rushing to a conclusion


Gif source:  Eric

Imagine Eric straight up murdering someone who tried to hurt you.

——— Request for anon ———

It was instinctual reaction pushing him. Rushing him to the conclusion that the only acceptable response to the threat they posed was to kill them without hesitation.

Eric had had blood on his hands before. Why would this be any different? Because you were the reason why, that’s why.

Eric hadn’t realized he was willing to kill for you until he did.

Nah. I’m not gonna be that guy who pulls an apathetic post out of his ass right now. 

I know there are plenty of folks out there that are worried about the near future, but don’t rush to conclusions so soon. Now’s not the time for that.

If things are going to change for the better, we still have a lot of hard work ahead of us to make that happen.

Don’t let these results make you lose sight of what’s important.

Chris Smith

1. How long have you been polyamorous or been practicing polyamory?

Going on 6 Years

2. What does your relationship dynamic look like?

Currently I have three partners, one of which whom has her own partner and the other two date habitually. I do not operate hierarchically and I hope to one day have a communal household with my partners.

3. What aspect of polyamory do you excel at?

Time management, Google calendar champion since 2013 and Keeper of all things time related

4. What aspect of polyamory do you struggle with?

I really don’t struggle with an aspect of poly, I more so struggle with the general relationship building factors that transcend relationship structure. My biggest struggles are remaining patient for my partners’ growth processes and knowing when to intervene in inter-partner dispute.

5. How do you address and/or overcome those struggles?

Concerning the patience I actively try not to rush conversations and actively listen so that they can come to conclusions on their own and provide as much support as I can while maintaining my self-health.

When it comes to the disputes, sigh… I HATE INTERVENING; however I often forget that some people really just do not know how to look at things from multiple perspectives nor have been taught to do so before reacting. So I remind myself that all people need, including myself, need other perspectives sometimes and to try to mediate where I am welcome and invited.

6. In terms of risk-aware/safer sex, what do you and your partners do to protect one another?

To mitigate risks there is lots of communication concerning who we have been sexually intimate with, condom wearing for sexual interactions outside of our circle and testing… a lot of testing.

7. What is the worst mistake you’ve ever made in your polyamorous history and how did you rebound from that?

I attempted to maintain a relationship with a person that was dishonest and relationally immature. She had been my girlfriend in my transition to Poly and we went through so much together. Unfortunately, she did not treat my other partners well nor did she really like me having other partners. The instability of my relationship with her trickled down into my other relationships causing me to be neglectful to my other partner and even go into a slight depression. The rebound and trust rebuilding with my other partner has been difficult and slow. However, the keys have been acknowledgement of wrong, self-healing, affirming actions & words and patience in the healing process all around.

8. What self-identities are important to you? How do you feel like being polyamorous intersects with or affects these identities?

The self-identities that are important to me are Human and Omni. When I think of myself I see less separation and more unity with everything else around me. Though I recognize the impact socially created constructs such as race, gender and class have on the society and the individual; I believe that the way we refer to them often aids to their hegemony more that it refutes it. I really despise gender dynamics & roles, racial dynamics & roles and class dynamics & roles. Though I speak often on the identity of Black and how polyamorous structures can be a help and hindrance, I rarely identify as that.

However, polyamory for many “minorities’ can be a source of freedom

(Bonus: Do you have any groups, projects, websites, blogs, etc. that you are involved with that you would like to promote?)

I am presenting at PolyDallas 3rd Annual Symposium this coming July.

Look out for the upcoming YouTube series with Poly Role Model creator Kevin Patterson, it will be fire.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is ramping up an Poly advocacy committee, if anyone is interested contributing their time and/or expertise contact Susan Wright,

It comes to something when the gossip mags move away from enjoying speculation and focus on a group of people who are behaving worse than they are.

“The 1D world is a parallel universe like no other, where ferociously acid comments are the norm……”

Three pages on the amount of hatred Cheryl is receiving. And given which magazine this is it’s a fairly serious article which would leave anyone sickened by the behaviour of fans and embarrassed to be one.

