radioactive-royalty  asked:

Can I get a ship? I'm a 5"4 blonde hair blue eyed girl who's a bit chubby(self conscious about it like send help). I'm a bit protective over ppl(cough@mozzarellasticks) and more introverted. I tend to wear the same old safety blanket jacket and jeans and I rly like to listen to music that ranges from Gorillaz to Hamilton to Owl City while I doodle. As you get to know me I can get louder and crazier but if I don't know you that well I'll stay quieter. I'm all for hugs n cuddles! (Probs need em)

Mozzarella sticks is a lucky person

I would ship you with Noodle :)

She will always tell you that you are not chubby and beautiful, but she will help you with working out or something it that makes you feel better. She just wants you to feel comfortable in your own skin. She will listen with you to all your favorite music and in the end she will make you this nice mixtape. She loves to cuddle with you and sometimes try to maybe get you in some other clothes, but yet again, she just wants you to feel comfortable. 

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May I ask for some Noodle headcanonns with an s/o with adhd? Please and thank you :)

- She would do some research first. Pure because she wants know all about it. She knows what adhd is of course. But she wants to know how to handle it.

- She would help you with getting better at concentrating. She won’t force you to concentrate out of the sudden, but would mention it if you ever lose your concentration in an important moment.

- She would be your rock when you are impulsive. She loves to take random adventures with you, but will hold you back is she sees it is getting to much for you