Russel, geçen sene 3. derece yanıklarla bir yangından kurtarılmış ve Kuzey Karolina’da bir hayvan hastanesine getirilmiş. Hala tedavi görüyor ve belki de asla tamamen iyileşemeyecek, ancak o her gün hastanedeki diğer tüm hasta hayvanları oda oda ziyaret etmeyi kendine görev edinmiş, hemde kimse bir şey demeden kendi yapıyor bunu.

Hastane çalışanları ise Russel’ın diğer hayvanların acı içinde olduğunu hissedebildiği için onların yanında olmak istediğini düşünüyor.



Day 4 - Black History Month (Year 2) - Russel Hobbs

Russel was created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett in 1998 for the animated band, Gorillaz. He isn’t based on a real person but rather a personification of hip-hop within the music from Gorillaz. Russel provides drums, percussion, and the occasional specter

Russel was born on June 3, 1975 in Brooklyn, NY. A well-spoken young man, he attended the School for Gifted Youngsters but was unfortunately expelled due to attack his classmates while being possessed by a demon. Following the incidents at his school, he slipped into a coma for the next four years — after which the demon was exorcised by a Priest. Russel would soon return to school but would encounter a most horrific situation. During a drive-by, many of Russel’s friends were killed and their spirits came to reside in his body. The most notable spirit being Russel’s best friend, Del the Funkee Homosapien.

At the end of Phase 1 (Gorillaz), the Gorillaz broke-up. Del was somehow ripped from Russel’s body by the Grim Reaper—to which led Russel into seclusion. He wold then try to write his own hip-hop album. He unfortunately never finished it as he was plagued by many other demons and spirits. 

During Phase 2 (Demon Days), with the band back together–Russel would set off on a soul-searching journey to deal with his demons; both metaphorical and literal. Russel wouldn’t be seen again until Phase 3 (Plastic Beach) where he would return to the Gorillaz and aid them during the assault on Plastic Beach. Due to him swimming in toxic material (ocean bacon?) to reach the island, Russel’s body was transformed into a monstrous size (think Godzilla). 

Russel now resides in a home with his bandmates (last seen in DoYaThing) as they await for the impending Phase 4.

Russel Hobbs is loved by all, an eloquent speaker with great manners. A protector of those he cares for, a superb friend, and a kickass drummer.

“I always liked the fact that "Up” never mentioned that Russel was Asian. A lot of movies with Asian characters always have to make a big deal out of their heritage, or poke jokes at it. But he’s just a cute little boyscout, who’s race doesn’t play into the story at all, and who isn’t an exaggerated stereotype. I feel like Asian characters like that that don’t happen enough sometimes.“