“Protecting your privacy is all well and good, but it’s a double-edged sword. Reduced to feeding off scraps, obsessive fans are more likely to rush to the wrong conclusion, often making false outrageous claims.”

There is no mention of ziam or larrie among the rumours and speculation talked about in this article. I wonder if even these type of magazines realise that something they used to treat as a joke has backfired spectacularly for Louis and now for Liam.

It is the fans and fan behaviour that is the story here and this is where all the hatred of Cheryl has led. Nothing justifies a person being treated like this.

How must Liam feel about his fans? Feeding and encouraging this level of hatred means taking the risk of hurting the person you claim to be supporting if you are in fact wrong in your opinion or belief.

“And what do 1D fans really know anyway?”

The answer is very little and they ignore anything that would make them question their beliefs anyway.

And if you’re right and this is all a stunt what does that say about Liam? Why has he let it get to this point? Just how powerless does he have to be to allow another person to be treated in this way and be excused from any responsibility?

And this whole situation won’t just vanish from sight allowing Liam and Zayn to walk off into the sunset. These stories and the rumours will be dragged up continually and the excuse that a “contract” forced him to behave this way even after he had signed with a new team won’t gain him much credence or sympathy and nor should it.

While EXO-Ls are in a battle dissing or defending Kyungsoo I still can’t get over the fact that he not only drew Jongin next to him but also drew heart shaped lips for Jongin~

The last time I checked Jongin DID NOT have heart shaped lips…care to explain yourself Kyungsoo???

PS I am a poc but I don’t find this insulting because Soo was only given a couple of minutes to draw each member so the first thing going through his head must be what differentiates each one. Whether you accept it or not Kai is a little tanner than the rest.


PPPS Honestly, I think Jongin looks the cutest out of the six I can see

[ADMIN] 4 Mini Album ‘WITHOUT U’ Review

The first thing I hear when discussing Romeo’s new album with people is either “I liked each and every song” or “Romeo has finally found its sound” (usually both though). I won’t rush with conclusions, let’s see where this review leads me.

When the highlight medley came out, I got particularly interested in 3 songs, ‘Without U’, ‘Focus On Me’ and ‘Nice Car, Nice House’. Actually, all the songs sounded so impressive that I did my best to not let high expectations flood my mind and end up disappointing me.

The new idea implemented in the album is a more aggressive sound filled with a lot of rapping. In the articles they refer to this being the first time they tried masculinity, which is debatable. Romeo tried masculinity with ‘MIRO’ and succeeded in that respect. Wasn’t the MV masculine? Pretty much. Wasn’t the song and the pitch masculine? Absolutely. However, in my humble opinion, it wasn’t that natural to Romeo and led them in kind of a wrong direction, farther from their natural sound. Therefore, the milestone of reaching masculinity has already been passed, that’s not what makes the new album stand out.

All in all, the agency and the producers opted for a more hip-hoppish, powerful style, thus having to resort to several measures. First, they had to place Seunghwan as one of the leading figures in the album. Unlike all the other members who are far from hip-hop and look a bit awkward when trying to copy those gestures, it comes natural to Seunghwan. I mentioned earlier that his pitch seemed to me quite high for a rapper, still, his rapping made me tremble. Now his skills, paired with absolutely astonishing dancing talent (I’ll look into it in ‘Without U’ MV review later), has taken the new album to another level and helped implement the original concept in full.

Second, the producers had to cut down Yunsung’s high-pitched parties. His voice is incredible, but this concept required a lower, ‘cold’ voice… which is Kyle’s. Together with Hyunkyung’s velvet voice, Kyle’s vocals make a perfect match, so yes, this decision was gold.

That’s what I was going to say about the concept of the new album. Now a few words on each track. I won’t spread much on ‘Without U’, but I must mention that New Jack Swing framed with scratchy mash ups, disco sound and rapping parts make a unique fusion and, more importantly, give the song that catchy vibe Romeo needed so badly this comeback.

