GORILLAZ - LIVE 09.11.2017

This band is so so so so so so important to me, and it was so amazing to see them!!!! I’ve been listening to their music since a while now, and they really really really mean a lot to me.

I wanted to cry a bit, but I was so happy I couldn’t haha :) If you like them too, I truly hope you’ll get to see them someday too, cause they’re amazing, and I love them a lot.🖤


So some guy took the storyboard for the scrapped Rhinestone Eyes music video and actually went out of his way to singlehandedly animate the entire thing and it’s so goOD.


Happy Birthday Russel!  | June 3rd, 2017

“We make music because we’re humans and want to connect with each other, it’s the most natural thing in the world. But success isn’t measured in downloads or plays. It’s measured in minds freed. We’re just doing our thing. People like it, we’ll keep doing it.“