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OMG Gorillaz with a werewolf S/O!!

(this is the shit I came for!)

2D: He’s actually kind of happy he has a supernatural s/o. He makes sure to watch a shit ton of werewolf movies before the first full moon. When you do turn he just treats you like a big puppy, he isn’t phased

Murdoc: This man has physically been to hell so you being a werewolf isn’t a huge shock to the system. He makes sure your safe when you turn but he just lets you do your thing. Sometimes he teases you by pointing to random dogs in public and saying “look its you!”

Noodle: She thinks its awesome and bombards you with questions about what its like to switch. She tries to find out as much as she can so she can help you as much as she can. She patrols the forest around the house so you can hunt in peace

Russel: He’s had experience with many supernatural beings in the past so he takes it all in his stride. He reads up on werewolves and takes extra precautions to make sure your safe during the full moon. He makes sure your well fed and tries not to disturb you

George Harrison, Bob Dylan and Leon Russell, Concert for Bangladesh, 1 August 1971. Photo © unknown.

13 November 2016: Leon Russell has sadly passed away, according to news outlets. Condolences to Leon’s family and friends.

“George’s quiet modesty and generosity belied an inner strength of character not often found in the halls of wealth and fame. He had the heart of a true minstrel, and his songs will echo through time.” - Leon Russell on George Harrison, 2001 [x]



I suppose one day these artifacts will be strewn in some wasteland. Civilization will end, like Egyptian civilization ended, like Greek civilization ended, like one day, all civilization will end. And in the ashes, these are the artifacts we leave - these kind of judgments, these kind of attitudes. Extraterrestrials picking through the trinkets left behind. What kind of people will they think that we were?
—  Russell Brand (His personal video towards the scrutiny of Bruce Jenner)