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i just thought: what if there was a world where murdoc, 2-D, noodle and russ were real and they all came together to make a band called humanz with their fictional characters, damon & jamie

I feel that trains are an underappreciated form of transport in the 40k universe, especially steam and diesel/promethium engines.

It gives the option for shit like this:

But with the turrets from Chimeras and Leman Russ’. I’d also include the Karajina Express as an example of a diesel locomotive as an armoured train, but using that and knowing its history leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

I never understood how some people could think that Russel did literally all the work with Noodle when she was young while 2D and Murdoc presumably just stood around her all day either being dicks to her, using her to make music, or ignoring her. Like… kind of feel like the work load would be more evenly distributed between the three of them than that. Russel’s isn’t/wasn’t a nanny and Murdoc and 2D clearly care an awful lot about her, so of course it’d be up to them to help raise Noodle as well.
It’d honestly make me dislike 2D and Murdoc to learn that they just dicked about all day instead of helping Russel out with Noodle, or just neglected being a part of her childhood in general. That would piss me off. I’m not saying that the three of them didn’t do some slacking off in regard to being responsible for her every now and then, but I still am of the firm opinion that people are quick to diminish 2D and Murdoc’s roles in Noodle’s early life in an annoying and uninteresting way.