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ok but like Gail Peck’s sexuality was poorly handled

how does she go from year long loving healthy and sexual relationships with men to “100% homo, gay. 0% straight” ?

like I get many lesbians realize theyre gay later in life but the way they wrote it didnt seem like that and its just random. Have Canadians not heard of the word bisexual??

plus the way they brought Holly in was clearly for token points and poorly written like ‘these past season we have never needed the forensic team working with us but now suddenly we do cause its a lesbian’. There was literally not any other reason to introduce her other than her being a lesbian and having her date Gail


Frozen Passing (3)

Her ears swept back as Eirian hung his head, once more setting his gaze on the dark river below.

“That was the beginnin’ of the worst year in our Flock’s history. One by one, everyone from my generation died off.”

Vanille was alarmed by this information. She reached out and set her hand on Eirian’s shoulder, “did you… lose all your friends?”

The slight nod he gave was enough answer for her and she pulled her hand away.

“It’s not like I didn’t have other friends,” he muttered after a moment, “my brothers I would consider friends, and I still have them. There were those older and younger than me too…”

He swallowed thickly, and Vanille’s ears drooped. Here she had always thought her past was depressing, when she still had a safe place to stay, no one she knew was dead yet, her children were never unfairly taken from her…

Her imagination could only scrape together a semblance of what it must have been like for Eirian to suffer through all that death, losing his friends, losing perhaps a dearly loved one - and having nothing to remember them by. No grave to visit. No tree planted in their honor.


The male gripped his scarf tightly in his fist.

“This scarf belonged to a friend I loved dearly.”

The emotions that struck Vanille then were so strong she felt nauseous. His anguish was clear. Tears ran down his cheeks and Vanille had to fight her own empathy to prevent herself from crying in response.

“My mother had just secured her position as the Flock matriarch. She had to fight for it naturally… no one gets born into the position. Ophir he… went off on his own. It wasn’t a day that looked like it would take a bad turn, but it… suddenly started rainin’. I was terrified,” he choked on his own breath, then forced himself to continue speaking, “he knew Rain Dance. And he - he was no warrior he couldn’t - he couldn’t fight very well.”

Eirian instinctively leaned toward Vanille and she shuffled closer to him. Still she struggled not to start crying herself, but at this point his despair was overwhelming, and tears did gather in her eyes.

“That move only ever triggered if he was afraid and – just two months before he’d lost his mother. He was all his father had left I… didn’t get there on time. By the time I found him, whatever had attacked him was gone but…” he raised his head from Vanille’s shoulder, his eyes glistening, “I’ll spare you the gruesome details. Right before I got to him that same Dusknoir who’d taken the twins, and countless other friends of mine appeared and… picked up Ophir.”

The Smeargle shook his head, then raised his left hand to rub at his eyes, “I tried to stop him - Deimos, that is. I just wanted my friend back; just one. Just so that he would let us bury one of our dead but… he wouldn’t. And of course he was too strong for me to even try to force him to let go of Ophir’s body but I still tried. For whatever reason he… gave this to me,” Eirian fingered the scarf around his neck, finally lowering his hand from his eyes. They were a little red around the edges now and Vanille so desperately wanted to do something to comfort him, but the pain ebbing and flowing off his body prevented her from getting closer.

“Then he turned away and ate Ophir with that stomach of his. Ophir’s dad was devastated, as he would be, losin’ his mate, then losin’ his only son… the Flock carried on. We were only half-way through that year.”

Vanille choked at this. Only half-way?

Megs and Teebs worry about Kevlar going out on his own, even when he’s fully grown. What if the wrong people find him? What if they know about his lineage? It’s too late to fight old Megs - why not pick a fight with his son? It’s the closest thing they’ll get.