rushing to a conclusion

The Types as People I Know (by an INFJ)


  • N e r d
  • doesn’t know what’s going on 90% of the time
  • literally one of the most learned people I know but always acts like they don’t know even the simplest thing
  • cinnamon roll
  • also incredibly humble and always willing to learn more
  • surprisingly good at sports 
  • conversations either die in 2 seconds or go on for 21 hours, there is no in between
  • only wants everybody to get along but doesn’t know how


  • F I
  • not everything in your life wants to challenge your Fi or attack your values, relax mate
  • super reserved, like, needs a 8-year friendship, two empty bottles of wine, a broken heart and for it to be either 2 or 3 am to finally open up a little
  • that weird friend with the weird interests™
  • impossibly unease with feelings, especially other people’s 
  • has very strong opinions about everything
  • devoted crack shipper
  • loyal af, they will die before stabbing you in the back


  • never runs out of conversation topics
  • head in the clouds 24/7
  • their Si will remember everything you did wrong forever so think twice before pissing them off
  • seems random but give them a second and the’ll show you that they were actually on topic the whole time
  • Your Fi-Te will hurt someone some day, speaking your mind about everything is not always the right choice
  • a child, a literal child: hold their hand when you hang out because they could literally get lost in a 5 feet room 


  • thinks they know everything about you even if you never exchanged a word with them 
  • secretly judging you
  • the definition of rushing to conclusions cause no, it’s not INFJs: we have been wrong the whole time
  • will try to save you somehow
  • you don’t know it yet, but you definitely need saving. just accept it
  • cute and caring on the outside, shrewd mastermind on the inside
  • currently tending to 12347876 humanitarian projects but still looking for more


  • too cute asdfghjkl
  • always clueless but gets away with it because cute
  • could befriend a rock
  • children, they are always surrounded by children
  • secretly santa
  • if they haven’t lost every single one of their possessions yet is only because they surround themselves with Te users
  • transparent and pure in a scary way like, holy shit, how can you wear your heart on your sleeve all the time like that???
  • will cry because other people are crying


  • the mom friend™
  • their Si is scary
  • soft on the outside, more organized than an obsessive compulsive ESTJ on the inside
  • most stubborn person I know like, try to change their mind, just try, you won’t succeed, you cannot succeed
  • would cut off their own hand rather than hurt your feelings
  • master of small talk
  • cares for you by micromanaging your life with a smile
  • Ne will not kill you, if you dye your walls a different color for the first time in 34 years it will not be the end of the world, I promise


  • sugar and spice and everything nice
  • also long walks in the woods and exercising at first light
  • restless and peaceful at the same time, they are what I believe nirvana must feel like
  • you never know what goes on inside their head: mass murder? the cure for cancer? recipes for creative pasta sauces? beats me
  • cute and genuine, only wants to have a good time but extremely chill about it
  • has 4.0 gpa but still dismisses it as ‘nothing important’


  • too cool for you™
  • chill and detached
  • world war iii and nuclear explosions could be raging outside but they would still have their breakfast, shower, and wear comfy clothes like nothing’s happening
  • feelings? what feelings? 
  • their Ti’s laziness saved their life more times than they know
  • occasionally prone to philosophical conversations
  • likes to be obnoxious just to be obnoxious but actually cares v deeply about you and your feelings 


  • chill, so chill all the time, give me some of your chill please
  • how can you trust the moment like that??? how can you rush into things without a second thought?
  • poker face master 
  • busy all the time, a free second is a lost second
  • has no idea what they’re doing but still looks like they’ve got this 100%
  • likes to muse about abstract concepts but loses interest pretty soon
  • “relax. everything’s fine” they said before everything started being NOT fine
  • never listens to elders
  • procrastinates life changing decisions like a pro


  • the friend you need
  • will rationalize all of your problems and then take you out for shopping and dinner to cheer you up
  • outspoken and blunt like o m g you are hurting other people’s feelings!
  • makes life changing decisions in 2.0 seconds
  • “i’m bored, let’s do something”
  • name a tv series. they’ve watched it. name a film. they’ve watched it. name a book. they’ve read it. they do nothing but engage in media consumption
  • will always pretend they’re fine
  • works only on Te induced panic


  • wants you to go straight to the point
  • could socialize with a rock
  • meets people they know wherever they go, has probably acquaintances on the moon too
  • why do i always feel like I did something wrong when I’m with you?
  • so organized, so reliable, so strong, so emotionally repressed
  • will panic if things don’t go as planned, Ne is a bitch
  • surprisingly creative and a very very good listener, also humble
  • will never ever tell you how they feel
  • always gets your shit together for you. you are welcome


  • kinda scary
  • always wants more, perfection can be perfectioned
  • takes everything as a competition
  • they’ve played all the videogames you can think of. name one. they played it, they owned it, they established the new national record
  • probably a serial killer 
  • so smart asdfghhjkl
  • are they serious? are they joking? are they secretly planning your murder? you will never know
  • every time they smile, a puppy dies
  • i admire your hold on Se, like yes tell that bitch who’s boss


  • social situation? what social situation?
  • they know, they always know. they’ve known it all along. listen to them or have them tell you they knew for the next 46 years. up to you
  • sexually attracted to calendars and planners
  • they probably own a death note but are too lazy to use it. for now.
  • systematical nerd
  • a w k w a r d a s h e l l 
  • can’t handle conversations with more than one person at a time
  • has 74 different tumblr blogs, one for each of their various interests. either tags everything or tags nothing


  • everything must have a deeper meaning, things are always a metaphor for something else
  • probably knows everything about your life dreams and secret fears and ambitions but forgot about your birthday 3 seconds after you told them the date
  • clumsy af, never leave them alone, they can’t care for themselves
  • will make people happy at any cost but in their own way with their own time
  • ends up making people AND themselves unhappy in the process
  • cannot talk for the life of them but writes beautifully
  • craves deep connections and tea
  • wants to save the world someday but is content with just imagining it for now


  • knows what they wanted to do with their life since they were 4
  • is slowly getting there
  • bitter and sarcastic like a grumpy Victorian old lady
  • hardcore shipper
  • created 15 power point presentations to prove that JohnLock is canon
  • gravitates toward chocolate and mechanical pencils
  • that one fanwriter you adore
  • has vintage but amazing fashion sense, their hair and makeup is always on point


  • chaotic tsundere 
  • had a feeling, once 
  • has currently 459 open tabs and it’s not even the most they’ve ever had
  • let’s spend the next ten years discussing science together please
  • always knows the best way to make fun of someone but use themselves as favorite target
  • played devil’s advocate just to piss people off so many times they can no longer tell when they’re playing devil’s advocate but people still get pissed so everything’s good i guess
  • “yes but what if-”
  • doesn’t know where whores go


When you had first told Minseok about your feelings for him, he would tell you that it wasn’t the right time for him to be getting into a relationship. EXO were at their peak he couldn’t afford a second away from practice to make sure that he was on point.

You hadn’t spoken to him for weeks after this. You felt humiliated, and he felt empty with you by his side. Tonight would be the first night you’d see him since you’d confessed. You’d promised months ago you’d go support him at a signing. Even after the mess you’d made, you couldn’t go back on a promise.
You were stood with the staff at the side of the room, watching the members answer the fan questions. A fan had asked one about their love life when he finally saw you. His blank face changed to a loving smile.
“I have a feeling that love will come to me very soon.”


Junmyeon was your rock. He was by your side through every event. Even during the worse times, he stuck by you. Right now, he was comforting you after your wisdom tooth removal. And by comforting, I mean trying to explain to you that he didn’t actually possess superpowers.

“But I saw you with my own eyes make that water ball!” you whined, mimicking the motions loosely with your hands. “And then when you were running through the hospital you make water with Minie!” once again you motioned, making him laugh harder. “It’s not real, Y/N,” he stroked your arm gently.
“But I already told people my boyfriend was a superhero…” you frowned, slumping into the bed. “You tell people I’m your boyfriend?” his brow rose as he watched your sulking face. “No… but I will one day when you I tell you how I feel.”
“I think you just did. But I’ll let sober you tell me,” he’d shift closer to the bed and pressed his lips to your head. “Try sleeping.”


People thought you and Yixing were already a couple. You did everything you could together. You were always by his side supporting him.

Here you were, sitting in his sitting room, giddy to see him perform. “You look so handsome!” you grinned, taking his hand to squeeze. “They’re going to love it!” your grin was mirrored by him as his hand locked your fingers together.

“I hope I can perform well.” his tone was filled with uncertainty. “You’re amazing, and you have never given a bad performance.” You gave his hand another squeeze. “You’re my best friend, of course you’re going to praise me.”

You shuffled your chair closer to him to wrap him in a hug. “It’s my job to protect the love of my life from negativity.” you mumbled into him. “You love me?” He questioned quietly, his own arms wrapping around around you. When you nodded, he let out a giggle, squeezing you against him.
“Wah, really?” he’d beam, pulling you to him. “Does that mean I finally get to kiss you?”


You and Baekhyun fed off each other’s energy. When together, the two of your were (normally) two balls of energy that caused hell for the other members. But today, you were both calm as you sat playing games in the dorm.
He kept stealing glances at your face, worried as to what caused you to be so down.

“Y/N…” he set his controller down and shuffled closer to you. “Talk to me,” he rested a hand on your shoulder. “Why are you so sad today?”
Your own controller was discarded to the side and now your attention was focused on your hands. “I’m in a mess…” you shrugged. “I think I love you…” At these words, he jumped up and began to dance. “Y/N loves me~ and I love her. We’re going to get married and have the most beautiful babies in the world!” he sang, making you laugh.


The other members always teased you and Jongdae on how you were just like a married couple. The two of you never gave any thought to your actions. Eating together, falling asleep on eachother and spending as much time as possible together had been something you’d done ever since you met.

It was movie night at the dorms. You and Jongdae had curled up in your normal place on the sofa, eyes on the screen. “You two should just wed already!” Beakhyun exclaimed as he watched ‘Dae cuddle closer to you in his sleeping state. “Maybe one day we will. Have to get the 'I’m in love with you’ part over with first,” you laughed, looking to the man sleeping against you.

