rushing rouge


Some more fanart of the Sonic Universe. I really enjoyed experimenting with these  pin-ups, they look natural and perspective. I tried to break away from the traditional style of the characters from the video games and went with something with a little more life.

I cast sleep . . .

(Context: I’m DMing a campaign and two of three characters have met so far. After a scuffle our fighter is in the face of an inn owner. The fighter is part demon. our spellcaster/rouge shows up and is watching through a window.)

Inn Keeper:*pulls out a sharpened pickaxe*Nobodys gonna threaten me in my inn!

HalfDemon Fighter:*picks him up by his shirt.* Oh yeah?

Inn Keeper: YEAH!*stabs him in the shoulder just as gaurds rush in*

Spellcaster/rouge OOC: I cast sleep on the entire room!

DM(Me):Okay but you’ll have to roll-

spellcaster/rouge:*Nat 20*

DM(Me):Everyone in the building falls asleep including the fighter who drops the now unconscious inn keeper onto the counter.

HalfDemon Fighter OOC:Goddammit!

spellcaster/rougeOOC:I loot everyone.