russell harvard


“It’s such a beautiful visual form of communication, and yet it’s completely private. If you don’t speak sign language, you don’t know what they’re saying. So it just seemed Coen-esque to have these very sort of lethal characters who have these completely private exchanges in front of other people,” Hawley said, referring to the tone of the Coen brothers movie of the same name.



Once upon a time, there was a little boy. He was born in a field and raised in the woods. And he had nothing. In the winter the boy would freeze, and in the summer he would boil. He knew the name of every stinging insect. At night he would look at the lights in the houses, and he would want. Why was he outside and they in? Why was he so hungry and they fed? “It should be me,” he said. And out of the darkness the wolves came, whispering. Fargo 1x6: Buridan’s Ass


I see the tumblr fargo community obsessing over Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers and I’m surprised no-one has discovered this yey.

Russell Harvard, our beloved Mr. Wrench, is deaf, yes. But he has a little bit of hearing left, so he has learned to speak and can read lips. He identifies with the deaf community anyway and describes American Sign Language as his first language.

He is one awesome guy and he has a Youtube account in which he  “dubs” songs in ASL. He is so passionate about it, do watch one.