“I love you too Y/N,” he grumbled, nuzzling into you, which caused an uproar from the members.


Once again, Chanyeol’s mind would come up with the worse case scenario. You didn’t want to be his best friend anymore. That’s what you were going to tell him when you both met up.
When he approached you, his eyes never met yours. How could he look at you when you were about to tell him that you never wanted to see him again.
“Why do you look so worried?” you’d laugh as you examined his crinkled nose. “I’m the one making a big confession. And I’d like for you to look at me while I did so.” His brown eyes finally connected with yours, making you smile wide.
“I had this big speech planned out, but I’m just going to say it, okay?” He nods for you to go on, hands moving into the pockets of his jeans. “I’m crazy in love with you.”

“Ah, Y/N!” he let out a nervous laugh before he shook his head. “I thought it was something bad! I’m crazy in love with you too.”


The second Saturday of each month, you and Kyungsoo would go out for a meal, and then to a bar. It was your way of making sure that you wouldn’t drift apart with how busy you both are.

More than usual was drunk, and the two of you were on a blurry buzz, trying your best to get back to your apartment before one of you fell and hurt got injured. You’d thankfully made it to your home, and now continuing creating chit chat about nothing.
“If you were my boyfriend, we could do this more often,” you mumbled as you slouched on the sofa. “But you’d never accept my love.” you let a pout sit on your face for a few seconds. “You want me to be your boyfriend?” he asked, leaning close to you. When you nodded, he jumped up from his place.
“The gods have listened!”


Being best friends with one of the hottest idols in the industry tested you. He was always away from you, always busy, always tired when you were together. Today you were frustrated with his fame for another reason. A news article of featuring him was spreading around the internet. 'EXO’s Kai dating SM Rookie.’ They looked cozy in the picture, walking out of the SM building, his coat over her shoulders.

Jongin was going to take you out to a pet adoption center to help you pick the perfect pooch for you. The atmosphere when he entered your flat wasn’t good. You felt awkward around him, knowing he was in close relations with a female trainee. “What’s the matter?” he asked at the sight of your slumped over state. “You’re dating, and you didn’t tell me.” you grumbled into the pillow.

“It’s not true, Y/N. I just wanted to make sure she wouldn’t get sick,” he frowned taking a step closer and resting his hand on your arm. “Good. Because I want you to be only mine.” To this, he laughed, thumb rubbing over your skin. “You have to stop being jealous even if it’s adorable. I can’t have a partner that will bite my head off for being a gentleman.”


You and Sehun were on a plaid blanket enjoying your last minute picnic. “I want to tell you something,” you set your sandwich down and wiped your hands on your jeans. “We’ve been best friends for years… and recently, all of these feelings for you came rushing down onto me. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m in love with you…”
Your mood dropped completely when he stood and began to walk away from your cozy set up.
When you stayed silent, he turned and offered you a smirk. “You always talk about how you want your first kiss to be under that blossom tree by the fountain. So let’s go.”

BTS Reaction: Being Possessive

Anon - Reaction to seeing a burn from your straightener or curling iron and thinking it’s a hickey from another wolf and getting angry/ possessive 


Originally posted by yoonseok

As soon as namjoon saw the mark his expression would darken, “who did this to you y/n? answer me! what have you been up to behind my back..” he would grab your face and tilt it to inspect the ‘hickey’ all the  while growling lowly. If namjoon gave you a chance to explain that you were just trying to straighten your hair he would soften his grip on you. “I’m sorry y/n I shouldn’t rush to conclusions like that, I just don’t want to lose you”


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He would notice the reddening mark as soon as you opened the bathroom door “I hope that isn’t what I think it is y/n…” He would start trying to see if he could smell any other wolf on you. When he couldn’t find any other scent but the one he left on you he would frown. “did I do that..? I don’t recall doing anything last night.”


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Yoongi would try not to show how angry he was. “Where is he?” When you frowned in confusion he would clarify “you know who I’m talking about, the unworthy bastard who touched you” “you belong to me and only me y/n” When he found out it was a burn from trying to do your hair he would frown “Be more careful next time, I don’t want you to get hurt”


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Hoseok would be the one to actually ask what happened before rushing to any kind of conclusions. In the back of his mind he would still be worried whether of not you were sneaking around. “are you sure it’s just a burn?” After assuring him it was he would pull you in for a hug “Never make me worry like that again y/n, I don’t ever want to loose you”


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Jimin would always be self consious so as soon as he saw the ‘hickey’ he would snap “Am I not good enough for you y/n?! What did I do wrong for you to go sneak around with some lowlife?” Once the situation was explained he would apologize over and over. “I shouldn’t have doubted you y/n, please forgive me if you can”  


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“y/n! come stand closer… what the hell is that?!” if you tried to cover the mark with your hands he would grab both of them tightly and growl in your ear. “You have a lot of explaining to do missy or do I have to remind you who you belong to? hmm…”


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Jungkook wouldn’t know how to approach you about it, instead he would just glare at the red mark until you noticed. When you asked what he was looking at he would drop his gaze “I can’t believe this. You belong to me. Nobody else can touch you. And if they do, they won’t be breathing for much longer…”

Fix Me

Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Your wish is my command c: Thanks for requesting, and sorry for the wait!

Prompt: “Could you do a RaphxMutant!Reader where the reader has had the WORST day possible and just wants to collapse and cry and when Leo picks on her a bit, she does so?” @mentallydestroyedfemme

Word count: 1064

Warnings: Swearing, Death

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

It was the day the moon fell.

You woke some time in the afternoon, promising yourself that you would make the most out of the rest of the day. After all, it’s not everyday that you got to go to the surface.  

But that changed when Master Splinter completely shut down your exploration quest.

“Did you do your chores last night? Or did you pay Michelangelo to do them, [Y/N]?” his voice was stern, his eyes solid on your face.

“W-well-” you couldn’t come up with a good excuse, but just glared at Mikey, who was stood behind Splinter, staring at the ground. Rolling your eyes, you snatched the broom out of Mikey’s hand and went to re-do the chores that were already done with drooped ears.

The rest of the day wasn’t any better.

“[Y/N] do this!”

“[Y/N] do that!”

You were sick of it, and were on the edge of an emotional breakdown. Why’d you have to clean anyway, it’s the sewers. Living with the turtles wasn’t your life goal, but it wasn’t that bad. You just had to get used to it. You’d grown up quite sheltered, and you did have loving parents. But all that changed when you got home on May 12th.

Bleary eyed, you walked up the steps of your home, opening the door to find an empty house. Even the furniture was gone. Of course you panicked to begin with, millions of conclusions rushing to your head at once, all of them put to rest when you walked cautiously into your barren living room.

Blood. Your feet carried you forward as you stared down at the two bodies on the ground. You don’t remember if you screamed or not, but you did feel your chest tighten, your body trembling and your world crashing to a halt.

Unfortunately, you weren’t the only one in that house that night. You felt a crack against the back of your head, and the heavy footsteps walking and stopping in front of you.

After that night, you’d forever been stuck with the exterior of a cat. It was a remake of the original green ooze that seemed to have only worked on you for some reason. And because of that, the masked figures that killed your parents took an interest in you and kidnapped you. Long story short, the green terrapins that you now deem your family, rescued you, and you would be grateful for as long as you lived.

One particular person you became very close to over the months was Raphael; he was your best friend after all. But you couldn’t help but hope for more. The more time you spent with him, whether it be reading in the room you shared with him, or watching him work out, you fell a little bit more for him. The way his lips curled up when he tried not to smile. The way he’d grunt in his sleep when he’d turn over or try to get comfortable. The way he knew every lyric to every song you liked. The way he’d sing them with you. The way he opened up to you, and how he always seemed to try and get you to open up.

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think he liked you too, but you were way too broken to even think about someone actually reciprocating your feelings. Who wanted damaged goods? 

“[Y/N], when you’re done with the rest of the lair, feel free to go make me a sandwich.” Leo grinned, laughing to himself as Mikey knitted his eye ridges together before shaking his head and going back to his game.

“I’m not your fucking maid, dickhead.” You threw the feather duster at his head, and he just turned around, glaring back at you. From where Mikey was sat, your body was practically shaking like an angry wave, ready to splash and diminish any kind of sandcastle building, which is why he got out of there before the yelling began.

“You know what your problem is?”

“Please, enlighten me you insensitive douche.” That made him scoff, standing up and walking over to you and getting close to your face.

“You want everyone to feel bad for you because you lost your parents, but guess what? Everybody has been through shit, and it’s time you grew up [Y/N], and stopped being so weak and pathetic.” What he said next really hit a nerve, but like he said, you were too weak and pathetic to do anything. “It probably wasn’t even murder, they probably killed themselves after having dealt with you for so many fucking years.” With that, he took a seat back on the couch and you lowered your head, the tears pouring down your fluffy cheeks, matting the fur with the salty liquid.

Raphael was stood next to the entrance of the lair, and he heard everything, and was about to burst into the room to kick the living shit out of Leo for saying all of that, but when he got to where you had been stood, he just watched you walk into your bedroom. He didn’t have to hesitate to know he had to go and comfort you, or at least try to.

“Hey, ya okay?” you didn’t pick your head up as your body continued to spasm with sobs and cries. Rushing over to you, he went to wrap his arms around you, but you flinched, another sob running through your body.

It felt like hours, you were both sat there, Raphael just trying to keep you calm, and failing.

“You and your brothers have this obsession with “fixing” people, but you can’t fix me! I’m not broken, don’t you understand? This is me. Every horrible, awful, disgusting part. That is me and I can’t. Be. Fixed!” Raphael was stunned, he didn’t know how to react to what she’d said. All he could really do was pull her into him and hold her, his Sun, his Moon. 

anonymous asked:

What if the reason why we feel like the manga is about to end is bc we are nearing the darkest part of the moon arc aka the zombie arc (or remember how much you cried when they died? Now get ready to go berserk on everything and lose their humanity arc)

There have been quite a few moments of narrative weirdness lately that have made several people completely suspect of the narrative in general.