Let’s move on now to ‘Like I Do’. In the highlight medley it seemed a bit weak to me, but when I heard the enchanting verses and Minsung’s and Milo’s pre-choruses I got hooked. The melody didn’t seem plain anymore, it’s absolutely beautiful, and the repetitive English phrases granted this song a solid place in my playlist for sure.

‘Nice Car, Nice House’ wasn’t what I expected at all, neither in the music aspect, nor in the lyrics. From the highlight medley I got an expectation for a peaceful sensitive track (that’s what happens when you don’t know the language), not a make-money-money-money harsh rapping track with Seunghwan as a merciless rapgod. I can hear it required a lot of effort as he’s not used to such a style, but my respect again and again to people who turned a rapping track into a decent listening material for us who aren’t into rap. Although the lyrics were written by other people, they seem really close to Seunghwan?

‘Focus On Me’ has become a revelation for me, from the ‘R.O.M.E.O baby’ line to the astonishing chorus. The track is like a wave, first quiet and innocent, then growing and growing during the verses and then hitting you in the chorus, completely knocking you off your feet. What I also like is that the delicate music lets Romeo’s pure voices show their natural beauty, and you can distinguish them easily which adds to your excitement. No more words, just A++ to this track.

How can Romeo live without heart breaking sad songs, right? ‘BLUE’ is a perfect example, tearing our fans’ souls with its lyrics again, making us wonder: “How can you guys sing so well about the things which can’t have happened in your life?” Like, who would leave these wonderful creatures and rip their hearts, right? You try to convince yourself that none of it could have happened, it’s just these guys who are very sympathetic and sensitive. When you finally get over this struggle, you hear that the song is actually full of a light, heartwarming sadness. A moving, pure, tingling melody that leaves a good feeling, that’s what ‘BLUE’ is. In no time you spot yourself smiling to this beautiful song.

What can I say in conclusion? I side with people who say this album is exceptionally good, and I see that Romeo have grown not in the terms of masculinity or something, but in terms of professionalism in the first place. I can see clearly how much effort it took them to fit into that powerful gangster-like style, but… it’s so relevant, and they seem much closer to finding the answer who they actually are. I can’t say the new album comes that natural to them after so many cute concepts, but it’s so addictive, so catchy, so full of emotions that I hope Romeo will take it as their distinctive sound and shine with all their colours.


I always either see people saying that they feel bad for Beelzemon when Jeri didn’t take his hand, or that they feel bad for Jeri for being forced to relive the trauma of Leomon’s death when Beelzemon used his attack, not enough people seem to feel sorry for them both. I think it would have been better if Beelzemon had carried Jeri out instead of Takato in the end. That ending would have made the apology/forgiveness scene feel less rushed, more conclusive, and over all more meaningful.



Have you found yourself thinking an awful lot about your future, how to deal with a tough decision or how to turn a dream into a reality lately? ‘Cause this card represents some self reflection in order to accomplish your goals and achieve the great things that you want in your life. It also represents balance meaning that you will get whatever type of karma is due to you and no more. Find peace with yourself and those around you because that is what will help you achieve and experience fulfillment in your life.

The lesson to take from this card is to be patient and wait for the right time to act on certain things. Sometimes we want to jump to conclusions or rush into something just to get where we want to be or feel something that we crave to feel but this card asks us to just try and relax. Let the universe evolve at its natural pace.

Today, think about all the possible outcomes of any upcoming decisions you have to make. You have learned to keep calm, level headed and confident during times of stress so don’t start letting anything get in your way of making the right choices now.

There’s really nothing to fear when you think about it, you’re doing the best thing for yourself and that’s never wrong. Good luck!

