Unrequested Gorillaz headcanons for y'all

◎ Russel reads a lot. He is especially fond of classics and philosophical works.

◎ 2D collects postcards and frequently asks fans to send them to him.

◎ Whenever she has the chance, Noodle volunteers to the local animal shelter and also tries to involve the others.

◎ Whenever he sees nuns or any other kind of religious figure, Murdoc likes to act like he is possessed and yells blasphemies just for the laughs.

◎ 2D sticks chewing gums under their furniture. Russel found out the hard way.

◎ Noodle likes to take pictures of strangers she finds interesting.

◎ 2D loves to show his postcard collection to visitors (much like an old lady with pictures of her cats). Murdoc once caught him enthusiastically showing a postcard from Nepal to a very confused plumber.

◎ When Noodle was younger, the guys would take her shopping for clothes. This would often result in her wearing a tutu, a leather jacket and flip flops at the same time.
Whenever Noodle finds a picture of herself in one of those outfits, she burns it.

◎ Murdoc and Noodle love to play videogames together. Especially Mario Kart and Just Dance.

◎ Murdoc acts like Harry Potter is for nerds but has secretly read all of the books and loves them. Same goes for Tolkien’s work.

◎ Russel and Noodle like to sneak into cosplay cons in disguise and take pictures with/of other cosplayers. They only reveal their identities after getting posted on social media.

◎ “What do you mean we can’t name her Lilith Mephistophaelia I? What the hell kind of a name is Noodle anyway??”

◎ 2D is a Doctor Who nerd.

◎ The raven Sebastian Niccals found with baby Murdoc the night his son was dumped on his doorstep is Cortez. (Let me dream ok?)

◎ Russel is the Mom Friend™.

◎ 2D watches ASMR videos before sleeping.

◎ Murdoc got once punched in the back by Russel after being caught attempting to spike young Noodle’s milk with whiskey. (“What? It’s an old family recipe! It’s good for your bones.”)

◎ Russel likes to sit in Hide Park to draw caricatures of the people he sees.

◎ Murdoc sends out pictures of himself dressed as sexy Santa to friends and co-workers on Christmas. Some of them are considering changing address.
Gorillaz Headcanons

• Noodle has a teddy bear that 2D won her from a claw machine during Phase One. She can’t sleep without it, and takes it on tour with them. It even has a passport; its name is Hodge.

• Russel and 2D used to spray paint together, and collaborated to design Noodle a huge mural in the games room. It’s her controlling a robot that looks like Jimi Hendrix and shoots lasers from its eyes. She loves it.

• Murdoc installed a fireman’s pole from the upstairs bathroom to the living room, so that he could time his toilet breaks between programmes perfectly.

• Del and Noodle would stay up talking, and he would give her messages to pass on to Russel. She wrote them down, but at the time her English was limited and so was Russel’s Japanese, so he didn’t know what these crayon scribblings meant until years later when Del was gone for good. He keeps them all in a scrapbook now.

• 2D has a habit of once a month going through a weeklong period of waking up at 4AM. He takes the time to watch the sunrise and write new songs on his typewriter.

• They take turns in who controls the AUX chord when they’re on the road. That’s why they make the Spotify playlists, so that when it’s their turn each member has something new and decent to play.

• Russel and Murdoc are addicted to trash reality shows like ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ and 'Love Island’.

• Noodle and 2D had a Glitterbomb fight fourteen years ago and he’s still picking sparkles out of his mom jeans.

• Russel makes the best pancakes, with lots of syrup and butter. You can feel your teeth rotting, but you don’t care.

• 2D and Murdoc got matching 8-Ball tattoos on their wrists when they first became band members, as a morbid inside joke.

• Noodle can drink all three boys under the table, and frequently does.

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Do you have any reference drawings for your Leader Noodle AU?

YES !!!

I have lots actually

I focus a lot on phase 1 and 2 which is when Mud is still really young. Stu has both eyes and is Noodle’s best friend. Noodle is the band leader and Russels actual adopted mom and a role model to Mud. Mud has a dumb crush on her and he’s really jealous of Stu for being the cool leadsinger and older brother type. Mud love Russ like a little brother and is very protective of him. Overall a cute family that’s trying to make it big in the music biz. Feel free to ask anything about this, I’ve really gotten in the mood to bring this back <3!

