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Characters: Dean x Reader, Deanna (Dean and the Reader’s daughter), Sam, Crowley (mentioned), some bitch ass demons

Word Count: 3,650

Warnings: Dean angst, more Dean fluff, daddy!dean feels at the very end, uncle!sam feels towards the end, Crowley being a dick, the usual

Request: Can I request an imagine where the reader hid the fact that her and Dean have a daughter named Deanna and then Deanna is kidnapped and the reader is forced to tell Dean? 

Author’s Note: If you want to be a Queen or a Dean Bean, let me know and I’ll add you to the lists! So sorry this is out so late, I hope whoever requested it, that you like it! 

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Six years ago, if someone had told you that you wouldn’t be with the Winchesters anymore, you would have kicked them in the ass and told them they were lying. However, here you were, on your own with the most precious thing life could give you. You left because you were pregnant and you didn’t want to burden Dean and Sam with a kid, so you left and didn’t look back.

I was hard since you were in love with Dean but you two were fuck buddies, only looking for comfort when you needed to release some energy. You were nothing to Dean since he would sometimes find himself a woman from the bars you three went to. Sam tried to tell you differently but you knew what you saw.

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PancKe’s back legs were wobbly when I got home tonight. Rushed her to the emergency vet (I actually went right from the poop area so I have no coat and my husband had to meet with money) to get her checked out. Definitely something neurological/IVDD related. Please give us all your good vibes because I’m so worried about her and really want her to walk again. #ivdd #doxie #dachshund #minidachshund #minidoxie #scared

What would happen if Yang dared Ruby to kiss Blake? (Asked by anon)


Ruby, covering her face which is as read as her cloak, stammering: Sh-Shut up Yang!!

Blake, calmly sitting next to Ruby, rubbing her back: It’s fine Ruby. You don’t have to rush it.

Weiss, smacking Yang upside the head, scolding her: And YOU, have NO RIGHT to rush it!

Yang, holding onto her head, wincing, her eyes closed and trembling: Okay okay okay! Owwww!

Heart Series

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Here is chapter one of the Heart series. Let me know if you’d like to be tagged for the next chapter. 

Over two hundred days.
Over 4800 hours.

That is how long it had been since I had last seen Bucky. The first month was the worst. The pain in my heart was still there. It felt like I was struggling to breathe from the moment I woke up to the moment I crawled into bed. If I barely slept that night, I would find myself crying out, anger taking over because he could leave so easily. Other night when I’d fall asleep, I cried out begging for Bucky to not walk out the door. Clint or Steve would come rushing in trying to console me since their rooms were right next to mine. It didn’t help knowing that Bucky had requested to be put on an assignment away from me. Away from what we built together.

The second month, my sadness turned into anger and resentment. We had shared two years of our lives together. Our darkest secrets, our biggest fears. We had shared so many great memories together, and it didn’t seem to matter. He had let another mans threat ruin something so great. Our relationship. Now it was all like a dream, it didn’t seem real and that’s what hurt the most. It hurt knowing that he would and could walk away so easily. I spent my days in the gym, trying to forget the pain. At night, I would disappear into my room and practice using my mind to move objects. I had lost all control of my powers when he walked out, and Tony had referred to me as a ticking time bomb.

As the months went on, I became stronger physically and mentally. Emotionally, not so much. I was a wreck but I put on a brave face for everyone. I sat through movie nights with Clint by my side for emotional strength. He was the one person that knew just how emotionally damaged I had become. I appreciated his friendship. Even though I knew Natasha, Wanda, Sam, Steve and even Tony were worried about me. I felt most comfortable with Clint because he didn’t baby me, he told me how it was and he didn’t have pity in his eyes.

It was another movie night and I found myself in a decent mood for the first time in quite a while. I had trained that morning and was able to beat my personal record I had set nearly 4 months ago. I found myself sitting on the end of the couch with my legs draped over Clint’s lap and a bowl of popcorn in my lap waiting on everyone else to show up. Sighing I nudged Clint with the heel of my foot.

“Where is everyone? Movie starts at eight. It’s been eight since the beginning of time.” I complained causing Clint to chuckle.

“Maybe they got tied up?” Clint offered, “Want me to start it without them?” He questioned looking at me as he took a handful of popcorn.

I thought for a moment, “No, we can wait 10 minutes. Besides, I want to get a bowl of ice cream. Today’s a cheat day.” I handed him the bowl of popcorn and pushed myself up from the couch and made my way into the kitchen a few feet away.

I had grabbed the Cherry Garcia ice cream and put some into a bowl and headed towards the couch after grabbing a spoon. Just as I sat down I heard the door open to the tower and heard the familiar voices.

“About damn time.” I huffed causing Clint to laugh lightly as I sat next to him, leaning against his arm as I began to eat my ice cream.