Sciam so far:

4.03- Scott rushes to save Liam from falling off a rooftop.
4.04- Scott saves Liam from thinking of himself as a monster.
4.05- Scott is what “especially” helps Liam control his I.E.D.
4.06- Scott rescues Liam from dying in a well. Hugs ensued.
4.08- Liam joins the pack to protect Scott through his induced coma.
4.09- Scott keeps Liam & Malia from being burned alive.
4.10- Scott prioritizes Liam’s emotional welfare over pack responsibilities.
4.11- Scott saves Liam from being crushed by weights.
4.12- Liam breaks Scott from the Berserker’s curse through their connection.
5.01- Scott continues to nurture Liam with positive reinforcement.
5.03- Scott & Liam use their werewolf hearing to communicate.
5.04- Scott swiftly arrives at the club to kick Lucas off of Liam.
5.06- Liam rushes to save Scott from a paralyzing asthma attack.

Conclusion: This Alpha/Beta relationship in its truest form will be the death of me. They are just always the first to be there for each other.

The   Bleach fandom is a  disappointment

 I don'understand why is everyone so pathetically quelling over the ‘ships’, it’s almost pathetic how everyone is consirned with who put their dick where to really talk about the master piece that was cut, shreded and pre-packadged. 

A series of over 10 years was rushed to an ending with no real conclusion that served no purpose. No real ark endings, no answered questions , no successful context or real plot ending.

The beautiful art and  poetic messages Kubo formed - disregarded by all of you, focusing your attention on the part  of the manga that Kubo never fucking cared  about: the romance- well  ‘romance’ .  

I never cared , I get why some do but the end ships are literately stooping the people from focusing on the real , sad issue.

 A master piece was just cut into the most: dull, boring, common ending and you’re quarrelling over who fucked who?! This fan base is  utterly disappointing.

Shut up for a second and give a moment of silence for a ones great series that went down with no grace to it’s fall.    

(+) I still love and respect your work Kubo , it wasn’t his fault the series came to a sudden halt . I am only disappointed it couldn’t flourish, what im angry at are the petty shipping fans. Shame on you , shame on ALL of you!

That's one pound for the swear jar

Summary: they knew that Jonathan would eventually learn a swear word, but they didn’t think that it would be from Phil. Or that he would decide to say it in the middle of an important BBC meeting.

Word count: 1032

The morning was not going as well as it could have. Dan and Phil had been called into the BBC for an ‘important’ meeting. That wouldn’t have been a problem if they’d been told in advance, and not heard the first of it yesterday. It was too last minute for them to ask anybody to babysit Jon so they’d told the BBC that they had to bring him with them. In conclusion, they were now rushing around in an attempt to be on time for their very early – why did it have to be at 9 o clock in the morning? – meeting, persuading their five year old son to cooperate.

“Phil! Did you make him breakfast yet?!” Dan yelled from his room where he was still trying to find the t-shirt that he wanted to wear. Jonathan was sat on his bed, still in the totoro onesie that he had slept in, amused by the mess Dan was making by throwing half of his wardrobe across the room. One (moth) shirt landed directly over Jon which made him laugh hysterically.

Dan turned around to see what Jon was laughing at. “What’s that big lump, where’s my little Jon?” Dan said acting surprised. Jon giggled at that, shaking under the shirt and then going silent. “Aaahh the lump is moving!” Dan fake screamed.

Jon peeked out from under the shirt, “it’s me papa!” he exclaimed.

“Oh there you are, Jon. Well I guess I’ll wear this shirt then”. He picked the moth shirt off of Jonathan and put it around his shoulders. “Go and see what your dad is doing, I think he’s making breakfast for you”.

“Frosted shreddies?”

“Probably, knowing the amount of sugar that he allows you to have. Go on, I’ll be over in a minute”.

Jon ran through the hall to Phil, he was in the kitchen making toast. He hugged his legs causing Phil to squeak in surprise. He turned around and looked at his son. He looked adorable in his little totoro onesie. Phil had been apprehensive about buying it for him as it was pretty expensive from a Japanese shop. But Dan had persuaded him and now Jon practically lived in it.

Jon lifted his arms up, gesturing for Phil to lift him up. Phil softly said “alright then” lifting him up to sit of his hip. He blew a raspberry into Jon’s cheek. Jon wrapped his arms around Phil’s head, messing up his hair that had only been done fifteen minutes ago. Phil leaned his head away making a disgruntled face. Suddenly he realised that he could smell burning.