I mean there’s physically imposing the word “Game Over” and several emoji overlays on what is supposed to be usually a manga that usually operates within the bounds and framing of reality, and if not reality classical literature-esque prose narrations. Whereas this screen looks like a video game. 

There was this narrative tidbit of Kaneki just completely forgetting not only that he lost, but also the entire fight.

Going back farther there’s last week where the narration boxes that were supposed to be objective not only turn out to be wrong, but are repeated over and over again.

There’s two weeks before that where Furuta just took control of the objective narrator voice.

There’s also deliberately putting Shio in danger, in order to have him confidently escape it. Yet, the next time we cut to this fight, it’s already concluded and Shio is already dead, which begs the question of why didn’t Ishida just show Shio losing here onscreen. 

There was also a lot of narrative weirdness once Tokyo Ghoul began rushing towards its conclusion. From V14 forward, the situation of what exactly happened to Kaneki still has yet to be explained by the manga. (Which is why I’m a little worried about all the fights we’re skipping forward past now, since we’ve been waiting for so long on so many other details like this).

Hide’s sudden appearance, Hide’s disappearance, Kaneki’s healing, the eyepatch, his healing, the fact that Arima Kishou knew his name, all of these elements combined for a surreal and unsettling finale. 

That seems to be Ishida’s intention once again with this latest narrative trickery, to parallel the feeling of V14 thoroughly and truly. 

Never Again: Part I

This is the beginning to a fic that someone requested a LONG time ago. I believe it was @mymilkshakeavenue . I apologize for the long wait, and that this is only the first part! I will be updating it again soon because I’m so excited for this fic and I will also make due on my promise that there will be an AU version of this fic as well. 

Well, I’ve got some big things planned for this fic. And believe me when I tell you that you will get exactly what you’ve asked for.

Enjoy, loves xx

P.S. Let me know what you think, and if you want me to update this fic or another one of my fics today!


“Just a bit higher, Cassian. If you would.”

The Illyrian warrior groaned, eyes soaring to the heavens. “By the Cauldron, Feyre,” he moaned, “I think if I have to hold this damned sword any longer my arm’ll fall off.”

I tisked, raising an arched brow. “If only Rhys could hear how his beloved General Commander is bitching about having to hold a sword for a few minutes.” My eyes darted back and forth between Cassian and the canvas in front of me, setting down my brush in favor of a smaller one. One that would be able to more accurately portray the fine lines of the man before me.

Or perhaps ‘whimpering baby’ was a better fit.

“Besides,” I sighed, “If my memory serves me correctly, it was you who insisted I paint you in the first place.”

“Indeed I did,” Cassian conceded, “And if my memory serves me correctly, you’re the one who insists on only painting Rhys. Like he’s the only one who lives in this gods-damned house with any looks about him and the rest of us ought to just run about with bags over our heads. It’s simply not fair!”

The truth was that I had painted them. All of them. I had rows upon rows of paintings and drawings and sketches that I had been progressively working on. Admittedly, none were as flamboyant and grandiose as the portrait Cassian was insisting at the moment. No, they were all little moments that had stuck out to me, ones I had tucked into my memory and went to work on as soon as I had a moment to myself.

However Cassian, being the jealous little thing he is, demanded I stop painting Rhys, or the sky, or landscapes, and ‘paint something that was truly the epitome of the Cauldron’s craftsmanship’, as he had so humbly put it.

“You know what’s funny, Cas? I can’t seem to recall having heard anyone else’s complaints about not being painted. You’re the only one who goes around making ridiculous demands such as these.”

He grinned, causing a dimple on his left cheek to pop out. “Oh come now, Feyre,” he purred, “You can try all you’d like, but you’re not fooling me. I know you’ve enjoyed focusing on my half-naked form for the past three hours.”

I couldn’t help but to burst out laughing. “Oh yes,” I nodded in mock seriousness, “I’ve enjoyed it so much, actually, that it’s making me rethink the vows I made to Rhysand. Perhaps I had been a bit too hasty in pledging my love for him and binding my life to his.”

“Well, if that’s really a concern, Feyre darling, then perhaps we can discuss it in a more private setting.” I looked behind me to find Rhysand leaning against the doorframe. Dressed in a simple dark shirt that was pushed up to his elbows, his lips set in an easygoing smile, hair tousled—from flight, most likely—the perfect picture of a completely content High Lord.

“Although, if you are so curious as to find out what a night with Cassian is like, who am I to stop you? I must admit, though, that I believe you’ll find him to be lacking in areas I consider myself to be quite proficient.”

“As tempting as the offer is, I’m afraid I’ll have to pass, Feyre,” Cassian laughed.

I set down my brush, cleaning my hands with a rag and said, “Oh? What a pity, as I was quite looking forward to it. But maybe you’re right, Cas. I don’t reckon Nesta would approve.”

“Despite what everyone may think in this house, my balls belong to me, all right? I’m a grown man who makes his own decisions.”

I only nodded. “Of course you are.”


Cassian held up a hand, stopping Rhys’ words short. “Ah. No need.  I was just about to make my grand exit.” He hopped off the raised dais, winking as he strode past me. “We’ll continue this later, I suppose.”

With that he leaped into the air, leaving Rhys and I alone.

“How much of that were you here for?”

Rhys smiled. “Enough to know that my General Commander may be getting a bit out of shape if holding a sword up for three hours was taxing for him.”

“Well,” I said, setting down my rag and walking over to him, “I was just about to go grab something to eat. Having to deal with Cassian for three and a half hours left me famished.”

His eyes flashed, brilliantly violet as I stood before him. “What a coincidence. So am I.”

“How unfortunate for you that I am not on the menu.” He grinned, bending down to press his lips to mine in a way which told me exactly what his mouth would do should I change my mind.

His mouth tore away from mine only for his tongue to lick a bold stripe from the curve of my neck to the shell of my ear where he purred, “Pity,” before stepping back and offering me his hand.

It took me a moment to orientate my thoughts, as my body was now vehemently screaming to take his hand and go back with him to our room. Or better yet, have him undress me and make do on all the promises that mouth had made to me just a few moments earlier.

But even if I had made up my mind in either direction, Rhys and I were interrupted by the sound of wings.

We both looked up, finding a large figure skyrocketing towards us.

“Something’s wrong,” I said. Rhys needn’t voice his approval, for I could sense the worry and apprehension on him.

Moments later, Azriel landed on the open balcony, eyes holding a serious weight. “Mor and Cassian are already at the House of Wind, Amren should be on her way.” Rhysand just nodded, and the two of us shared a look before wings sprouted from our backs and the three of us launched into the sky.


My heart was thundering in my chest as I considered what could possibly be such a threat that even Azriel seemed concerned.

All had been progressively improving following the death of the King of Hybern. The Cauldron had been stashed away, the Courts were slowly but surely recovering from the Second Great War, and the Human and Faerie Realms were getting along…somewhat.

Directly following the King’s death, Rhysand and I had called a meeting between all of the rulers of Prythian, not wanting to hold off on discussions that were too important to not be had. It went on for days, with enough arguing between the High Lords to last any immortal a lifetime, but progress was made.

There would no longer be only High Lords. High Ladies would also be named, and although the specifics of what being a High Lady entailed was left up to each individual Court, we had eventually agreed on basics that all of the Courts would abide by when naming a High Lady.

Additionally was the matter of the High Fae versus the Lesser or Low-Born Faeries. That was a matter which took half a decade before all Fae were given equal opportunities and rights, and a half a century more before discriminatory acts were not nearly as widespread as they once were.

The Courts seemed to be getting along well enough, so much so that Rhysand and I found ourselves being invited over for dinner or a day out on the boat or some other fun activity by one of the other ruler’s of Prythian quite often.

So as Rhys, Azriel, and I rushed to the House of Wind, I came to the conclusion that perhaps the threat was not a domestic one.

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Prompt if you want it: Mulder finds out Scully is pregnant and gets super adorably excited

So my original Skinner gets abducted rather than Mulder story was originally going to be a one-shot, but then I got to thinking about expanding on it, and @2moms-0fucks twisted my arm, and then I received this prompt, so here you go. Tagging @today-in-fic and @fictober. This all sounded better in my head, as does everything I write. 


Mulder pauses at the entrance to the hospital room, taking in the scene. His partner is sat up in bed, her complexion pale and her expression concerned, and he immediately knows something is wrong. She looks up as she notices him by the door and her eyes fill with tears. Shit, Mulder curses inwardly. Something is very wrong indeed.

Before she can say anything Mulder crosses the room to her side, perching on the bed as he takes hold of her hand and presses his lips to her forehead, trying to compose himself and to give her the courage to be honest with him. In response Scully let’s out the breath she’s been holding and squeezes his hand.

“I thought you were on your way to Oregon,” she says, her voice faltering as Mulder sits back and tucks a strand of her hair back behind her ear. He needs to touch her to reassure himself she’s okay.

“The Gunmen called just as we were about to board. I left Skinner to get on the plane while I came straight here.”

“I’m sorry. You should have gone too.”

“Scully I’m not leaving town while you’re in hospital.” He knows she wants to question him further but he’s more interested in her right now. “They said you collapsed again?”

She nods. “I’m fine though.”

Mulder tries not to flinch at her words, knowing full well she’s anything but. “If you were fine they wouldn’t be keeping you in hospital. Passing out twice in less than a week isn’t fine.”

“They’re just keeping me in for observation.”

“They’ve been running tests?” As she nods her tears spill over. Mulder grasps her hand tightly. “What is it Scully?” He asks, wanting to know yet at the same time terrified as to what she’s about to tell him.

“I’m having a hard time explaining it. Or believing it. But, um…” Time seems to stand still for Mulder as he waits for her to continue, and then he feels his stomach drop when she next speaks. “I’m pregnant,” she announces, the hint of smile appearing through her tears. She looks as shocked as Mulder feels. He looks at her, speechless, half wondering whether or not this is actually happening, and half convinced he’s about to wake up from the most beautiful dream. Scully attempts to smile but instead lets out a sob, her nails now raking into Mulder’s hand. “You’re…you’re what?”

