rushing right into it


He looked over at you in the passenger seat and caught you staring back at him, your lips slightly pursed and pressed together. “What?” he growled. 

You shrugged. “No, nothing… Not a thing,” you replied, turning your eyes back to the road  and night rushing past. “I’m sure you’re right,” you continued. “This has nothing to do with the demons. Clearly, it’s all your fault.”

He cast another tense glance in your direction.

“Because you’re the one who possessed and killed those people…” you trailed off.

He heaved a heavy sigh. “I should have gotten there sooner.” His jaw tensed.

“Dean,” you were brave enough to reach over and gently touch his arm. His eyes flitted to your hand. “You can’t do everything. We can’t save everyone. You need to stop internalizing all the bad things we see. You need to stop blaming yourself. You’re not the darkness… you’re the light.”

His lips fell partially open and he was too anxious to look at you again, but he couldn’t ignore the warmth and rush he felt as he thought of how your hand was resting on his arm, and the words he felt he didn’t deserve.

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The first time they met it was right after Kal had fought Lex. The encounter was rushed, since Diana was helping Clark deal with the aftermath of the fight with Lex. Kara had been a mumbling mess like she always is around people she admires…or people she has a crush on…

The second time had been just as fleeting; a quick visit to the DEO to talk to J'onn, and luckily, Kara had been there to say hello.

“I don’t know who’s worse, you with Wonder Woman, or Winn with Superman…” Alex quipped, making Kara blush and fidget with her cape as they watched Diana and J'onn from afar.

“But she called me sister, Alex!!! Like I’m an Amazon too!!” Kara protested meekly.

“She calls every woman her sister, Kara.” Alex snorted.

“Supergirl, Agent Danvers.” Diana greeted them with a polite nod. “I’ve watched you fighting, Kara, you’ve improved greatly.” The compliment is genuine, making Kara beam at Diana. “But a true warrior never stops training. If you wish to better yourself, call me, I’ll be happy to train a fellow sister.“

Kara was already beside herself, but oh Rao, Diana was leaning closer to whisper, "I promise you, you’ll be much better than Kal.” And she winked!!! Winked, giving Kara the most charming smile she has ever seen!

Spluttering, and laughing awkwardly, Kara stuttered a reply, making Alex to roll her eyes, while Wonder Woman chuckled softly.

Their first sparring session left Kara missing fighting with Non; she had no idea how strong Diana actually is, and she had made the mistake of telling the Amazon to not hold back. Needless to say, Kara had to spend a few hours at the DEO’s yellow-light bed.

They sparred every couple of months, each time Kara proving to be more of a challenge to Diana, showing how fast of a learner she is.

“I bet this time I can beat you.” Kara said confidently, placing her hands on her hips, in her typical superhero pose.

“And what makes you think that, Kara?” Diana asked, circling her trainee to keep her on her toes.

Both women had become more comfortable around each other, and Diana made sure Kara knows how fond she is of her.

“Because I came very close to doing so last time we practiced, and since then, I’ve fought a bunch of bad guys. And!! And!!” She added enthusiastically, “Alex hasn’t been able to take me down in more than two months!”

Diana chuckled softly, adoring the child-like wonder Kara always has about her. “All right,” Diana said, taking her fighting stance, “What is your wager?”

Kara was about to get ready to fight, when Diana’s question surprised her. “Wait, I didn’t mean it that way-” she tried to explain, only to be interrupted by Diana raising her hand.

“If you can take me down, you’ll deserve a reward.” Diana grinned, her eyes shining with the anticipation of a good fight.

“Okay…” Kara considered her options for a second, before the corner of her lips curled into a beaming smile. “If I win, you have to lend me your boots.”

Diana frowned slightly at the peculiar request, but she didn’t really question it. “And if I win, you’ll have to train with Antiope and me next time, yes?”

Kara nodded enthusiastically. “Deal!”

The sparring session didn’t last for more than a few minutes, but it certainly felt like hours to both women. Diana had had the upper hand a few times, but Kara managed to dodge and deflect every single one of her attacks, until Kara found the perfect opening to disarm Diana, and trap her in an arm-lock.

