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Since mun is good at writing angst, how about an au where either Ivan or Silvia fall in love with someone else and ask the other for advice?

//*cracks knuckles* you asked for it >:)


The soft, sweet voice quickly caught the attention of the Russian man. He quickly turned to the source of the voice, finding the Honduran woman, Silvia.

“Da, Cолнце?” He replied.

“U-um well, I need your help.” She spoke, clearly nervous.

“What is it?”

“Well, you see…” Silvia takes a deep breath. “I have a crush.”

Ivan could suddenly feel the warmth rush to his face and the feeling of a thousand butterflies in his stomach. Could it be that she returned his feelings?

“Oh? Do I know this lucky person?”

“Yes you do! You know him quite well actually!” Silvia adverted her eyes to the ground, blushing and smiling softly.
“He’s tall and handsome. He’s really sweet and sometimes a doof and we are really close…He’s often misunderstood by others, too.” She explained.

Ivan’s heart began racing faster. He fit that description! She had to be talking about him! The Russian man was practically beaming at this point, while continuing to act clueless.

“He sounds great! What is the issue?” He asked.

“Pues…I don’t know how to tell him. I’m also a little scared. What if he doesn’t share my feelings? This would be super awkward….”

Ivan placed his large hand on her shoulder reassuringly. “I’m sure he feels the exact same as you. Just go up to him,” he pauses as he takes her hands in his “and say exactly how you feel…You are the most wonderful person I’ve ever met and I am so very lucky to have met you. I have developed strong feelings for you and I want to always be there for you…” Ivan said smiling as he indirectly confessed his true feelings to the female in front of him.

Silvia’s smile widened as she threw herself on Ivan, pulling him into a big hug. “Yes! Thank you, Ivan!” She released the male from the hug and continued to smile.
“I’ll go find Alfredo and tell him exactly what I feel!”

At that moment Ivan’s whole world came crashing down. You could almost hear the sound of shattered hopes and dreams. Did…did she just say Alfred? She was talking about Alfred? It can’t be…

“A-Alfred?” Ivan questioned out loud; his smile faltered and his whole demeanour had began to change.

“Si! Si! Alfred! Ah, I’m so excited, I’m going to look for him right now!” Silvia turned to leave “See you later, Ivan!” She called out as she skipped away.

“Good luck….” was the only thing the heart-broken male could muster. She…liked Alfred.

The Russian brought a hand to his face when the bitter tears began rolling down his face. He laughed to himself, more liked laughed /at/ himself. ‘What an idiot’ he thought, still laughing. Of course Silvia liked Alfred. Why would she ever fall for someone like Ivan? He was pathetic. His laughter turned into choked sobs. He was a fool. A stupid, heartbroken fool.

((Probably a bit cliche to use America as the crush but he’s the first one that came to mind and the one that would make the most sense in this case. Aaanyways, enjoy your angst my lovelies :3