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Band and s/o having their purest baby of all? Like a toddler who's pure like a little angel 😭 my baby cousin always smiles and tries to hug people who appear to be sad while saying "sad baby" at them or just giggly smile at them and make funny faces to cheer them on. I love her and I love you thank you please take care !!!!


  • Might be a little confused whether or not this baby is his 
  • Sometimes jokes “there’s no way in hell this baby came from my loins”
  • But this baby has his laugh - and holy moly macaroni it’s the purest thing on the planet
  • And it’s contagious! You’ll catch Murdoc and your child giggling in a corner together and he doesn’t even know what he’s giggling about
  • Besides you, this baby is one of the only people on the planet who doesn’t see him as an old, stinky monster but rather a funny-looking dork of a dad and every time that baby even looks at him, he feels like he’s being washed of all his sins


  • This kid carries around a sticker book with them and slaps a sticker on anyone who is deemed worthy
  • Katsu is forever and always covered in stickers
  • Obviously Noodle is also forever and always covered in stickers and she even performs concerts with a face covered with unicorns and racing cars
  • Your child, who’s only a toddler but already philosophical as all heck: “Stickers are like band-aids for the mind” 
  • Um also? This kid gets a real kick out of choosing Noodle’s and your outfits for the day and they’re always matching!


  • Always, always, always well-mannered and even a little shy
  • You know that Jimmy Kimmel prank where he gets parents to tell their kids that the parents ate their kids’ halloween lollies? Russel and your kid would be the one to shyly say “Oh, that’s okay. I had too many anyway” (not that you and Russel would do that to them, though)
  • JUST IMAGINE: Your kid’s tiny, tiny hand resting on Russel’s huge hand trying to comfort him when he’s feeling down as they as if their dad’s okay
  • Always asks you to pack extra food in their lunchbox for daycare just in case other kids don’t have their lunch/are hungry
  • Russel has given your kid drumming lessons but this adorable child only tapped the drums because “What if I hurt it?”


  • Sometimes it confuses you which one the parent is 
  • This child may only be 3 or 4 but they draw picture reminders on sticky notes and stick them on 2D’s forehead for him to read when he looks in the mirror after waking up
  • Um? They’re the one who ties 2D’s shoelaces now?
  • Obviously they share the same cereal - and it’s always your child who’s pouring the cereal and milk for 2D (especially when 2D is particularly tired)
  • And to the untrained eye - no one would suspect it’s your toddler leading 2D places in public, holding his hand, rather than 2D taking his kid somewhere oof


  • Wants nothing other than to be exactly like their dad
  • Often found trying to steal Ace’s sunglasses or stuck getting wrapped in his leather jacket
  • Those inherited Copular fangs? Yeah, they’re not used to bite people, they’re used to hole-punch paper 
  • Dressed up as Ace for halloween once and started bossing the GGG around - but instead of telling them to go be mean to the PowerPuff Girls or something, they tell the GGG to clean up a playground or hand out ice cream to their daycare buddies
  • Has no problem eating their greens because they think that’s how Ace turned out (poor thing is still waiting to be the same shade as their dad)

So, I FINALLY got to sit down and solidify my style here a bit. It’s been like a good two years since I’ve drawn and I needed to get back into the groove of drawing. Look I even drew Ace! :D Him in that one coat Jamie drew him in with the fur around the collar was… hot… haha. I’m a Murdoc gal but Ace is pretty hot too. Also I gave him a few earrings, I think he would have a few…

Murdoc is loving his collar. ;p  Anyways, my offer still stands of sending in Gorillaz related drawing requests. GIVE ME FUN IDEAS :D NSFW or not! I don’t care. :p 

I love The Fall because it was written by 2D in his spare time, and I feel like so much of it is instrumental because I’m sure he gets tired of singing, especially singing other people’s songs. It’s an incredibly free album that doesn’t follow any constraints and just sort of flows. It’s just music, each song has its own sort of indecipherable message. It all speaks without having to speak. You just feel something from it, you know? If 2D wants to sing he does, but he doesn’t need to. And when he does sing, it meshes and blends with the instruments. I don’t know, there’s just some sort of emotion from each song. Each instrument says something specific and has a clear purpose and I can feel it. Which is why I appreciate the album so much. It leans off of vocals being the head of every song. It doesn’t need to tell you the message. If anything, the instruments themselves are the vocals, the message. It’s just raw music.

That Moment When

You realize Murdoc’s inmate number was 24602, and you also just happen to be a Les Misérables fan.

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I don’t think it’s El Mierda that you need to worry about, Muds. (If he’s even a real threat.)

THE NOW NOW IS OUT NOW- today… and i’m so happy. :”000