodle: Sometimes its hard for the two of you considering theres a creative and technical clash but thats what makes the relationship all the more interesting. For the most part she thinks its really cool, she’s always wanted to learn more about the technology side of the industry

Russel: He doesn’t understand much but the fact that you’re so intelligent with that kind of stuff impresses him. Sometimes he’ll watch you whilst your working and he’s mainly just stumped by how you can remember so much information about tech stuff

“Any American politician who says they’re Christian must have as their uppermost priority the removal of moneylenders from the temple, the undue, corrupt, and disgusting influence of the financial industry on public life.” - Russell Brand

From “Revolution” by Russell Brand, page 51. 

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Detroit News video piece on the Russell Industrial Center becoming a haven for artists.