Cuando te quieren buscar la boca y acaban encontrando tu puño.

Emperador Nicolás II de Rusia, Rey de Polonia y Gran Príncipe de Finlandia
Импера́тор Николай II России, Царь Польский и Великий Князь Финляндский
Imperator Nicolaus II Russiae, Rex Poloniae et Magnus Princeps Finlandiae
Kaiser Nikolaus II. von Russland, König von Polen und Großfürst von Finnland
Emperor Nicholas II of Russia, King of Poland and Grand Prince of Finland
Empereur Nicolas II de Russie, Roi de Pologne et Grand Prince de Finlande

Andrey Alekseyevich Shishkin (1960- ), 2013.

Dear America,

Your government is corrupt. 
Your bankers are holding you as collateral.
Your military is being used to terrorize and occupy small, helpless countries. Their resistance is NOT terrorism.
Your media sells you propaganda and lies.
Your water is fluoridated.
You’re distracted by television.
Your wars are not about freedom.
Your wars are about greed, resources, control, and ownership of central banks.
You have more in common with us than you have with your billionaire politicians.
We want peace.
We want to live happily with our families.
The rest of us see these things. Why can’t you?
You have the power to change things.
Please, wake up.

Sincerely and lovingly,
The rest of the world.