“I’m pregnant.”

His throat dries up as he tries to find the ability to speak. “But…I mean…how? I thought we couldn’t…the IVF…are you…are you….?” He doesn’t want to say the words, but thankfully Scully knows what he’s asking.

“I made them rerun the tests,” she explains. “It’s true, I’m pregnant.” She lets out a nervous laugh before continuing. “I don’t know how, but they’ve put me at about six weeks, which adds up to that weekend with…”

Mulder casts his mind back six weeks, trying to recall what had happened. He grins as he suddenly remembers, and Scully’s next words confirm his thoughts. “Caddyshack.”

They’d spent the whole weekend together, only getting out of bed for food and necessities. It was a weekend that at the time Mulder knew he’d never forget, and now he knows it’s the case. The odds may certainly have been against them in trying to conceive, but that weekend they certainly gave it their best shot. And it had worked.

“I…I can’t believe this,” he says, shaking his head. His meaning however isn’t quite clear, and Scully’s smile fades.

“I know it’s a shock,” she replies, the understatement of the century. “And we never really discussed this after the IVF failed, so it’s understandable if you don’t…” As Mulder gives her a perplexed look she trails off. It doesn’t take him long to realize exactly what she’s implying.

“You mean if I’m not happy about this?” Scully says nothing, but she can no longer meet his eye. With his free hand, Mulder cups her chin and lifts her gaze. “Of course I am Scully. We wanted this. I’m just trying to take all of this in.” She nods. She feels the same way. “When our last try failed I remember saying that we should never give up on a miracle. I wasn’t in this just for the IVF Scully, I wanted to help you have a child in any way that you could. Help us have a child.” As the news starts to filter through to his brain Mulder smiles, suddenly feels lighter than he has in a long time. “I’m not saying I’m going to be Father of the Year, and my experience with my own dad hasn’t exactly set me up well for the future, but I want this baby.” He laughs, shaking his head once again. “A baby, Scully.”

“I know.” She shoots him a watery smile.

“When they said you were in hospital I presumed the worst. I thought the cancer…”

“So did I. I certainly wasn’t expecting this.”

His grin widens. “A baby.”

“I know.”

“A little me, and hopefully a lot of you. Wow I…” His mind is racing, and he’s still wondering whether he’ll wake up alone back at Hegal Place any moment soon. “Do you know what you’re having?”

Scully shakes her head. “It’s too soon for that.”

“A girl, it’ll be a girl.” He sounds so sure, he can almost picture her. “I hope she has your eyes and nose, your coloring too. A mini Scully. Oh god,” he suddenly exclaims. “We’re going to need a car seat, and I’m going to have to put the crib together. Your apartment is bigger than mine but we can think about that and find somewhere else if we need to.”

“Mulder…” There’s amusement in Scully’s voice but he’s too busy voicing his thoughts to grasp why.

“We’ll have to tell your mom. Maybe you could tell Bill and Charlie when I’m out of the room though. Bill is not going to be pleased I knocked his little sister up…” Another shake of the head. “I knocked his little sister up.” He barely had time to breathe before speaking again. “We should get married.”

“Mulder!” Scully’s laughing now, unable to stop herself. “Slow down!”

He pauses, his smile fades as he considers her words. “I’m sorry,” he says a few minutes later. “You’re right. I haven’t even stopped to ask you how you’re feeling about this…or my involvement.”

“Mulder.” She realizes he’s jumped to the wrong conclusion, and she rushes to explain, squeezing his hand to attract his attention. “I’m not questioning your involvement. I just meant slow down before you’ve got this kid graduating and moving out before he or she’s even born.”

At this he relaxes. “Sorry.” He let’s go of Scully’s hand and moves it down to her abdomen, still flat for the moment. “I can’t believe this.”

“We did it.” Scully’s breath hitches as she tries to suppress another sob, the events of the day too much for her.

Mulder leans forward and captures her lips with his own, trying to convey just how much he loves her and how happy he is. “Yes we did.” He sighs contentedly, his heart unbelievably full. Finally, after years of disappointment and heartache, something is going right for them. “I love you.”

“I’m glad you didn’t get on the plane,” Scully whispers, before they kiss once again.

“Me too,” replies Mulder. “Me too.”

i’m not the only one (two) - bucky barnes

Originally posted by buckingoffthebed

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: Bucky knows exactly what he’s done to you, and realizes you deserve a whole heart again. Part Two to “I’m Not The Only One”

Requested: yes (anon)

Warnings: language

Words: 1615

Here’s part two to “I’m Not The Only One”! This is low key sad but I hope you all like:)




You’ve been so unavailable, now sadly I know why. Your heart is unobtainable, even though Lord knows you kept mine. You say I’m crazy, ‘cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done. But when you call me baby, I know I’m not the only one.  

Your eyes stared vacantly at the beige colored wall in front of you, arms folded over one another in front of your chest, knees crossed and lips formed in a thin line. Every feeling you once had, every emotion displayed across your heartbroken features, was all void. Your face showed complete and utter emptiness at the situation occurring around you. Your heart no longer swelled at the thought of him anymore, your stomach no longer filling with butterflies as his blue, piercing eyes gazed into yours. The love you once felt was masked over in complete animosity at your once husband. His blue eyes that stared into yours were now filled with guilt and sorrow at what he had done to you.

The void feeling was taking over immensely second by second as you sat in full silence, while Bucky was weaving in and out of rooms, collecting his belongings as tears escaped his eyes.

“Get out!” you screamed, the tears running in streams down your flushed face. Your heart was tearing each second, no longer wanting to look at the betrayal sprawled across his features.

Bucky reached for you daringly, his hand slightly coming in contact with your arm. You feel the zap hit up your arm at his soft touch, your brain cursing you for feeling that way towards the betrayal, “Y/N..”

“No, Buck! You had your chance and you fucking ruined it!” you cut him off, screaming at the top of your lungs. Your body moved, shoving him weakly. You felt the feelings start to rush out of you an throughout your veins as the conclusion was coming to and. Your mind took over with nasty, aching thoughts of Bucky and some other mistress, him kissing her and holding her the way he used to hold you.

Her lips would suck on his neck and she would get o hear his throaty moan, the energy of his love radiating off of him onto her as they made love to one another. This ignited your fists to bang against his strong chest, tears falling all around you as he repeatedly hit him with all the hurtful memories he’s caused upon you for the past couple of months.

His eyes shut tight, the pain flooding his demeanor, allowing you to take out all of the pain you had allow build up inside of you for such a long time, out on him. As you hit against him numerous times, the pain he was supposed to be enduring was just a facade of memory. His body was built in complete nothingness, he couldn’t feel his own pain anymore, he could only feel yours.

I have loved you for many years, maybe I am just not enough. You’ve made me realize my deepest fear, by lying and tearing us up.  

As your mind carried itself back to your quiet state, you heard Bucky make his way back into the room from behind you. You didn’t know whether to turn around and approach him about what would dare to happen next, or to painfully sit in more continuous silence and watch him walk out the front door, leaving you forever.

“I, uh, I think that’s everything,” you heard Bucky speak behind you, the ache and discomfort laced through his voice ringing in your ears. Your brain rallied the types of options you had to act on for several painful minutes before coming to a conclusion.

You heaved a sigh from between your tight lips before turning around slowly, arms still crossed across your chest, and looked to see Bucky. His arms were holding numerous bags and suitcase on the floor . A black hat adorned his head of soft brown hair, while the jacket with the stench of perfume lied across his suitcase as a drape. You dared to look him in the eyes for a split second, your Y/E/C eyes, cold and unfamiliar gazed into his now dark, saddened blue orbs for a meaningful last time. You felt your blood run cold as realization hit you like a truck.

This was it. Your husband, the once love of your life, was leaving you. Not out of his doing, but because you told him. You couldn’t bare the thought without him, but you had to. He played with your emotions for months on end, sending your once unbreakable vows with the wind. Once broken, they were gone forever.

You didn’t even get up, you just stared at him for what felt like several minutes. The energy between the two of you now dead, nothing flowing excitedly through your bodies anymore. The love, adoration, emotion, was all gone, and never to return.

You ran your stare all around his body and situation before coughing the lump out of your throat and muttering scratchily, “Good,” your voice sounding sour and intense towards him. You felt Bucky tense at your state and you shifted slightly in your position, though your manner not changing for a split second.

Bucky dragged his belongings to the door, stopping to look at your once more, muttering, “I’ll, uh, I’ll call our lawyer tomorrow, get everything sorted out,” he answered, his voice sounding shaky and defeated as the talk of divorce abruptly flew its way into the conversation. You instantly felt your insides shake and your eyes shut tightly as the intention of divorce.

The word sounded so vague and foreign to your mind, never once thinking that it would cross into your path ever in your life. Your eyes still shut, you shook your head slightly, the feeling of him leaving you for forever crawling its way back up and into your heart. The familiar tears slipped through your shut eyelids and dropped themselves on to your flustered, and already damp cheek.

Bucky saw your immediate change of demeanor, his mind debating whether to walk out now and leave you be, or to attempt to soften the situation he’s already caused. He set down his belongings next to his suitcase on the floor, wondering what his next move would be. He carefully watched your painful figure silently sob at his previous statement. He walked behind you sitting on the couch, leaning down, his hands pressed against the back of the couch. His veins pumped with depression and guilt, his features softening as he stared down at your weakened state, regretting every painful, heartbreaking thing he’s ever done to you. He leaned down, hands pushing down on the couch, whispering softly next to your upset figure.

“Shh, please don’t cry. This is what you need. I don’t deserve you anymore, beautiful,” he whispered, reaching over and tucking your hair behind you ear softly.

You opened your eyes at the sound and feelings of his scratchy voice next to your ear. You quickly looked over and stared into his eyes, his pink lips quivering at the sight of your bloodshot orbs gazing into his for what he knows will be the last time. The next thing he did took you by surprise, your breath catching in the back of your throat.

