Results are in! || { First Wave }

Brian and I are proud to present the first wave of audition acceptances. (NOTE: Every role has NOT been filled–yet!) Thank you to those that took their time to audition! You will be receiving information regarding how we will approach recording.

  • Yosuke – Logan Johnson: kousukesetos
  • Yu – Nat: nurseegbert‏
  • Adachi - Edmund: RushNstuff‏
  • Rise – Chloe: auburnette
  • Teddie – Nick: the-star-teddie
  • Yukiko – Kimmy: yukiko-amagi-dyne
  • Nanako – Ashley: the-lovers-arcana
  • Chie – Monique: crimson-wildcard

Welcome, cast of P4AFandub2013!


PSA: 50’s Style Anti-Smoking

my friend edmund made a PSA with his TV class and it’s perfect

>wakes up to a crappy monday morning at school after getting no sleep
>gets through half of english class
>entire high school is evacuated to middle school auditorium due to a gas leak that has been there since friday
>students are told they will return to their classes shortly
>gas leak problem is never dealt with and students are sent home early
>spends rest of the day with friends watching Monty Python and Napoleon Dynamite and playing mariokart
>is emily