The move surprised Diana, but it also made her proud. “All right, all right.” she said, tapping Kara three times.

“Did I win?” Kara all but squealed as she let go of Diana’s arm.

“Yes.” Diana conceded with a graceful smile. “You won.”

Kara didn’t contain herself then, she squealed loudly, pulling Diana into a tight hug.

A few hours later, Kara was entering the bar wearing Diana’s boots.

“Are those-” Alex started to ask in shock.

“Mhm!” Kara hummed in reply, tilting her chin up proudly. “I borrowed them from a friend~”

Top 10 things you should NEVER DO if you want to ship with someone’s character:

10. Use excessive physical contact, especially if the characters aren’t familiar with one another or have just met.

9. Rush right into a ship anyways when your partner informs you they prefer a slower buildup or don’t want to start shipping romantically just yet.

8. Have your character be unusually, excessively friendly towards said character to the point that it makes them uncomfortable.

7. Harass, injure, or otherwise harm the character IC on anon if they don’t show interest in shipping with yours.

6. Continue to persist about shipping even if the other person doesn’t show interest or clearly voices their disinterest.

5. Try to change the way your character/the other character acts to something that’s OOC for them in order to make them more compatible to ship together.

4. Try to ship your character with one who isn’t attracted to their gender.

3. Try to do smut with a character whose mun isn’t comfortable writing it.

2. Try to do romantic/smutty stuff in a thread without talking to the other mun OOC about it beforehand and getting their permission.

1. Harass the mun OOC if they decline your request to ship or their character isn’t interested in yours.

Shipping should be both comfortable and enjoyable for both people involved. If one of the people involved isn’t comfortable or isn’t enjoying it, something isn’t right. It’s important to maintain healthy communication and respect your partner’s wishes just as much as in a real relationship.

turns out that i feel fifty million times better on a date if the girl involved is chill as hell and doesn’t gush or compliment me like at all and is generally just, pleasant and game for anything.

affection and attraction, to me, should feel earned, you can’t rush right out the gate with that kind of thing, and oftentimes it’s just the dangly shiny thing that angler fish use to draw you in closer; normal people take a while to warm up to you, they don’t expect too much from you and they don’t attach that fast. the people you need to worry about zero in with stars in their eyes and it seems nice at first but then it very much isn’t.

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are you familiar with the infernal devices? written by cassandra clare? bec. somehow two of the main characters in there reminds me of touken having sex, they were also on the verge of death themselves and decided to have sex right then and there despite the timing and place, bec. they love each other and wanted to act on that very love they have bec. atleast even if its just for one moment, they can be selfish and think only about what they want


ASDGHASDBKADJSGH YOU ARE RIGHT, ANON. You’re talking about Will and Tessa, right? *screams* IT WAS, IT WAS RUSHED AND AND A MESS, LITERALLY. They both thought Jem was dead, and after that Tessa felt sooooo fucking guilty, she was like “what we did,” they were so desperate for comfort, they literally lost control being manipulated by their own feelings/desire, it was a very realistic and desperate&needy scene, I loved it, and you’re totally right, it fits touken pretty well, i never thought about it.

thank you for pointing this out to me, you give me feels again lolol  


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New Disney Channel Series “Andi Mack”

Grandma is mad. Her grown daughter, Bex, who got pregnant as a teenager, just blazed back into town and let a big secret slip. Grandma had raised 13-year-old Andi to believe that Bex was her older sister. Well, the truth is a tad more complicated.

Meanwhile, Andi’s school life is only a little less fraught. A boy is coming to terms with his sexuality. And Andi has her own budding love life to consider.

Andi Mack premieres on friday April 7th but the first 2 episodes are out via Disney’s digital platforms now. (x)

Note to self: stop rushing forward. You are right where He wants you to be. Whatever or whoever it is that you’re waiting for right now in this moment? Trust Him. Trust His timing. Trust His plan. Because He’s got this, love. He’s got this, and He’s got you, and you are right where you are meant to be. Now, lean into Him and enjoy where you’re at today.