He leaned down above you, placing his chapped and shaky lips against your flushed face, kissing your forehead gently. All the pain and hatred for what he’d done was still evident, the feeling of his now unfamiliar lips against yours causing your mind to rewind back to the times he was yours, and never anyone else’s. After a few seconds of pure pain, he pulled back slowly, the spark of what you once had, was gone.

Bucky’s lips turned up ever so slightly at you before nodding his head in a knowing demeanor at you, eyes down-casting in silence. You watched as he picked his things back up, draping the jacket over his shoulder before turning away from your painful figure and facing towards the one thing that separated you and him from now on. Your eyes scaled his actions, opening the front door, careful not the drop any of the belongings he was holding in his hands.

The dead energy picked up a little as his saddened blue eyes locked with yours, turning around to face you once more. He gazed at your weary state, his mind telling him to leave you for good, to set you free of the heartless emotions he put you through for months, and allow you to live your life without him, and without the heartbreak.

“I hope you find someone who loves you endlessly, and never hurts you the way I did, Y/N,” he said to you, nodding at your figure slightly before giving you one last arduous glance. Your heart slowly pieced itself back together as you followed Bucky’s unfaithful glance out the door and somewhere you would never know.

You could still feel the pain carry its way from him to you countless times as he made his way from you, before latching on to him for good, and leaving you to be set free, and your heart to learn to mend itself back together.

You say I’m crazy, ‘cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done. But when you call me baby, I know I’m not the only one. I know I’m not the only one, I know I’m not the only one. And I know, and I know, and I know, and I know, and I know, and I know, no, I know I’m not the only one.  


TAG LIST: @kaylaleslie1120 @alexelaineburke @5-seconds-of-sarcasmm @isnow-0r-never @samsfabuloushair @lunastarwatcher @2hip2bsquare @pixiedust-and-weasleys @random-fandom-lady  @chipilerendi @missidontknowwhatimdoing

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For the Drabble thing can you do 20 27 or 84! Thanks love your writing

27. “Show me what’s behind your back.” AND 84. “No regrets.”

It wasn’t planned.

It definitely wasn’t planned.

But when you saw the very obvious plus sign on the pregnancy test, you immediately began to rewrite every plan you’d had seemingly set in stone for yourself. You looked at yourself in the mirror, imagining how you’d look in a handful of months, sliding a hand over your belly. You were ready for this, you were sure of it. You didn’t have a choice to be ready for it, really. Babies were like that.

Even if it wasn’t planned, you knew you would’ve approached the test with a certain amount of sadness had it been negative. Within the three minutes it took for the first test to show you your results, you had already envisioned a curly-haired, green-eyed, smaller version of Harry running around, calling you “Mumma” and asking for more Cheerios. And then, while you waited for the second test to come back positive, you’d decided that the nursery would be painted an off-white and you would have dark cherry furniture.

“What’re you doin’?” you hear Harry’s voice echo through the large master bathroom.

“Oi!” You immediately turn to face him, both tests clutched in a fist behind your back. “Scared me!”

“What’re you doin’?” he repeats, walking towards you with a smirk on his face.

You step back so he can’t see your reflection in the mirror - you haven’t even thought of how you were going to break the news to him - images of his miniature occupying your brain for the time being - but you knew you didn’t want to shove two pee-sticks in his face and pretend like you had meant for it to happen that way.

“Just freshening up!” you squeak, pasting an over-zealous smile on your face. “Were you waiting on me?”

“No,” he shakes his head, glancing in the mirror as he adjusts his hair. “Jus’ wondered what was takin’ y’ so long. Was wonderin’ where you’d gone off to.”

“Oh,” you shrug, your hands sweaty behind your back. “Just needed to fix m’ hair.”

“What’re ya hidin’ behind your back?” he asks, trying to peek over your shoulder.

“Nothing,” you back up to the tall cabinet next to the countertop.

“So if there’s nothin’,” he walks closer to you, and for some reason, your heart begins to pound. “Why ye backin’ up?”

…would it be so horrible if he knew? You don’t think he’d be upset - quite the opposite, actually. But you wish you could tell him in some dramatic way, something that’s elaborate and worthy of an excited reaction. Maybe buy him a “World’s Best Dad” mug or have a scavenger hunt with all of the clues being baby-related. He deserved that, didn’t he? You wanted it to be more than a confession in the bathroom, even if you knew Harry wouldn’t care, either way.

“I’m not,” you try on an easy smile, and the click of the plastic tests against the cupboard indicate you’re lying.

Show me what’s behind your back,” he presses you up against the cabinetry, and for a moment, your mind rushes to a different conclusion altogether. But no, you can’t get hot and heavy now - not with your future hidden in your palms.

You slowly move your hands to the front of you, still clutching the tests in your right fist. You sigh, opening your right hand to reveal the very positive readings on the white and blue sticks. You focus on his face while a slew of emotions run across his features. First, he’s smug, knowing that he’s made you reveal your secret. Then, he’s confused, his brow wrinkled and lips pursed. And finally, when he realizes what it means, his eyes catch yours with a brightness you’ve never seen from them before.

“Is…with…” he grins, clutching your shoulders. “Jus’ now? Twice?” he switches his eyes from your hand to your face, his smile getting bigger and bigger each second you don’t deny what the tests mean.

“Yeah,” you nod, and suddenly, you can’t stop your eyes from filling with tears. There’s a certain amount of relief that comes from his reaction. The two of you weren’t even engaged yet, but you’d been living together for a year and he was comfortable enough to pee in front of you with the door open. The natural next step in your relationship would be to get married, but, babies don’t care about the natural order of things.

“‘m gonna be a dad?” he questions with a breathy whisper. “‘ve made me a dad?”

You nod, chuckling when the first tear falls from your eyes. “‘m sorry I didn’t get the chance to tell you all special-like. You kinda ruined it by barging in on me,” you shrug, looking up at the ceiling, willing the extra tears to stay put. “Know it’s not under the best circumstances - know we didn’t plan it - but ‘m kind’ve…” You trail off when Harry looks at you, concern ghosting over his glittering eyes. “Jus’ don’t want you to be mad at me for forgetting antibiotics cancel out birth control, is all. Don’t want this to scare you,” you sniffle, trying to avoid his burning gaze.

“Don’ say tha’,” he squeezes your shoulders so he can catch your eyes once more. “I would never be mad at ya for somethin’ like this, love,” he kisses your forehead in reassurance. “I love ya more than anythin’, ‘n ‘m so ‘appy you get to be the mum of my baby,” he smiles, his dimples pressed deep into his cheeks.

“Y’might regret saying that when I’m nine months pregnant ‘n won’t stop bitching about how fat I’ve become and how all I want is to eat my body weight in crisps,” you chuckle, accepting his lips for a kiss.

No. Regrets.” he places his forehead against yours, kissing the bridge of your nose. “Not now, not ever.”

Sf9 To You Fainting On Stage During A Music Show

Inseong: “ohmygod” In the amidst of watching you perform with a smile on his face, the smile would soon quickly fade as you fall to the ground. Panic would be written all over his face and his eyes could even get a little teary/blurry knowing he’s not able to do anything about it. Would look at Jaeyoon in worry and Jaeyoon would comfort him about it saying you’’ll be ok but he would still be super upset. Would get angry at your company for having you so malnourished and looking at the staff members in his head like, they better not make her come back out and perform.”

Originally posted by foxyins

Youngbin: Would suddenly getting up off his seat, causing people around him to stare but he wouldn’t really care at that moment until the other members whisper for him to sit back down. Would get really quiet but also pissed at the company. Also no longer in the mood to smile or wave to fans the whole night but the type to still give a fake small smile so it won’t look obvious however, he’s only thinking about you. Not even wanting to talk to the members after like he usually does.

Originally posted by yngbin

Rowoon: Would immediately drop whatever conversation he was having with the members and turn into a quiet statue, frozen- only staring at you laying on the stage floor while the staffs were quickly picking you back up, his heart pounding so hard it could practically explode out his chest, watching as you were carried off backstage. Wouldn’t talk for the rest of the day, and would even turn super cold/rude to fans unintentionally at the fanmeeting after outside the music show building. Literally a fan would be like “Roowoon-ah Do A Heart To The Camera!” And he’d be like

Originally posted by ohjuho

Jaeyoon: “What the heck is going on? What the f***, what’s wrong with her? My baby ohmygod.” Would be pissed/worried at the same time, his face obviously panicking while Inseong or Dawon would tell him to stay calm. Would llie and say he’s going to the bathroom so he can pass by your waiting room and sneak to see if you’re ok through the crack in the door and if you were, he would whisper and wave through the crack to get your attention and mouth “You ok babe?” with worry written all over his face. 

Originally posted by sf9

Dawon: This jokster would try to blend in with everyone else looking worried for you but inside would 100000x be panicking af. Look around at other idols and would be like “is she ok?” talking to random people and doing fanservice for fans as much as he can to distract himself from you, even his members patting his back and whispering if he’s fine and he will just be smiling to the fans while whispering back like “no im not, im literally shaking dude haha”

Originally posted by dangchanhee

Zuho: Literally his instinct was to dash on stage to pick you up, but of course he’s not that stupid. Would immediately grip onto something possibly his chair or if the members were unlucky, their arm or thighs- his hand possibly digging into them unconsciously until they tell him to let go and stay calm. Would nonstop talk to Youngbin Or Inseong Or Rowoon constantly about you. “Is she ok? Do you think she will be? Oh my god what if they make her come back out and perform. Do you think she should go home or the hospital. What if she’s still unconscious oh my god.” 

Originally posted by cadetremi

Taeyang: “ohmygodohmygodohmygod-someone-help-her-up-please.” Literally skipping to 20 thousand different conclusions in his mind and constantly looking rushed and rushing in his work and activities, spacing out whenever fans tried to talk to him. Would call you 20 thousand times and leave 20 thousand voice messages and video messages because tae boyfriend misses you and needs to know if you’re ok. 