“Oh fuck” he saw that he had left the toast for too long and the toaster had smoke coming from it. Phil placed Jon on top of the worktop to tend to the toast that he had ruined.

Dan walked into the kitchen tutting, “I heard that Phil, that’s one pound for the swear jar”. He sounded smug but they both knew that Dan couldn’t say anything. He had already contributed five pounds to the swear jar this week.


In the end they gave Jonathan a quick breakfast of frosted shreddies after all, Dan and Phil just grabbed an apple each as they were rushing. Phil blamed Dan for taking his time whilst getting ready, whereas Dan blamed Phil for burning the breakfast and took it as an opportunity to bring up the fact that he had cursed.

Jonathan was absolutely refusing to get changed out of his onesie. With them already running late they decided to just allow him to wear it to the BBC and put some shoes on his feet. The shoes were not needed, however, when Phil carried him so that they’d get there faster.

Once they were there, the ‘important meeting’ ended up just being a discussion of ideas for their next radio show. They were annoyed to say the least. Jonathan was certainly channelling his annoyance as he shuffled around in his seat, kicking the table leg. “I’m bored” he whined.

Phil looked down at Jon, he felt a little sorry for his son. Jon never usually came with them to boring BBC things. He would usually be looked after by PJ who would play lots of fun games with him, and Chris would sometimes join and tell him stories. Sometimes funny ones of his dad and papa that he wasn’t allowed to tell them that he knew.

Phil wanted to make Jon feel happier, he loved hearing his little boy laugh so he settled for tickling him. Just as somebody started a conversation with Dan, who was sat on the other side of Jonathan, he reached down and tickled Jon just under his ribs.

Jon reacted straight away giggling but he also did something that was very much unexpected. He said clearly, for the room full Dan and Phil’s bosses and co-workers to hear; “fuck off dada”.

Phil’s face fell. Dan turned around with shock written all over his face. The room fell silent. Jonathan wasn’t sure why everybody had stopped what they were doing to look in his direction. He didn’t know that he had said a particularly ‘bad’ word. It was just the same as saying ‘go away’ for him.

Nobody did anything though, until a person who Dan and Phil knew quite well from working at the radio couldn’t contain their laughter anymore. Another person spoke up saying, “I bet he got that from Dan”.

Dan frowned “hey, Phil used that word in front of him this morning. This had nothing to do with me”.

“I thought we weren’t bringing that up again, Dan!”

The little domestic argument carried on for a little while - the whole room watching in awe at how cute they were together, even when fighting – until one of the bosses stopped it. “Boys, can we carry this on in your own time?” He received an embarrassed nod from both of them in return.

When the meeting continued, Dan leaned across Phil to whisper “you can teach him not to say it as you were the one that taught him it” in the smuggest tone he could muster.


A/N: this is kinda based off of the time that my granddad was tickling me in the middle of a supermarket queue and I told him to fuck off. I was 5ish at the time. I have been struggling to write as school takes away a lot of my motivation but I have ideas so hopefully I’ll find the energy to write some of them.

Other phanfiction involving Jonathan: x x x

my phanfiction (I rly need to update it tbh)

Thanks ^ω^ 

amerigirltn  asked:

You mentioned season 2 of Legion, has it been announced? It just seems that we're rushing toward a conclusion with Division Three being decimated, the discovery of the "parasite" that's in David, and with the reveal that David was adopted, etc. The only plot point to resolve is David defeating the yellow-eyed devil which it would seem he'd do in the next episode to rescue Syd. Hopefully, they're saving some things for S2 and S3, but what could it be?

Honestly no idea.  If you read between the lines of interviews where that comes up, it kind of makes it sound like the story for this season will mostly wrap up with a loose end or two as a teaser for a following season (which I loosely translate as, “We’re waiting for a green light from FX”), but idk if anything official has been announced yet.

