nevernotalways  asked:

Do you have any advice for someone considering rushing?

I have lots and lots of advice! Much of it has been posted on Tumblr, but it can be hard to find, so I’ve created a website “Hub” to make the information easier to access! I recommend you visit and check out these Pages in particular:

Digital Sweet Shop: Downloadable “bite-size-booklets” with tips on rec letters, preparing for recruitment, questions to ask. etc!

Recruitment Boost Page: This page is a library of links to my top PNM advice posts from my blog. It’s an easy way to find the information you need and click right to it. 

Rushwear Style Guide: Get the fashions you need for rush week by linking from my FAVE selection of sorority style looks for PNMs. Lots of apparel and accessories to choose from that are recruitment appropriate. 

Recruitment FAQ Page: This page has a selection of the most common questions asked by PNMs and my advice for each one. 

Panhellenic Preview Page: Take a look at all 26 NPC chapters and learn a little more about them before recruitment. Links to the HQ website of each sorority included. 

Greek Glossary & Sorority Etiquette Page: There’s a whole new language that goes along with joining Greek life. Learn the terms you need to know before recruitment. And review the sorority etiquette guide for tips on classy social skills. And a PNM with good manners is always impressive to sorority sisters. 

HQ Homepage: On the HQ website, there are more informational posts as well. Enter the word “recruitment” in the Search Bar and you will find additional tips for PNMs.

Recruitment is a once in a lifetime experience. The more you learn, the more relaxed you will feel during the week. Put your best self forward in all ways and get ready to start your sorority journey! xoxo ;) 

PNM summer “to do” checklist!

Recruitment registration is now OPEN on many campuses and it’s time to prepare for fall formal rush! Put your best foot forward inside and out - so you will shine, shine, shine as an amazing PNM in August/September. xoxo ;)

