Russel Hobbs  //   Virtual band Gorillaz

Russel was born in Brooklyn, NY. He attended the Xavier School For Young Achievers, but was expelled after attacking several students while possessed by a demon. He fell into a coma for the next four years, at the end of which, the demon was finally exorcised from his body by a priest named Father Merrin.

After his old school refused to take him back, Russel attended Brooklyn High School, where many of the students were gifted in hip-hop music.

One rainy night outside a 7-Eleven Store, Russel’s companions were killed in a drive by shooting by a gang of “gang bangers” driving a black Humvee. They were all wearing red hooded tops. One of them was wearing a black hood who Russel identified as The Grim Reaper. After the shooting, the spirits of Russel’s friends came to reside in his body, the most prominent being Russel’s best friend Del tha Ghost Rapper . (x)

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Coming this fall! Gorillaz the animated series!…… I wish. These guys are so dear to me, I’m so hyped to see them again in phase 4. I think I’ll finally have time to do some long over due tributes to shows and things I’ve been itching to draw. Hopefully more will come soon. Who/what will I draw next?