russel peace


Holby City fan video about Bernie Wolfe (Jemma Redgrave) and Alex Dawson (Heather Peace).

Finally finished my Bernie&Alex video… you see, the episode ‘Prioritise the Heart’ really stuck with me and their story was so emotional and heart-breaking to watch that I just had to make a tribute for them. I haven’t worked with Sony Vegas in ages but it was lots of fun getting to work with it all over again.

So, I hope you enjoy this little work of mine :)

Also, can we have Heather on Holby again please? She was terrific. I mean, who wouldn’t want Bernie, Alex and Serena on their team!? ;)


Toward Peace by Russell Tomlin



I suppose one day these artifacts will be strewn in some wasteland. Civilization will end, like Egyptian civilization ended, like Greek civilization ended, like one day, all civilization will end. And in the ashes, these are the artifacts we leave - these kind of judgments, these kind of attitudes. Extraterrestrials picking through the trinkets left behind. What kind of people will they think that we were?
—  Russell Brand (His personal video towards the scrutiny of Bruce Jenner)

In This There Is Peace by Russell Tomlin