669: Magic (Mystery Skulls)

This one was a super quickie, but a sort of siren vampire hybrid living in SoHo that not only drains blood, but all moisture from the body, lamprey sorta mouth that I do not think you’d like me to draw open aha.

Requested by Anonymous

Mystery Skulls Always Has Such A Boppin Beat To It. LETS BOOGIE


Yeni bir hafta daha ..Hoş gelsin..


Silly boys🙈💙
(creds: wtf sugg ig)

anonymous asked:

Do you have, like, a list or chart of your Overwatch ships (and please tell me you won't judge if I disagree with any)

Oh gosh well… Most I’m neutral towards. McHanzo, Pharmercy, Genyatta, Roadrat, I’m happy with all of them, just not especially passionate. 

The ones I’m passionate about? Gotta be Reaper76. It’s just such a juicy ship with loads of juicy canon background and a whole loada potential. It also helps that I have a big fondness for grumpy old men. Like dang, that’s a ship I super love. The other one I really dig is Ana and Reinhardt, because with their interactions they just seem like the most perfect couple ever and I wanna see em live happily and awesomely ever after. 

Some pretty popular ones I don’t like are Meihem and Gency. Meihem seems to be built on what is so far a one sided relationship being seen as adorable, and I can’t get behind that much. A lil’ too true to life for me. Gency just doesn’t offer me much, and the two often work pretty badly on teams together xD I’m not against anyone enjoying these ships though.

unlimited pasta works is still my favorite shitpost i made though bc i actually cooked and painstakingly arranged all that alphabet spaghetti into that post, which people were shocked/disturbed/confused enough by to reblog without knowing the context

like ultimately i sorta regret all of them, but that one the least.

shitposting is always a mistake. but it’s like this masochistic glee to see what kind of terrible is just bad enough to make people reblog it reluctantly but not so bad people will ignore it or unfollow, then it blows up your notes and you either have to block it or put up with it to keep up on the drama

uglybunnies  asked:

What are your long term plans for your OCs in, say, the next two years? Any project ideas floating around your head?

O-oh gosh. Your ask caught me off guard. I… well… I haven’t been thinking about my projects as of late since my mind is occupied with college work 24/7. But I’ll answer your question as much as I can.

I have two projects that I’ve been tinkering with since high school. The Good Ol’ Days and A Doods Life. [ For mobile users, it’s best to click the link through a web browser. ] The info is a tad old (maybe two years old?), but the synopsis and idea is still the same. I just need to update it. Same goes for my kids. This is why my Charahub has few peeps at the moment.

Hopefully within these two years, I’ll finalize everything and start making my show bible and/or start writing up ideas episode ideas? It’s a lot to think and plan about. At this point, I’m not sure what will happen, I’ll just continue drawing if any. And maybe make a lil mini comic or a sort of quick animated short.

I do hope this answer your question. If not, please let me know. Also, anyone here is welcome to ask me anything in regards to my projects, my characters, or other silly things.