I didn’t pay much attention to everyone walking in talking about the mission, I was too focused on the treat in front of me. Everyone said hi as they came in and plopped down around the large living area. I felt Clint shift beside me and then tense for a moment causing me to look up from my bowl and I froze.


Bucky was back and his eyes were directly on me. I felt the air leave my lungs. I felt my entire body tense up and the face staring at me from across the room caused my emotions to get the best of me. The lights began to flicker and even though Clint wrapped his hand around mine to help try to control my mind, but it didn’t work. I tore my eyes away from Bucky when his eyes narrowed at the sight of Clint holding my hand, and looked to Clint.

“I need to get out of here.” I spoke quietly causing Clint to nod his head.

Clint stood up with his hand still in mine, knowing if he let go, my mind would let the anger take over and it would end in disaster. He kept his hand firm as he walked me right past Bucky, who tried to reach out for me but Clint’s shoulder clipped Bucky’s. Bucky was about to speak up but Clint pulled me in front of him and turned to look over his shoulder.

“Don’t.” Clint warned.

I felt Clint tug on my hand and stole a side glance to Bucky to see his eyes narrowed dangerously at us retreating to the hatch the led to the roof.

When the cool air hit my face, I found myself stumbling to catch myself before I fell to the ground until I felt Clint’s arm wrap around me. The pebbles on the roof began to swirl around and lift off the ground. Clint tried like hell to get me to stop, he held my head against his chest as we fell to the ground. His face buried in my long hair trying to avoid being hit with a pebble.

“Breathe Anna.” Clint spoke gently, “Don’t let this cause you to take two steps back.”

I tried to control my breathing, I tried to think of all the hard work I had managed over the past couple of months, but I couldn’t stop re-living the image of Bucky walking out of my life. I gripped Clint’s arms and tried to ground myself. Something I had practiced with Steve and Clint, in case I lost control during a mission.

It didn’t work. The pebbles formed in a whirlwind, and began shooting in different directions. A few hitting the windows of the Tower.

“Anna!” Clint yelled through the noise of the wind and the pebbles hitting near by metal.

The noise and the glass shattering caused the other members come barreling onto the roof with concern. Clint looked to the roof air vents and saw them starting to shake, and knew that if he didn’t do something, Anna would destroy the tower.

“Anna, look at me.” Clint forced her palms off his arms and cupped her cheeks, making her look him in the eye.

Bucky watched in concern as Anna broke down at his arrival. He wanted nothing more than to run over to the dark haired woman and snap her out of her trance. He felt his heart breaking at the sight of Anna not being able to get ahold of her power, knowing he was the reason behind it. Bucky pushed his hands through his hair and decided to do something about it. He went to take a step forward but Steve put a hand on his chest to stop him.

“What are you doing?!” I questioned to my best friend with a glare.

“Buck, it’ll only make it worse right now.” Steve explained to me, something I already knew.

“I can’t just stand here and watch her…” I trailed off.

There was a pain in my chest, but there was a knot in my stomach seeing Clint with Anna. When I walked in the tower for the first time, I knew that Anna would be shocked and hurt still, but I didn’t expect to see Clint by her side. I felt rage take over when Clint grabbed her hand and I wanted to attack when he kept me from reaching for her. I hesitantly stood in place and watched as Clint whispered to Anna.
The speed of the pebbles picked up more causing me to look around to make sure no civilians were around to witness this. I noticed the pebbles stopped and I flicked my eyes to Anna to see Clint kissing her.

My blood instantly boiled and Steve had to grab ahold of my arm and drag me inside. He nearly pushed me down the stairs knowing that I was ready to murder Clint.

“How long?!” I growled as I tried to push past Steve to get back to the roof.

“Buck, it’s not like that.” Steve pushed me back with force, “Anna isn’t over you.” Steve explained quickly as I continued to try to push past him.

“I am…was the only one who could get her to come back.” I say defeated, giving up trying to get to the roof.

“You hurt her Bucky. She’s still not over what happened. It took her so long to get to the point she isn’t shutting people out. Clint is her friend. What happened up there was quick thinking in order to get her to stop when nothing else was working.” Steve explained to me.

I still felt the jealousy boiling inside me and I looked to Steve, “Can you guarantee that Steve?”

“Yes..” Steve spoke honestly.

I know that I should have handled the threat better, instead of ending things. I’ve been miserable being away from Anna. It’s like the good part of me is missing. My other half was pushed away because of me. I knew that I couldn’t live without Anna. I had tried ever since I walked away, and now I needed to figure out how to get her back before I lost her for good.

“I’m getting her back Steve.” 