Headcanons Nobody Asked For
  • Murdoc originally grew his nails out because he was lazy and couldn’t bother to look for the nail clippers and ended up liking how they looked.
  • 2D got nail polish from Murdoc because Noodle liked to paint Murdoc’s nails when she was little, but since she stopped he had no use for all the little bottles she left around his room.
  • Stuart is really big on keeping his nails looking good, and he enjoys painting them often.
  • Russel really enjoys playing around with Katsu and likes to go play with the cat regardless of whether Noodle is around or not.
  • Russel likes to dress comfortably, but he’s really big on fashion. Noodle is so fashion forward because of him, and Russ even makes sure 2D and Murdoc look presentable for any event the band has to go to. Murdoc resists horribly, but Russel doesn’t have to worry about Noodle.
  • Noodle gives nicknames to her brothers. 2D and Russel get nice, cute ones. She has the most names for Murdoc in Japanese, all of which basically just call him a gross guy.
    • Despite this, he and Noodle get along pretty well. He was always the one who let her get away with stuff when she was younger. Now it’s a different dynamic though, and Noodle keeps Murdoc in check to make sure he behaves. (Russ helps, too.)
  • 2D is bad at dressing himself and often leaves his room without noticing he’s got his shirt on backwards and inside out, or that he only has a sock on one foot. Russel often catches these things and tells him to go put his clothes on properly.
  • When 2D is too tired or drunk, he has even more troubles with his clothes. He’d put his shirt on but get stuck in it, then eventually just give up, sit down and whine quietly for help.
  • Noodle is the one who gets up in the middle of the night to raid the fridge while everyone else is sound asleep. She often just takes whatever she finds back to her room and just secretly eats there.
  • Russel would always style Noodle’s hair when she was younger and she’d be really happy to let him do that. Now it doesn’t happen as often, but if Noodle is tired or just lazy, she’ll still let Russ style her hair for her (and he does a really good job).
  • Russel is The Mom Friend™
  • Sometimes Murdoc pretends he’s drunk in order to try and get away with things, but Noodle and Russel see right through him. 2D is a little easier to convince.

Soo my bro and I just spend a good few hrs last night talking about Gorillaz and here’s some of the hcs we came up with

- when noodle first arrived, the boys rushed to the nearest walgreens/gas station and bought “kid’s stuff” that they thought noodle would need including: kids movies, vodka (murdoc’s idea), a jump rope, and candy

- 2d accidentally ends up with a group of old women friends one day. They give him sweaters and sweets and they love that he smells like butterscotch and can reach high up things for them.

-one of the reasons murdoc doesnt physically hit 2d anymore is because Noodle made it clear she would hunt him down if he did

- russel eventually gets married and has/adopts some kids.

- Murdoc isnt allowed to be alone with them

- they leave them with 2d sometimes but 2d thinks they’re so precious he can’t ever say no to them. Russ comes home one day to find his kids smoking on the roof with candy wrappers scattered everywhere and 2ds just like “they gave me puppy eyes im sorry!”

-noodle is a gr8 aunt but she teaches them how to fight which they take advantage of constantly

-2d’s leg joins are always hurting bc he has to crunch up his legs to sit down anywhere

- They all go to see the superhero movies together. 2d always cries at some point

-but they all cried when they went to see Logan (Murdoc denies this but he was sniffling)

- Russel and Noodle always complain about the forced romantic subplots

- Noodle and 2D once got into a fight and 2D ran away from home bc he assumed that if noodle was angry at him he really fucked up

- he spends the night sitting in an alleyway and he probably calls his mom bc he thinks he can’t go home

-his mom calls russel or noodle like “guys hes hysterical he thinks you all hate him”

- they find him the next morning asleep next to a dumpster

- they reassure him that he’s still in the band and take his frozen ass home. He probably caught a cold too

- murdoc discoveres Amazon and then buys random shit in the middle of the night

- some of these things include a figet spinner and a bowie knife for Noodle’s birthday

- noodle gives the fidget spinner to 2D and he l o v e s it

- he just sits in his room watching it spin for hours

- tbh it really calms his nerves and so the other band members get him a bunch more

Gorillaz: Dysfunctional Family

“In our family portrait we look pretty happy.”

Murdoc: Alcoholic Father–Tough love/Has his moments/Prideful. 

Russel: Protective/Supportive Mom– Protective of 2D and Noodle. Tries to keep Murdoc from doing/saying stupid stuff. Plays with kids while Murdoc is away. 

