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Best character in Bully?

Is it Jimmy? The main character, a ginger who wants people to leave him the fuck alone?

Or is it the villain with ADD? Gary Smith, that lisping bitch.

You know, Pete Kowalski gay and underrated, he’s the best. He has a bad case of ‘depressed face’ but nothing his smarts can’t help.

Russell can kick ass though and even if he’s really dumb, he can throw someone across a football stadium like you’re walmart football. 

Speaking of football, we have Ted Thompson. You know he gets all the girls and ever since he was in Peewee soccer, he was born to be a student athlete and GRIND BECAUSE STUDENT ATHLETES NEVER SLEEP

But let’s look at his rival, Earnest. He’s smart, kind of creepy but very smart. He’s like Jimmy Neutron I mean good for him. 

Ok, but we all know what people want: money. Derby Harrington might look angry like he’ll fight you in a Wendy’s parking lot but that’s cause of inbreeding. At least he’s rich. 

Money can’t buy class though. Here we have Johnny Vincent, John Travolta wannabe. He read The Outsiders twenty times but he’s too busy looking for his thotty gf to talk about that.

You guys are wrong. The best character is Algernon and the leading reason is because he looks like Carl Wheezer.


Lin at a dinner honoring him hosted by Russell Simmons and the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation


ava: "Tomorrow, there’ll be more of us.“ With warm, wonderful @Lin_Manuel last night in a room filled w/ love + community. A beautiful refueling.

Lin_Manuel: What a light you are, @ava! Thank you!

Some medicine for your soul:

Grace Jones’ dialogue in Charger was taken from 4 hours of adlibbed improvisation.

Source: [1]

“Grace Jones’ ghostly turn on “Charger” was the result of her singing over the track for four hours, ad-libbing and vibing to it. At a later point, Albarn had the studio floor covered in cut up pieces of paper with everything she’d said, finding the fragments that worked and eventually crafting the song from there.”


“I was meant to sit next to Russell Harty and keep still and quiet. I was all dressed up like an Amazonian seductress, and treated like the hired help. This is no way to treat a guest. Being stuck there while he ignored me made me feel very uncomfortable.”

“I wasn’t attacking him because I was drunk or stoned. I was lashing out because I felt he was not being proper. Harty was rude. I wasn’t going to put up with it. I lashed out on live television. It takes balls to do that, which could be seen as a little crazy. And then they tried to get me back on the show! The ratings soared. I had done him a favor. They wanted a rematch. It was all so tacky.”

“When he died, my phone never stopped. It rang off the hook. What do you think about Russell Harty dying? Well, I am very sorry, but what do you want me to say? I didn’t know him at all. I didn’t kill him. I had nothing to do with it. I wasn’t there at all. I had an alibi.”