Dio mi parla nel sonno dice dividi le masse                                                             

dividi le masse conquista la folla come Russel Crow                                                   

fatti una doccia di merda da queste casse                                                    

dimmi hai mai sentito del MACHETE FLOW?!                                           

Russel crowe-SALMONLEBON                                                                                    




Vlog Salmo Lebon-Midnite:Russel Crowe


Super Gross Up Close Pictures of Eyes

How have we never noticed how gross eyes are?  Armenian physics teacher Suren Manvelyan took this series of super up close images of human eyeballs and it’s really quite surprising how intricate everything really is!  You can see more examples of this photo series over at this Daily Mail article !

Oh, also, actor Russel Crowe seems to think he photographed a UFO .  Good for him.

Enjoy your weekends!