‘imagine a night where everything that you believed was turned on its head. how would you feel? [humanz] is a journey through that night, post-whatever that was. that news. when you go out that night, how do you feel? this record was anticipating that night but trying to make a party out of it.’  damon albarn, billboard.

Humanz House Party tips:

Alot of y'all are probably confused on what to do, so I’m gonna explain best I can to help

•if you don’t know how to get directions, tap on the stained glass window when it comes up on your app, and that’ll show you where the nearest spirit house is and how far it is

•for me, the stick worked the opposite way (you didn’t follow the colored part, it was the wide part you had to follow) but i dont know if thats for everyone or if it’s a glitch

•km means kilometres, m means metres (just in case you didnt know)

•i can not express this enough (i only got to listen to the first song because i didn’t do this)
ESPECIALLY if your sprit house is far from you

•find some place comfortable to listen to the album if you plan on staying for the full thing

•you MUST be close to the spirit house to listen to the album (bummer bc the location i went to was really pretty and i wanted to look around while i listened but i couldn’t)

•once done with your gorillaz experience, walk around and relax, have fun! make sure you have the best time while out and about