🌴 PNM Recruitment Prep: 20 Things to Do This Summer! 🌴

  1. Ask about legacies in your family. You may discover that your grandmother was in a sorority ‘back in the day.’ Check with your parents (and other relatives) for any and all greek connections. Determine your legacy status. Also pinpoint the affiliations of the men in your family. All immediate family greek memberships should be included in your PNM resume and recruitment application. Step-families count too. 
  2. Write your PNM resume. It will be used for your recommendation letter writers and as reference for your online recruitment registration. 
  3. Select your PNM headshot, or have a new photo taken in a pretty setting. A natural, flattering, waist-up shot is preferred. 
  4. Clean up your social media. Before you register for recruitment, review your online sites with a sharp eye towards inappropriate photos. Sorority sisters will be checking. You want your online image to be positive in all ways. Show your family, friends, lifestyle, interests, trips and more. But delete images that are nasty, illegal, immoral, abusive, or pornographic.
  5. Register for sorority recruitment by completing the panhellenic application and submitting your photo. Remember to include all the vital information about yourself before you hit Submit.  
  6. Read all the information on the panhellenic website and in the Recruitment Handbook. Note special instructions and deadlines. Follow them without fail. 
  7. Visit the websites and social media of each individual chapter on your future campus. This will give you an introduction to all the different sororities. You’ll also get an overall feel for what the panhellenic “vibe” is. This is very helpful for selecting recruitment fashions and fitting in with the sorority sisters. Your campus may be totally relaxed - or prim and proper. As a PNM, you want to be on the same page as the panhellenic.  
  8. Attend pre-recruitment events if possible. If you live close enough to attend spring open houses, early orientation sessions and meet the greek events ~ go for it. Participating in these preliminary occasions will help you become more comfortable with recruitment and it shows your enthusiasm for going greek. But if you live 3,000 miles away, and you just can’t attend pre events, it’s totally Ok. Do what’s possible for you and your family’s finances.  
  9. Start shopping early. Once you know the fashion guidelines for each round, begin your rushwear shopping. This will allow you to find the best deals. Recruitment fashions can get quite expensive, so don’t wait until the last minute and pay full price. If discount fashions are important for your budget, it takes more time to find them. Work on building your wardrobe over the next few months. Don’t forget shoes, accessories and jewelry too. 
  10. Begin the rec letter process. Make a list of your targeted recommendation letter writers by chapter. Set a goal of one letter per chapter.
  11. Contact your known rec letter writers by emailing, mailing, or hand delivering your PNM packet containing your cover letter, resume and headshot. 
  12. Find new rec letter contacts. For the sororities you don’t have personal connections to, network within your community and region to find “new” greek women to request letters from. Follow the guidelines on the sorority sugar Rec Letter Connection Page for locating sorority alumnae. Reach out to strangers, or friends of friends of friends. 
  13. Stay in shape over the summer. As the days get hotter, it’s easy to just lay by the pool and sip a cool drink. But you’ll need stamina to complete the rigors of recruitment. Not to mention looking fit in your beautiful rushwear. So don’t slack off during the next three months. Maintain a moderate exercise routine to look and feel your very best.  
  14. Watch what you eat and drink. Now is not the time to binge eat or binge drink. Yes, you’re no longer in high school, but your next journey has just begun. Don’t sabotage the start of your college years by making bad choices this summer. Stay healthy in mind and body.
  15. Accomplish something this summer. Don’t spend your days just sitting around binge watching Netflix. Get an interesting summer job. Volunteer at a summer camp, help a children’s charity, teach swimming lessons, intern at your family business. Make the months before college count. This will give you something to talk about during recruitment and make you a more interesting PNM.
  16. Network with sorority sisters. Early on, it’s Ok to let older friends who are already in sororities know that you will be rushing at their university. Before the pre-rush “no contact” period, go ahead and share your recruitment plans with all the greek girls from your hometown. It’s beneficial for the sororities to know about you before rush begins. 
  17. Fine tune your grooming. If there are grooming issues or health concerns that you’ve been putting off ~ now is the time to tackle your problem areas. Maybe you need dental work done, minor surgery, a wart removed, a serious hair treatment, updated contact lenses, or some dermatology sessions. Whatever the nagging issue is, get it dealt with before you leave for college. Your goal as a PNM is to feel 100% confident. You won’t be at your BEST if you’re worrying about your chronic bad breath, eczema, or uncomfortable wisdom tooth pain. Reaching all-around wellness is important for being productive in college and greek life. (Not talking about cosmetic surgery or spray tans here. But getting the painful planter’s wart removed from the bottom of your foot, so you can walk to 18 sorority houses with ease, is a smart idea.) 
  18. Practice your conversation skills. Ask your mom or a close friend to help you talk about topics typically discussed during recruitment. Get comfortable chatting about yourself and asking your conversation partner about herself. Attend adult social events this summer and practice speaking with people you don’t know well. 
  19. Overcome your shyness. If you are super shy, you must put yourself into situations where you’re forced to become more outgoing. Take a retail sales job, waitress at a busy restaurant, take a class in public speaking, intern in customer service ~ anything to get you out of your shell. Make this summer a real growth experience. 
  20. Give yourself a final polish. In the last weeks before you leave for college, get yourself into top recruitment condition. Your hair should be styled and colored, get a manicure/pedicure, finalize your PNM wardrobe, touch up scuffs on your shoes, buy the right undergarments, shave/wax, pack a recruitment survival kit and complete any tasks you’ve been assigned - like making your own PNM name tag. Prepare a few favorite questions to ask the sisters during your first round. Get super excited about finding your future sorority sisters very soon!

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Pre-makeup, but here’s what my outfit consisted of for Philanthropy day at UCF! I bought the dress super last minute after burning my other one on the wrong setting with an iron, I know. 

Dress: Kohls.

Necklace: Charming Charlies 

Nude Flats: Nine West 

Earrings: Forever 21 

Perfume: Chanel Chance as always <3 

If you have any sorority questions, be sure to ask me as always!