One night, Junkrat was screwing around and broke his robotic arm. I like to think he is ashamed of his missing arm and feels like a disgusting thing because of it but Roadhog won’t let him think that.
Also, I just wanted to make some sad Junkrat ;u;

I’m pretty late lmao but happy may the 4th y’all

To all the girls waiting for the right guy

Girl, I know it’s hard to wait. I know it’s so hard to face rejection after rejection, the fear of never finding the right guy. But the right guy is worth waiting for. Stop settling for guys who don’t wholeheartedly follow Jesus. Stop dating guys who are “good” but do not follow Jesus, who do not bring you closer to Him.

If a guy doesn’t follow Jesus, he cannot love you right.

He can treat you great but if he has no desire to grow closer to Jesus, he won’t be good to you in the long run. If he doesn’t believe in Jesus, you should not be dating him at all. Yes, he might be okay with you being a believer but if he is not, he will not be able to encourage you or challenge your or call you out when you sin. He might be okay with your faith now but he will also be okay with your sin. You don’t want that. You want someone who challenges you to correct your ways. Someone who reads the Bible with you, grows closer to Jesus with you and prays with and for you.

If you find yourself saying “I know he’s not (perfect/patient/humble/faithful/growing closer to Jesus) right now but it will get better” – please, don’t believe yourself. You are worth more than that. You are worthy of a guy who honors you and respects you above all else. You are worthy of a guy who will challenge himself to become better so that he can love you right right now, not in the future.

Because you will do just the same for the right guy. You will see your flaws and you will want to grow, become better so that you will love him rightly. You will give him your heart, your time, your everything – just to be with him and to make him happy.

You were not created to be married, you were created to honor Jesus and to fellowship with Him. Girl, singleness is not a curse. You are not single because God doesn’t love your or because He is punishing you. So it might be that it will take weeks, months or years before the right guy comes along – because God wants to use you as you are right now for His glory. Don’t rush the process. See what God has for you in this season of singleness and make the most of serving Him, as you have freedom with your life right now. You can do amazing things, and you do not need a guy to do all that.

more little mother’s day greenhouse things:

  • someone asked me the price on a annual flat four pack of snapdragons today and I said “$2.09″ and they said “TWO HUNDRED AND NINE DOLLARS???”…. yeah $209 dollars for four snap dragons, carol
  • at one point a customer stopped me and said “you have a flower in your hair” and I was so delirious with heat that I asked him to get it out for me and he did
  • a woman told me to my face that “your coneflower looks like crap” like it was my personal coneflower and I was responsible for it looking like crap
  • people were driving up to the entrances of the greenhouses, parking, putting stuff in their car and driving to the next greenhouse….. possibly they paid for it idk
  • waited literally twenty minutes for the parking lot to be clear enough for me to drive the golf cart and trailer full of plants across it…. and still almost got backed into
  • my phone’s health/pedometer app constantly going nuts because it’s registering all of my fast walking everywhere as a work out so my phone says I worked out for 209 minutes today…. 22k steps boys… 10+ miles

this episode was so great for bughead you guys i can’t even

i think the fight and jughead’s insecurities was bound to come out sooner or later and the writers did such a good job having it with his birthday party

because he feels loneliest on his birthday, because he is keenly aware of how someone like him shouldn’t be with someone like betty, because he is afraid of losing her so he thinks it will hurt less if he pushes her away

because even though he wants to save himself that pain by breaking up with her now, he also can’t bear to see her pain, because even when he’s hurt and lonely and upset, he still puts others first, he still puts betty first

and let’s also give a shoutout to fp jones for making his son go back to betty, for realizing how they bring out the best in each other, for refusing to let his son ruin a good thing the way he did, for refusing to let his son follow in his footsteps, for being a good father for the first time we’ve seen

and i’m so happy they made up in a way that didn’t feel cheap, that didn’t feel rushed or forced

it feels natural and it feels right for them to make up so quickly because the writers have put in the effort into their relationship, for making their relationship believable and real and compelling

they’re just kids dating for the first time but they have an understanding of each other, of their relationship that is so mature, they have a trust in each other and in their relationship that is so strong that they push each other to be better and they fight and they make up because they believe their relationship is worth it

because they each believe the other person is worth it