Noodle: Loveble Wild Child– Adorable/ fun loving/Likes family bonding activities 

2D: Precious baby– Awkward/ innocent/ Child at heart/Lanky/overgrown bean sprout

WinterIron / Tony x Bucky, NonPower AU + Puppies

‘’Hello!! Can I request some winteriron? Non powered AU, Bucky surprises Tony with a puppy for their anniversary. Super fluff and cute.’’

So, I had this wonderful prompt from @tony-luvv and I melted. Yes, literally. My love for puppies is not a secret anymore, and Tony, plus Bucky, plus puppies? Yes please. I had so much fun writing this, thank you so much for this prompt! There are probably a lot of mistakes, because it is almost 2AM here and I’m freaking tired, but I wanted to post it today, cause I’m not here tomorrow.

Aaaaanyway. Here come puppies! Hope you enjoy it :)

When Tony woke up, surrounded by soft and warm sheets, Bucky wasn’t there. Which, even on the normal days, totally sucked. He liked to wake up next to Bucky, close to his furnace-warm body, his arm heavy and comfortable around his waist. He liked to snuggle close to him, to listen to his breathing, to kiss his neck and slowly wake him up. He also liked to be woken up by kisses – wherever they were – and particularly loved morning sex. Beat all alarms in the world.
But on their two-year anniversary morning, Bucky wasn’t there. And the sun was awfully bright for such an… early hour?

“Friday, time?”
“Good morning, boss. It is 9AM and it will be a beautiful sunny day.”
“Yeah, figured that out. Ugh,” he groaned, snatching one of Bucky’s pillows to escape from the light.

He drifted in and out of sleep for a few minutes, vaguely wondering where Bucky went, but not awake enough yet to really worry. And the delicious smell of coffee and bacon answered the question before he could think too much about it. He cautiously peaked from under the pillow – and its delicious Bucky odor, God did he smell nice – and grinned when he saw his boyfriend carefully carrying a tray full of food to the bed. Bucky froze when he saw him awake and smiled sheepishly.

“Sorry. Didn’t think you’d be awake already, I wanted to surprise you…”
“Did you make pancakes?”

Bucky nodded and put the tray down on the bed, lying down next to Tony and pulling him in his arms. He nuzzled at his neck for a while, deposing kisses as light as a feather, while his fingers gently massaged Tony’s scalp, making him moan softly. Bucky smiled against his skin and looked up, winking at his boyfriend before kissing him on the mouth, tenderly and slowly – and shit, Tony should probably be worried about morning breath and that kind of stuff, but that was so good, oh… He cupped his face in his right hand and stroked his cheek with his thumb, while his left hand played with the short hair on his neck, making him shiver delightfully.
Without even thinking about it, Tony pulled him closer and began to grind slowly against his leg, but Bucky huffed a laugh in his mouth and very gently pushed him away.

“Not yet, sweetheart… Got a surprise for you.”
“It can’t wait? I had plans. Really, really great plans, like, mind-blowing plans.”
“Nah, it can’t.”
“Not trying to make you change your mind or anything, but they involved you getting naked, and me getting naked too, and my tongue and my hands, and–”
“Tony. Eat,” reprimanded Bucky, but the sparkle of lust and amusement in his eyes was unmistakable.

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Headcanon: whenever 10 year old Noodle would get grumpy Russel would pick her up and swing her around, saying to the other guys, "look at this grumpy goblin I found" and eventually she'd burst into laughter

Yes, he so would. I love this one. Russel is the best mom. I can see Murdoc trying this like a week later but he can’t beat Russ at cheering her up the same way.

Baby Gorillaz

Based on this, but it includes him being a baby too and you happened to escape becoming one. Now you have to take care of them!