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Hi mister, I was just wondering if its okay to not really be interested in sex? I dont think im asexual. I feel arousal, I masterbate regularly, and I think I have a normal sex drive. but the idea of actually having sex with another person is just not very appealing. Im not repulsed by sex or anything I'm just not that into it.

no i think its normal.

 its normal to look at the action and feel like its either gross.. or weird.. or whatever. you are certainly not alone in that aspect. 

in time that view is probably going to change and I wouldnt worry about it right now. you shouldnt feel rushed or obligated about it. 

just be you. live your best life. and let things happen as they come your way. 

if you are loving yourself now and doing self care and such, dont be bothered by what you dont have at the moment. the right one will come along and it will all be natural if you let it. 

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Not to sound pushy or annoying at all, but I'm really waiting for part 10. I just love that series so much God! Also, take your time :) don't need to rush at all! :)

tbh i’m writing it right now and like i can’t like get this one part right how i want to do it so it’s taking me a hot minute but it’ll be out sometime today!!!!!


persona 5 wallpapers - requested by anon


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤

New Disney Channel Series “Andi Mack”

Grandma is mad. Her grown daughter, Bex, who got pregnant as a teenager, just blazed back into town and let a big secret slip. Grandma had raised 13-year-old Andi to believe that Bex was her older sister. Well, the truth is a tad more complicated.

Meanwhile, Andi’s school life is only a little less fraught. A boy is coming to terms with his sexuality. And Andi has her own budding love life to consider.

Andi Mack premieres on friday April 7th but the first 2 episodes are out via Disney’s digital platforms now. (x)

big time rush: make it count, play it straight, don’t look back, don’t hesitate when you go



“do you still hate me? my brother got all of our parents’ attention and love…

he was superior! but god’s fair. and you couldn’t inherit that from him because… he was being punished for his sins… you’re the product of that. serves them right.

yeah… serves them right…”  


One night, Junkrat was screwing around and broke his robotic arm. I like to think he is ashamed of his missing arm and feels like a disgusting thing because of it but Roadhog won’t let him think that.
Also, I just wanted to make some sad Junkrat ;u;


I want to be in the game. I want to stay here longer. I want to stay with these guys. Give me the thrill of the court. I want to fight with these guys longer. Let me feel out of breath. Let me stand here. I want to touch the ball. I want to fight. I want to throw up a toss with my own hands over and over. Then, we’ll win the match that’s right in front of us!

Happy birthday, my beloved mom Pam! (。’▽’。)♡ @09kageyama [08.09]

more little mother’s day greenhouse things:

  • someone asked me the price on a annual flat four pack of snapdragons today and I said “$2.09″ and they said “TWO HUNDRED AND NINE DOLLARS???”…. yeah $209 dollars for four snap dragons, carol
  • at one point a customer stopped me and said “you have a flower in your hair” and I was so delirious with heat that I asked him to get it out for me and he did
  • a woman told me to my face that “your coneflower looks like crap” like it was my personal coneflower and I was responsible for it looking like crap
  • people were driving up to the entrances of the greenhouses, parking, putting stuff in their car and driving to the next greenhouse….. possibly they paid for it idk
  • waited literally twenty minutes for the parking lot to be clear enough for me to drive the golf cart and trailer full of plants across it…. and still almost got backed into
  • my phone’s health/pedometer app constantly going nuts because it’s registering all of my fast walking everywhere as a work out so my phone says I worked out for 209 minutes today…. 22k steps boys… 10+ miles

I’ve sat on my leg too long and now I’ve got pins and needles and oh gods I hate pins and needles, I’m sitting here wiggling my leg like a maniac trying to get the blood flowing properly again. 

But it’s made me think….though I should probably point out anatomy and just in general how the body works is not my strong suit.

Preternatural or supernatural beings, do they get pins and needles? I mean they all have working nerve endings and blood…technically.

Vampires, for instance, are so often described as flushed and warm after drinking blood, but if their cells are absorbing it then wouldn’t they technically get pins and needles? Because they were originally hindering the flow of blood by not having any, and they’ve still got working nerves so the rush of blood should cause pins and needles, right?

Can you imagine a vampire drinking after a long abstinence, their sigh of relief when they feel the hot blood warm their body….then it begins. First in their fingertips, toes, and the tips of their nose and ears, and gradually it creeps through their entire body as their dormant cells come to life to absorb the blood. Nerve endings sparking randomly.

Imagine this dark creature of the night, sharp fangs bared, hissing out with copper tinged breath, “Fuck! Fucking pins and needles! I hate them so much!”

Imagine them flailing about, frantically rubbing at arms and legs to get the blood flowing properly. Once it finally stops, and they’re left panting, with that heavy warm feeling spreading through, they realise a human is standing there, staring at them wide eyed, mouth dropped open in an aborted attempt at a scream.

“Not a fucking word,” the vampire would grumble before running off into the night, their murderous image completely ruined by fucking pins and needles.

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am for this movie. It’s exactly what I need right now. So here’s a really rushed thing that let me play around with blur effects.

(Glad to see my art output’s improving, btw. Commission folks: they’re coming.)