Originally posted by imekova

Hwiyoung: “noona….” he would mumble under his breath. Best knowthis boy is going to get teary real quick. Trying to not cry, he would just cover his mouth with his hands, chani or dawon rubbing his back for comfort. “omo, what’s going to happen to her?” He will whisper to dawon while holding in his tears that look like its about to come out sooner or later. Would just be super emo the rest of the day. 

Originally posted by feelsensational

Chani: “!!!!!!!!!NOONA!!” His ass would yell out suddenly, the members like “omg shutup!” Now everyone knows you and him are close or at least friends. At that moment he doesn’t care, and is just wondering if you’re ok or not. Asking the manager if he can go to your waiting room after the show and asking your manager for permission if he can see you. WIll comfort and be at your aid the rest of the time before both of your groups leave the building.

“Aiyoo noona, stay healthy for me.”

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Top 5 ships in general

When you mean in general, I am going to presume ALL FANDOMS, not just League.


- Number 5.

Plague Knight and Mona (Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows)

(Fantastic artwork by @pickles4nickles)

I simply cannot stop loving these two. Unlike alot of ships I enjoy, these two are just pure, unadulterated adorableness and fluff. I don’t want to ruin the DLC for anyone who hasn’t played it, but the ending is possibly the sweetest thing i’ve seen from a video game. Cannot recommend it enough, its sad, sweet, a little sappy and a whole lotta cute.

- Number 4.

Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts (To the Moon)

(Wonderful artwork by @unoobang!)

To the Moon is by far my favourite game of all time. The experience was roughly the same as getting a piece of paper, making it into a paper rabbit, ripping it in half, taping it back together carefully and with extreme amounts of love, then watching it be thrown into a wood chipper, only for your best friend to present it to you all Mike Wazowski style like in Monsters Inc. Watts is a silly, laid-back goof with a big heart, meanwhile, Rosalene is a cold, calculating woman with a big brain. The balance between the two, combined with their inner, hidden desires and sins are so…. Human. Everything about them is human, and that’s why I love them so much.

- Number 3

Sky Hart and Takumi Nakamura (League of Legends)

(Lovely artwork by @ionian-storm-chaser)

Perhaps I am bias… Since as you can tell, I am the creator of Takumi. But in all honesty, I did not expect this simple relationship to snowball into so much emotion and development. Takumi, a disowned, wandering gunman with a vendetta, and Sky, a mercenary with an enchanted sword and a strong moral conviction seem like a generic story couple. But, its not only how fleshed out the two are, but how human they seem to me. Sky, who is portrayed by my good friend, Penny, is a strong-willed, compassionate soul who was dealt the hard hand in life, but came out better for it. Takumi is the opposite, someone who’s had his back shoved into a corner and had to fight like a rabid animal to escape. Right now their threads are few, and most their interactions are short, but how much they carry means more to me in the end.

- Number 2

Genji Shimada and Dr. Angela “Mercy” Ziegler (Overwatch)

(Superb artwork by @girlcarnivore!)


Honestly, I fell in love with Gency the second I saw it. Genji, a character which I find very interesting due to his internal war with himself, holds similarities with the good doctor that most can only see past the surface. Both had lost family in the past, Mercy losing her parents and Genji losing his brother, both through the burdens of wars, one being a physical one and the other a moral one. I feel that Mercy and Genji are two of the most personality rich characters in the game, period. Mercy, a doctor, who’s purpose is to heal and protect, has her creations turned to weapons, her research used to hurt, everything she’s stood for crumbling around her while she can only watch. Genji, a warrior who is torn between who he is and what he is, a machine, or a man, this internal struggle between himself, his brother, and his place in the universe. The tragedy that both had to face must have been unbearable, but in the grand scheme of things, all wounds heal, and all scars fade.

Honourable mentions!

- Steven Quartz Universe and Connie Maheswaran (Steven Universe)

- Jordan “Thermite” Trace and Yumiko “Hibana” Imagawa (Rainbow Six: Siege)

- Mugen and Fuu (Samurai Champloo)

- Marco Pagot and Madame Gina (Porco Rosso)

- Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson III and Carrie Krueger (The Amazing World of Gumball)

- Valkyrie Cain and Fletcher Renn (Skullduggery Pleasant series)

And now….

- Number 1

Yasuo “The Unforgiven” and Riven “The Exile” (League of Legends)

(Amazing artwork by @talgyu)


Okay, let’s do this.

Yasuo and Riven are perhaps my two favourite characters in any fictional setting, franchise or series. Yasuo, a disgraced warrior bent on honour and retribution, travelling the fine line between justice and vengeance with the woman who most likely killed his elder and forced him on this road, leading to the death of his friends and even his own brother? Impossible! That can’t happen!

Well, can’t it?

The main appeal for me, is how these two are identical on the opposite sides. Both were cast away from their nations, one fighting a war against it to save it, one fighting to save himself. They both believe in honour, in the hopes of justice and redemption. Both have endured so much pain, losing all the family they had, losing everything to the bloody sin we call war.

Riven, who’s most notable feature is her shattered sword, is a symbol of the ties being cut from her past. Yasuo, who’s blade is still whole, represents a very different story. The man who thinks he is whole is broken, and the woman who thinks she is broken is whole. The similarities, how they’ve hurt eachother so much without even knowing, is something which I want to see develop. Alot of people presume Yasuo will simply try to kill her outright. Why would he do that? That is against his whole character. The Unforgiven ended up here because of his foolish actions, by thinking too fast, by rushing in like a chaotic gust of wind. That man learned and was punished because of that. His symbolic ideals of balance, of life and death and creation and destruction that are so prevalent in his character would carry to his meeting with Riven.

Does he suspect her? Without a doubt. But will he rush to conclusions? No, only a wild and young wind will do that. Even in-game, everything he says to her is never a death threat, but always questions, questions he wants answers to. Their meetings are the beginning of the story, not the end.

If you wish for a wonderful piece of writing that almost perfectly explains their relationship, find “Follow The Wind” on by @tahimikamaxtli, I assure you will not be dissapointed.

Okay, now i’m gonna lie down.

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Postmortem: Max Minghella on Nick’s Reveal
Max Minghella as Nick in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ (Photo by: Take Five/Hulu)

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the “Faithful” episode of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Despite their puritanical leanings, the Founding Fathers of Gilead haven’t been able to completely eliminate sex from their evolving society. The ongoing fertility crisis makes procreation a necessary practice. What they have achieved is successfully removing the concept of romance, of pleasure — for men, and especially for women — from sex. Every bedroom encounter we’ve witnessed in The Handmaid’s Tale to date deliberately resembles, in the words of series star Elisabeth Moss, a sexual assault rather than a passionate coupling.

That changes in the final scene of the show’s fifth episode, “Faithful.” Leaving her attic room under the cover of night, Offred (Moss) heads directly to the apartment above the garage where the Waterfords’ driver Nick (Max Minghella) sleeps. No words pass between them as she removes his shirt and pants, followed by her own Handmaid habit. And then, they’re on top of each other, caught in the grip of a physical longing that’s been too long suppressed. Director Mike Barker makes the conscious choice to keep the camera on Offred throughout; Nick’s present in the room, but he’s almost incidental to her emotional (and erotic) experience.

“That scene, to me, is really about release for June,” Minghella tells Yahoo TV, referring — as he will throughout our interview — to Offred by her pre-Gilead name. “I felt like I was the least important factor. This society is so terrified of female pleasure specifically, so these moments of reprieve are important. That scene was simple to shoot [because] it was more primal than anything else I worked on. Mike is uniquely gifted to shoot such scenes — he’s a man with no filter. And Lizzie and I are very close and trust and respect each other. It’s was a very effective combination of people to tackle a scene like that.” (Fun fact: Barker has directed multiple episodes of Outlander, another show famous for its energizing sex scenes.)

Elisabeth Moss and Minghella in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ (Photo: George Kraychyk/Hulu)

That Offred chooses Nick as the person to release herself with is a decision that, for her at least, seems based more on proximity than affection. While the enigmatic chauffeur has been a source of fascination for her since entering the Waterford residence, she’s more attracted to figuring out his deal than his personality. (She’s also clinging to memories of her husband, Luke, who we see in the flashbacks that are sprinkled throughout “Faithful” revealing how they fell in love. It’s a storyline that also gives the episode it’s semi-ironic title: Luke was married when he and June met, and he left his wife for her.) That fascination doubles after Ofglen warns her that there’s an Eye living in her household — and process of elimination makes Nick the most likely suspect.

Sure enough, he discloses his status as a member of the secret police to Offred midway through “Faithful,” getting a jump on a revelation that’s saved for the final pages of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel. As Minghella explains, the fact that he confesses this early in the series signals that Nick is far more into Offred than the other way around. “There was a lot of discussion about how easy that confession should be,” he says. “I like the notion that June has this power over Nick that causes him to make decisions that aren’t necessarily [ideal] for his self-preservation. The power of love is a strong thing.”

Moss and Yvonne Strahovski in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ (Photo: George Kraychyk/Hulu)

Nick’s intense attraction to Offred, as well as his equally intense survival instinct, are both motivating factors behind his decision to agree to Serena Joy’s (Yvonne Strahovski) proposal that he be the one to father the Handmaid’s child in place of Fred (Joseph Fiennes). So with his boss’s wife standing guard, alternately watching them and looking out the window lest any of the household staff wander into this illegal arrangement, Nick has his own “breeding ceremony” with Offred, and it’s about as awkward and unpleasant as her evenings with the Commander — a direct contrast to the wild, unobserved sex they both enjoy later. “It’s sort of a miracle she forgives me after that,” Minghella says, chuckling. “I don’t think that Nick is delighted by that scenario; he has real feelings for this woman, and it’s an awful way for that to be expressed for the first time.”