SPOILER SPECULATION (in case you’re not interested, you can skip, lol):

Potential loose ends for possible seasons I see (with the “five eps down, three to go”-disclaimer to keep in mind, meaning this could easily be settled in the next three weeks for all I know): 

  1. The Eye is apparently still on the loose.
  2. David now has a potential “paternity journey” on which to embark, should he choose to accept the challenge.
  3. Sydney’s ultimate fate (at which I’ve hinted repeatedly regarding my own ideas, so I’ll clamp down on that for now)
  4. Depending on how the “parasite problem” is dealt with (this may or may not be tied in with #3), how long we can go without that rearing its literal ugly head.  It’s entirely possible we could see a potential “Yay, that sucker is dead…but is it really dead?!?”-type of visual, and that type of setup could give us a lot of potential S2 scenarios, I’m thinking…
  5. A little bit of a cliche, admittedly, but tying in slightly to the #4 theory, David could undergo something or other which might cause memory loss (although since the “It makes him forget”-line has come up in this ep and the previous ep, perhaps that question has been covered already).  But admittedly clueless about the Marvel comic universe myself, I’ve attempted looking this stuff up on Wikipedia, and there apparently have been storylines in the comics regarding procedures, battles with alter-egos, etc., etc., that have eliminated any given threat at the cost of David’s ultimate identity and/or memory, at least for a time.  So I’m not ruling out the amnesia possibility, perhaps for an ep or two, although it’s been done an awful lot by now on television, but never say never…

I think that if that twisted ending of that last ep has taught us nothing, it’s not to take for granted that things appear to be moving in one direction; Hawley & Co. can easily do a ((cough)) massive u-turn or take that dreaded shortcut that makes us grab onto something and hope for the best.


Tbh, I’m not really completely familiar with how cable shows work vs. network shows in terms of when new seasons are ordered, how they measure show popularity, etc., etc.  I think they allow for lower cable viewership vs. network viewership due to the fact that there are more folks out there with basic network programming vs. cable programming…and digital demand television services such as hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes are muddying up the waters even further in terms of the whole “Is this show popular enough to warrant another season?”-question, at least from my vantage point.

But we’ll see how it goes, I guess…

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modern queens | tiye

“i guess you could call me the family matriarch for sake of convenience,” tiye said with a tight smile in a dress far too young for someone her age. her hair was curled just the way her late husband liked it, and she had received nothing but an empty string of compliments about how youthful she remained. no one else could see the weariness of her eyes. “and yes, to answer your question, of course i am proud of my son. along with his wife, nefertiti, they have ushered in a new reign my husband and i never dreamed of. he is truly exceptional.” tiye could see the rushed conclusions already. all her life, she had been painted as the cold hearted queen who ruled through the men in her life. now she has handed over her title to a queen much more beautiful and clever than she.

“nefertiti,” the interviewer, who was shockingly under qualified compared to the standard tiye was used to, pounced on her daughter-in-law, “many have noticed the glaring similarities between the two of you. does this cause any strain within the family?”

tiye idly wondered when her life shifted from being the target of upstate newspaper columns to the territory of trashy gossip magazines that would post a perfectly innocent photo of her and nefertiti on the cover, the headline reading: “catfight! is queen tiye not ready to give up her throne?” tiye just hoped the photo was flattering. “i’m not quite sure i understand the question.”

it’s a tiring game, one tiye knew inside out and back to front. a game she had been playing ever since her wedding to amenhotep III was televised for all to see. and she was good at it. she knew all the angles, all the tricks of the trade that kept her beloved and safe through all these years; outliving her husband, likely to outlive her son, acting as queen regent until the very end of days. only then would she consider hanging up the crown she wore when no one else was capable. damn right she wasn’t ready to give up the throne, she was the one who built it.

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What do you think about the letter Klaus send to Caroline? I don't really know how I feel about that lol

What can I say? Klaus gonna be Klaus ahahahah I liked that he made such a big donation for the school, because I think it was a subject close to his heart, since he has probably the most supernatural and gifted child in the world lol It was a sweet letter, but I don’t want to take rushed conclusions without the next season of TO. 