•2D fell asleep on his keyboard when you found him.
•Murdoc was in the bathroom at the time and you find him stuck in the bathtub.
•Russel’s face dropped in a plate of pie, dear lord.
•Noodle was in the middle of trying new outfits in her room, so she was still in a pile of clothes that were too huge for her.
•You were genuinely freaked out and didn’t know what the hell happened. You sat and looked at the four babies when you had them all together.
•Thankfully Noodle had some baby stored from times she babysits for one of her close friends. (How convenient!)
•Your first priority was to dress them so they actually fit in their clothes.
•But you weren’t sure what you were going to do with them since you HAD to go out to get stuff that there wasn’t there. Like damn diapers.
•Luckily there was a convenient store down the street so you literally ran like you were being chanced by a carnivorous dinosaur and brought the stuff back quickly.
•You ended up leaving them in the bathtub so they couldn’t go anywhere and get hurt.
•But damn you were still mentally freaking the hell out. What were you supposed to do?!
•You actually heard about something like this from Murdoc so you at least knew it would wear off soon.
•You borrow a double seat stroller from a mom friend. Russel always gets one, Noodle and 2D share one, and you just hold Murdoc. No way is he gonna share a seat.
•Don’t even get me started with baths. Noodle and 2D play around like the temporary Babies they are. Russel just lets you do your thing. And Murdoc just straight out hates it and fusses SO much. You gave up trying.
•It’s awkward for you to change their diapers, especially if you had a thing for one of them before the whole insistent.
•You secretly continue to freak out the entire time because you’re scared you’re gonna do something wrong? They’re different than real babies. They’re your damn band mates and potentially one of them is your S/O!
•Noodle makes such a mess when you’re trying to feed her.
•Beware, if you had a thing with Murdoc before it happened, he’s going to get so damn clingy that it’s not funny. He might even throw stuff at the others if you’re showing them too much attention?
•2D some how got attached to one of the stuffed animals Noodle had from babysitting? It was a lamb.
•Words can’t describe how sick you got of putting on stupid baby shows and changing diapers.
•You were pooped by the end of the experienced, a deadly two weeks.
•One morning you just discovered them their normal selves again.
•You stood frozen until one of them woke up he entirety of them. You couldn’t even explain it! It was just all so weird. But eventually you got it out.
•"What the fuck?“ Was all they could say.
•Things were never the same after that. Not after you had experience with baby Noodle, 2D, Russel, and Murdoc.

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2D/Russel headcanons: 1. He tried to convince 2D that his too short pants in Saturnz Barz video wouldn't look good because he's too tall for them, but when 2D kept asking what's wrong with that and staring at him the more Russel tried to explain mom/grandpa pants in confusion he gave up. 2. If he's in a good mood he'll let 2D come inside his room and spray paint with him (in the app Russel's room has spray paint sounds and an art studio type look with paint cans.

1. This is so cute. Can envision it like: 

Russ: Aw, c’mon, really, man?

2D: wh-what’s wrong? 

Russ: The pants, ‘D, the pants. That’s what’s wrong. 

2D: *blank stare*

Russ, sighing: Those clearly don’t fit you. Or, they might, if you didn’t hike ‘em up past your stomach. 

2D: They’re comfy, Russ……

Russ: …

2D, starting to look honestly worried: …

Russ: ….Okay, fine, you look great, ‘D. Forget it. You look fantastic. 

2D: …..Okay, great. Yeah, yeah. So, uh, what sorta socks? I’m thinkin’ a spot’a pink. *holding up bright pink socks* 

Russ, just…. nodding at this point and trying to appreciate his ‘fashion sense’ (and honestly finding the whole situation…. cute…): ….Yeah, yeah, that’ll look great, Stu.

2. I like that! I don’t have the app, I’ll have to look it up later :) But yes, we know 2D really likes tagging shit, he’d probably LOVE to do that with Russ

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Ok I had these fair Hcs for the band where 2D hates the -scary- rides but loves the games and the petting zoo / events. Noodles and Murdoc loves the rides. Murdoc tries to be tough when it comes to the scary ones but regrets once he's on. Russel the mom friend who takes pictures , carries prizes, and make sure they are fed. He likes rides too but only the more mid-calm ones. Sorry If this suck I'm not good at hcs. What are some of your fair hcs for them?

Oh god that’s lovely! I love love love imagining Gorillaz at the fair, I dunno why, I guess it just suits them so much. I’ve always loved the idea of them making a music video at a fair, like at first bright and busy and then dark with the neon lights and 2D spinning round and round as he sings, all happy and cool like, but then starts throwing up towards the end lmao

I imagine 2D loves the fair the most as his dad worked at one, and 2D used to help him out there a lot. He especially loves the dodgems.

Noodle probably adores the fair as well, and tries absoloutely everything. I can see her smiling the entire time till the end when they finally have to leave.

Russel probably buys all the sweets and I can definitely seeing him taking pictures. He probably eats a giant cotton candy and starts feeling ill later on. But he does have fun and enjoys relaxing on the slower rides.

Murdoc would have the time of his life lmao he’d go crazy, and choose all the extra insane rides. Maybe his favourite is the scary house ride (I can see him getting out of his seat to scare 2D from the shadows). He’d also definitely try the kissing booth if there was one lol