The exact nature of Nick’s feelings for Offred remains more opaque in the novel — a side effect of the fact that he withholds key pieces of information from her until the narrative rushes to its conclusion. With the expanded timeline, and shifting points of view, that have accompanied translating the book to television, Minghella had to make specific performance choices that bring the character into sharper focus. Early on, for example, he decided that Nick should have a very “militant” physicality that complements his status as a secret government agent, and hints at a larger backstory that Minghella says will be disclosed in a future episode. “It felt a bit like doing Kabuki theater,” he says of the character’s deliberate movements. He relies on them to keep his face expressionless, avoiding any flashes of emotion that could leave him emotionally or physically vulnerable.

Now that Nick’s Kabuki mask has slipped, somewhat, in “Faithful,” Minghella teases that more of his true feelings may escape as The Handmaid’s Tale passes the halfway point in its 10-episode run and looks ahead to the just-announced second season. “What’s amazing is that you get to the end of this season and you really feel how rich [the show] is. It’s full of discovery and revelation, and yet we’re just getting started,” he says. Being able to grow with a character over the course of these 10 episodes has been a new experience for the 31-year-old actor, who — apart from a recurring role on The Mindy Project — has primarily appeared in feature films, including The Social Network and The Ideas of March. (Minghella is the son of Oscar-winning English Patient director Anthony Minghella, who passed away in 2008.)

“I found it fascinating to be behind the story,” Minghella says of his first brush with serialized television. “I was really learning about the person I was playing with the audience, week by week.” In fact, he signed onto the series not even aware of the prominence Nick would come to have in the story. “I think Nick had only three lines of dialogue in the pilot script,” he says. “It was interesting to discover that Nick would become such an intrinsic part of the story, and a pleasant surprise to be given a lot of challenging stuff to do.”

New episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale premiere Wednesdays on Hulu.

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Dear fam STOP RUSHING TO CONCLUSIONS this is NOT the special mv for reaching 30 million 😥

I was so ready for 545, so pumped..

I had this whole drinking game planned. I was gonna take a shot every time a ship became canon, I was gonna take 2 shots if we got a wedding (I had my fingers crossed for Gajevy) and 1 shot for each canon child showing up. I was so sure I would get shit faced by the ending.. Needles to say I’m fuckin SOBER and really disappointed.

Shitfaced still, but in a whole different way. 

I’m sad, really I am. 1. that the manga ended and 2. that we didn’t get a satisfying conclusion to none of the ships.

And it’s not even that, I’m pissed because we had our hopes raised. I feel seriously betrayed. I feel like I’ve been thoroughly fucked hard and then left before the climax. Like there was that cover some time ago with all the ships on and I was so sure after that that we were gonna get a really cheesy sweet as fuck ending but noo. 

Honestly, I wouldn’t have been this dissappointed in the ending if the romance aspect hadn’t been so hinted on in this arc and there wasn’t such an influx in ship-related art from Mashima, right until the end. I mean we had that cover, and the Gruvia art on twitter and the Nalu art, like seriously, way to play with our fuckin heads Mashima. 

There were the Gruvia moments, with Gray saying he needs to apologise, then him protecting Juvia.. where the fuck is my panel with Gray’s apology Mashima? All I get is a “maybe”? Really? That’s the answer? I know Gray is a tsundere but this would have only been acceptable if he hadn’t been shown so “sticky” to Juvia in the last chapters. Yet he was clinging to her, protecting her, smiling to her, I really, truly believe FUCKIN MAYBE is not what Gruvia deserved. Since when is Gray fuckin shy? Fuck that, I do not accept that lame explanation. He should have said “you’re mine” and leave it at that, no fuckin’ maybe added. I really fuckin wanted to see Gray man the fuck up, but I guess “no fuck that” was better huh?

And Jerza.. such a letdown. 

Like we get a fuckin second Zervis conclusion but barely 2 panels on Jerza seriously? Are you fuckin kidding me? Did we really need another Zervis conclusion? Why does Mashima have such a fuckin hardon for this ship? We got basically an entire arc on them, their child, their love/hate relationship.. and the conclusion they got was OK. I mean the both of them happy in the afterlife was a fine ending for them. I get that Mavis founded Fairy Tail but she’s a secondary character and gets 2 conclusions while freakin Erza, a MAIN, doen’t even get proper closure to her storyline with Jellal. FUCKIN BULLSHIT.

Also, if they are reincarnated how the fuck are they the same age they were when they died?! This is not how reincarnation works like WHAT THE FUCK THEY SHOULD BE BABIES FFS, HUMANS DON’T GROW LIKE THAT IN A YEAR. Logically they died a year ago, so how the fuck did they grow up so fast? It’s basic biology shit, their reunion at Lucy’s party should not be possible. This is just rushed and I don’t understand why he insisted on squeezing another Zervis conclusion, seriously, it’s weird, it’s not done right (THEY SHOULD BE BABIES ) and it’s not fair to the other characters honestly. 

Like fuck Jerza am I right? A ship that’s had build up for years, why give them a moment right? Clearly Zervis needed another ending. 

I am so pissed. So fuckin pissed. I’m very sad about this, I think Jerza was the ship that suffered the most being apart, and also the ship that’s had the more proeminent and deep feelings shown throughout the manga, and thus I think they were the most deserving to have a clear and happy ending together.

And even Gajevy like we can’t even get an actual phrase out of Levy’s mouth that she’s pregnant, noo we get  “whisper, whisper” and Lucy saying she thinks she heard the word “baby” like WHAT THE FUCK. Gajevy should have gotten a proper kiss at least, I’m starting to think Mashima can’t draw a romance scene, otherwise I really can’t explain it to myself why none of the ships got .. more.

I’m not that surprised by the Nalu ending, out of all the ships I was expecting stupid shenaningans with this one. What Natsu wanted to say was for them to go on a job.. Sigh.. 

I was hoping they would become canon but alas it was not meant to be. They clearly mean a lot to eachother so their relationship is probably more of a slowburn that needs more time. A real slooow burn that probably needs like 3 more years to get there. But in the end this is just me thinking… I’m never gonna get official confirmation am I?

 Anyway they are not the reason why I am so dissapointed with the chapter. The other ships with more build up deserved better. It’s such a fuckin terrible tease, we got so many hints and in the end we got nothing clearly romantic. Un-fuckin-fair. No clear Jerza, no clear Gruvia, no clear nothing. FUCK. 

Except Zervis of course, we really needed them to be visibly together, AGAIN, totally. /s And don’t twist my words. I am bitter yes, but it’s not that I hate the ship, I just don’t think it needed another conclusion, occupying space in the end chapter that could have been given to other ships.

Troll until the very end, Mashima truly was. I know the manga is more about friendship and bonds, like don’t get me wrong, I am aware of what I am reading, but like I said I wouldn’t be this disappointed by the ending if the ships hadn’t had such buildup and hints added to them.

Good thing I got vodka and not champagne, vodka goes so much better with disappointment than champagne does. I’m just gonna drown my sorrows and hope for some better fillers on the ships in the 2018 anime, although that’s just wishful thinking, we probably won’t get ship conclusions in the anime if Mashime doesn’t greenlight it, and seeing as he didn’t do them any justice in the manga I doubt he’s gonna let the anime do it. (I’m a sucker so I’m still gonna keep my fingers crossed until the very end-end). 

I think Mashima probably wanted to let anyone continue shipping what they want without confirming or denying any particular ship, although I can’t help but be salty as fuck about it. And imo building something without giving it a clear conclusion is a fuckin lame cop-out. Like fuckin dot your i’s and cross your t’s man, regardless of what faction of the fandom is gonna be pissed or happy. 

Guess it’s all up to fanfiction now. I hope I’ll find some good ones to read on a more satisfing ending or just write one myself.

The Eden - Tommy Shelby

Request: could I request an imagine where you’re an Ex of tommys and you broke up because you didn’t like how close he was getting to grace, you go to work in sabinis clubs and he sees you and gets annoyed and protective and eventually it has a happy ending?? Sorry it’s very vague but I hope the idea comes across okay 🙈

The Eden - Tommy Shelby

“You’re late.” Sabini said.  

“Thank you Darby, I hadn’t noticed.” You ignored your boss as you went about changing for the evening.  


The more you heard Grace’s name come up in conversation the more suspicious you became. At first she was just the plain looking barmaid with unfashionable hair. She didn’t seem to be any threat to you. But then Tommy was including her in plans for Campbell and Kimber despite your warning that she couldn’t be trusted. Polly had been right when she told you that men only thought with their dicks. Grace was perfectly alright girl and she seemed more than eager to open up for Tommy. And since she so desperately wanted your job of keeping the bed warm you gave it to her. He wasn’t worth fighting over if he was going to pretend you didn’t exist whenever she came around.  

So you packed. While he was hiding from Campbell god knows where you packed your bags and left Birmingham. You had a sister in London and you moved in with her family until you could find a job and a place. Both came to you hand in hand. You may’ve been done with Tommy Shelby but you weren’t near finished with gangsters. It was in London, not three days after your arrival, that you met Mr. Charles Sabini.  

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Kill Your Darlings - When The Finale Isn’t Final (TBTP Fanfic)


In which the end wasn’t really the end, or at least not in the way they wanted you to believe. A rewrite type continuation of the finale, because some things just can’t be left unsaid.


Ok, now that’s done, this is a very hastily written rewrite/ continuation of the finale ending, because of course it is. I am mad/sad as I am sure lots of people are, but this little headcannon was making me less sad about it all so I figured putting it out there might help others see past the single episode for the hypothetical future of our favourite demon denouncing duo.

There might be errors, as I have written then posted with only a small amount of editing. I may go back and change these when I have had a night to sleep on it, but for the ideas alone I needed to get them out there, so have at it folks! Please do let me know what you think, or in general just to talk/rant about the finale in general!

I don’t own the rights to the Black Tapes Podcast, or any characters. These headcanons are mine but are meant for the masses :)

Two tickets. Two options. Two weary faces not breaking eye contact as they said the lines.

Of course that hadn’t been the end.

It needed to be. Oh god with the threats and the phone calls and that video, it needed to be the end more than either of them could ever say.