When anti-sjs try to speak for Martin Luther King Jr. in order to shame black people.

Anti-sj: Martin Luther King Jr. would be disappointed at the riots. He would’ve turned his back on them!

Martin Luther King Jr.:But it is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society…And I must say that tonight a riot is the language of the unheard.

Anti-sj: Martin Luther King Jr. would be disappointed with you people causing more racial divide and tension with your protests! You need to wait instead of rushing for change!

Martin Luther King Jr.: I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to “order” than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: “I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action”; who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a “more convenient season.”

Anti-sj: Martin Luther King Jr. would be disappo-



anonymous asked:

Hello! Can have GOM + Himuro + Kasamatsu when they realize that they are in love with their childhood friend (that has been in love with them for years) after their childhood friend go out on a date with their teammate ( which actually turun out to be they are helping the teammate to choose a gift for their crush whom is also the childhood friend best friend)

Since this is so specific, I’ll give a general scenario and their reaction to their realizing their feelings. More under the cut!

NOTE: Kasababe cut out due to character limit.

General Scenario:

Despite the fact that he’s been friends with you for years, he was never aware of his feelings towards you. It had always been platonic and easy between the two of you. Safe and steady. But seeing you with his teammate was different. He felt the blood rush in his veins. And that was when he came to one conclusion.

He was in love with you.

AKASHI: For a while, Akashi kept his distance as he plotted his next move. He wasn’t a man who would interfere in your relationships, especially if he could ruin it. He would respect your decision either way but he knew he needed to tell you his feelings and so he did. “I’m in love with you. I apologize that I didn’t realize it sooner and I’m aware that you are with someone else now and—“

“Wait what?” You stopped him. “I’m with someone else?” He raised an eyebrow and reminded you of the ‘date’ you had with Hayama. You tried to suppress your smile as you explained, “I was helping him choose a gift for his crush.”

Akashi breathed a sigh of relief and smiled down at you gently. “Then is it alright for me to pursue you?” You grinned at him, “More than alright.”

AOMINE: Aomine felt the anger course through his veins as he stared at you giggling  with Wakamatsu in a corner. After seeing you on your date with him, he was pissed that you didn’t tell him about said date. But mainly, he was pissed that he just realized that he liked you. So he did what he thought was best. He dragged you out, scolding you for being all giggly, which only pissed you off. As you were about to storm away, he growled and took your hand, “Alright wait. I’m just… jealous. Don’t talk to him that much. He’s not that interesting.”

You laughed, “Jealous? Why?” He snapped out, ‘you know why’. You rolled your eyes, “Whatever. If you don’t want to admit it, then don’t bother me about it.” It would take him to get over his stubbornness but once he comes around, it’ll be one hell of a dynamite to your relationship, and that could either be a good thing or a bad thing.

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Happy Little Accident

Being a waitress isn’t the most glamorous job in the world, but it helps pay the ever piling bills and often proves to be a daily lesson of how to handle awful people with an award winning fucking beauty pageant smile. Annalise collected her tips from the last table on her section. It was getting later. The dinner crowd rush time was drawing to a dull and easy conclusion. Her favorite time. She was pleased that her section was sparse, just a lingering elderly couple off in the corner, and planned on going to take her own dinner break. That was until she heard a horrific little shriek of Oh No followed with the sound of sniffles. The little girl in the next section was all alone at the booth, spilled something all over and dripping off the table’s edge; she vaguely remembered a man there, bathroom probably. She looked around. The waiter assigned that section was conveniently nowhere to be found, despite his section still being mostly full. She sighed and hurried over. “Hey, cutie. Don’t be upset. I’m Annalise, I might not be your waiter but I’m gonna get this cleaned right up.” She told the little girl and ignored that tug in her gut, she had it before, she had it really any time she saw a little girl around this age. She smiled warmly at her though, focusing on the present, and used her apron and a rag to get the cola soaked up. “You know, I spill stuff all the time on tables. It’s okay, it’s nothing to be upset over.” She tried to assure.