The Triangular Lodge, from Rushton and its Owners, 1896.  Three Latin texts, each 33 letters long, run around the building on each facade. The quotations are:

 Aperiatur terra & germinet Salvatorem: “Let the earth open and … bring forth salvation”

Quis separabit nos a charitate Christi: “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?" 

Consideravi opera tua, Domine, et expavi: "I have contemplated thy works, O Lord, and was afraid”


Sir Thomas Tresham (English, 1534-1605)

Northamptonshire, England, circa 1600

Sir Thomas Tresham was imprisoned for fifteen years for his Catholic faith. During this time, his belief in the concept of a Holy Trinity grew stronger. Upon release, he designed the Rushton Triangular Lodge on his estate. It is 33 feet long, and has 3 floors and 3 windows on each side. Three Latin texts of 33 letters each are inscribed along the outside walls.

Tresham also designed Lyveden New Bield (bottom), a “secret house” that was never finished.