But it wasn’t, because they were both in Strand’s living room, Alex cross-legged next to the coffee table and Strand with his hands tensed in his lap on the sofa, staring each other down as they let the recorder hear their magnum opus.

The ultimatum was their way out.

Not in the way that the podcast listeners would hear, even though that idea grew ever more tempting each time one of them fumbled, or coughed when their throats dried out with nerves, or that one time a book fell over and their hearts jumped so much they had to stop altogether till a good part of the bottle of wine was in their systems. No, the ultimatum was their way out in the way a flashbang hides a magician.

The podcast had gotten too noticeable. Of course Alex knew that, as did Nic and the office and every one of the blogs that talked about it, recommending it to more and more eager listeners as the plot wove on. But noticeable in the charts was not noticeable to the kinds of people filming the presenter sleeping at night, and now that both those types of ‘publicity’ had merged, the podcast had gone from an interesting medium of discovering the truth, to an intrinsical part of the mystery, and one that was proving ever more dangerous.

Kill your darlings, Steven King had said. And so Alex was killing her podcast, rushing to a conclusion that wasn’t satisfying but was final; anything to let her and Strand and Nic and everyone else tangled up in its strings fade into the shadows that so often haunted their movements.

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Finally some slow dancing sheith; tried to keep it fluffy because god knows I don’t write enough of that. Also tried to keep it in character… I’ve been questioning the way I write these two for a little bit, so who knows? I enjoy writing them so I guess that’s what matters *shrugs*


“Yes, seriously,” Shiro answers, pulling the bottle of Olkarian spirits out from behind his back. “Or you don’t get any of this.

Keith’s eyes dart from it, to Shiro’s face, to the music device in his other hand, and back to the bottle. The gears turning in his head are almost visible.

“How do you always know how to blackmail me?” Keith asks, sounding accusatory.

Shiro shrugs. “I just know.” He does, but he also knows that Keith is wound just as tight as the rest of them, in the face of their upcoming battle; it sinks over the horizon of Olkari while they all turn in for the night, only to rise again the next morning with renewed strength, a reminder as subtle as it is ignorable- which is to say, not at all.

Keith eyes the bottle again, arms crossed over his chest. “Fine. Okay. But I doubt I’ll do it right.”

Shiro grins at the victory and sets down the bottle to approach him, fidding with the music prism. “Don’t worry, half of it is improv anyway.” He finds the switch and flicks it on.

Nothing happens.

It prompts a frown from Shiro, and he clicks it off, then back on again, messes with the volume wheel, and pauses to frown just a little more. “Uh… Maybe it’s broken.”

“Are you going to sing?” Keith asks, amusement laced in his tone.

Shiro laughs nervously at the suggestion, pocketing the device instead. “I’m not… that into improv. We’ll just have to imagine the music.” He holds out his hand.

Keith’s smile drops again, and he chews on his lip in a clear internal conflict. Shiro just keeps his hand up and waits; Keith doesn’t rush into things, outside of the battlefield and training and the occasional prank war, so he knows it will just take a little bit for him to make up his mind, which is okay. They have time, no matter how little it seems to be.

“…just the one dance?” Keith asks, and then takes his hand when Shiro nods, glancing up at him with a lost, Now what? look.

“So you hold my left one like this,” Shiro adjusts their fingers, and Keith seems to relax a little bit. “And then you can put your left on my waist, or my shoulder, or-” He pauses when it slides up to his arm, right above the prosthetic, where the mangled skin can still pick up the warmth of Keith’s through Shiro’s shirt. “-there,” Keith must have taken off his gloves, without him noticing.

“That’s okay?” Keith asks, expression shifted from unsure to more worried, or maybe just a stronger mixture.

“Yeah,” Shiro is quick to reassure him, pushing aside the familiar longing gathering like clouds in his chest. This wasn’t meant to be a romantic gesture, not really, and treating it like one wasn’t fair to either of them.

Though the emotion that flickers over Keith’s face seems to run deeper than simple relief; or Shiro is just quicker than usual to entertain his imagination today.

“So my hand,” He lifts the prosthetic, letting it hover near Keith’s waist. “You can tell me where to put, if you want.”

Keith glances at it, seeming thoughtful, before saying, “Higher,”

It sounds like there’s an echo of a question there, so Shiro touches his side where he moved his hand, asking, “Does that feel right?”

Keith’s ears redden; he must have taken it as rejection, like Shiro was trying to guide him toward the right answer where he’d made a mistake. “I don’t- I haven’t-”

“It was just a question, Keith,” Shiro says, refraining from rolling his eyes, but unable to keep the amusement out of his voice. “I just want to know if it’s okay.”

He’s silent for a minute, refusing to meet his eyes like he doesn’t quite believe him. But, eventually, he glances up under furrowed brows and says again, “Higher.”

Shiro complies, hand drifting up over his ribs until Keith stops him. His fingers are curved around his side, palm close to Keith’s heart, and he scolds himself for thinking it was intentional, that Keith would pick a spot that seemed intimate-

“Maybe I will hum, just so we have a beat,” He says, bulldozing over his own thoughts.

“Can’t hurt,” Keith agrees, lifting one shoulder in a shrug, as Shiro starts to move his feet, in a simple box-waltz pattern that mostly everyone at the Garrison had learned for formals. The movement comes as naturally as the song, a gentle tune that he’s been recalling sporadically since their last fight with Zarkon- something random, but sweet. Fairly slow.

Keith moves with him, looking down at his feet mostly, muttering apologies every time he messes up. They die out soon enough- dancing is like that, after a while; mindless, as easy as breathing.

“I know what you’re doing,” Keith says, after a while. “Keeping me up here.”

“Oh?” Shiro pauses his humming, a nervous flutter in his stomach despite his self-proclaimed indifference.

“You want to talk about it.” Keith raises his eyes again briefly. “Tomorrow. What we have to do.”

“No, actually,” Shiro finds his feet stalling, frown rising to his face. “I was trying to get our minds off of it. But if you’d rather-”

“Oh,” Keith shakes his head immediately. “No, sorry. I just- I assumed.”

Shiro’s unease ebbs away- Keith could be lying, of course, and actually want to talk about the upcoming battle. Maybe he doesn’t know how to approach the subject, or now he thinks he’s been shot down-

“Shiro, it’s fine.” He interrupts his analysis. “Really. Just go back to humming.”

Shiro almost doesn’t; he almost pushes another question again, but Keith’s half smirk is genuine, like he’s the one who’s amused now, which, Shiro doesn’t want to put an end to.

So he goes back to humming, and the song ends just after the last of the sun has disappeared to the west. Keith is looking at him now, gaze unbroken like he’d forgotten how to look away, and Shiro fights to keep his own eyes from dropping under the intensity. Everything about Keith is intense- his will, his determination. It’s like staring at a bright star for too long.

“Do you want to stop?” Shiro asks, because they’d made a deal, and he wasn’t about to make Keith continue if he didn’t care to.

Keith shakes his head.

“Me neither,” He says, quiet, and maybe it was contradictory, looking back on it, to lean down and kiss him, because then everything stops- the swaying, the speaking. Maybe the war itself, for just a fraction of a moment.

He just barely touches their lips together, afraid of what might happen if he’s been misreading Keith this whole time, breath ghosting carefully over Keith’s skin like it makes the action any less intimate, any less obvious and undeniable. He’s a fool for thinking it, but can’t bring himself to pull away yet.

Keith’s exhale is warm against his, sounding like some semblance of his name is flowing through it like an undercurrent, but it’s lost to the kiss when Keith tilts his head closer, their noses brushing momentarily.

And Shiro thinks back to his previous thought; that Keith doesn’t rush things. It leads him to the conclusion that this wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment, life-is-short kind of thing. Keith must have thought about this, maybe just as much as Shiro.

The other recollection is just as much of a relief- they have time.

Not much, but they have, at the very least, some time.

anonymous asked:

This is just my opinion, but ewoatt is terrible. It sucks because your other fics are good, and your writing is top notch, but the plot is just. So removed from Free. I get it's an AU, but everything is too ooc. It would work so much better with original characters. This AU is just unfitting for this set of characters. I read three chapters and couldn't stand it. The western setting is laziness. I'll never understand the appeal for this fic. This fandom is too desperate for new fan content.

Normally I delete the messages I get like this, but hell, why not.

You’re welcome to have any opinion of ewoatt you want. It’s an entirely different universe than that of
Canon, so of course, characters are going to be faced with decisions they normally wouldn’t have to make, and I understand that’s just not what a lot of people enjoy reading. I mean, I don’t give a fuck if you like it or not, do you get what I’m saying?

As for the western setting, that was done because Makoto and Sousuke were soldiers in this fic and Japan does not have a military. I was not comfortable with changing a country’s entire viewpoint on a subject as serious as war just for the sake of a fic. So I actually went out of my way to alter the setting out of respect - it wasn’t laziness, but I can understand how you’d think that since you couldn’t read the FAQ, you were in such a rush to send me this pointless, hot mess.

In conclusion, you can think whatever you want of ewoatt, but you genuinely sound like a pretty shitty person. You went out of your way to tell someone how “terrible” their work is - it’s not constructive criticism, and fandom in general expects far too much from fic writers; you’re a shining example of that. You’re saying, “this isn’t what I want, so let me go to the author and ignore the fact that she did all this for free, on her own time, amongst two jobs and college, and fuck the fact that this brings her and maybe some readers a little joy. It’s not what I want so it’s terrible and here’s all the reasons why, go start your day with this as the first thing you read.”

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I can’t get upset with trolls, but that’s another way we dismiss fic writers and what they go through. I accept that my work isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s not okay to send messages like this to authors. I mean, what did you want me to do? Delete the work? Change everything to your liking? That’s not going to happen and you can’t expect it to, so I’m just laughing and confused right now. I really can’t even be hurt over all this because this is so ridiculous.

Don’t go around saying shit like this to writers who aren’t used to it like I am. This could devastate someone who hasn’t read messages like this dozens of times, and they could stop writing because of it, and that’s not okay. Writing is too powerful of a thing to give up for anyone who “doesn’t like it.”