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How are they going to realistically get Spoby or Emison for that matter back together it does not make sense. If my fiance died it would take me at LEAST 6-7 years to want to date again.

Well, you know, grief looks different on everybody. 

Not to say that I think they should get Sp*by together unless there’s a time jump, otherwise really in Rosewood time, it’s a week or two max which is all kinds of messed up, but anyway. It honestly is so different for people :/

My friend’s father died a couple of years ago and her mom started dating about a year, year and a half after. They were high school sweethearts, they were married for like 35 - 40 years, but it was something she had to do to move on and re-establish who she is. So in that sense, I think it really, truly depends on the person but I do agree that they’re going to end up rushing Sp*by and they super shouldn’t :/

I’m also not gonna get into the Emi/son stuff because. God. What a mess -_-

Honestly, okay, here’s what I’ve settled on with Crystal.

I enjoy it. I always enjoy Sailor Moon. But I’m not longer hinging my heart on it being SO awesome and an incarnation I’d really rank with all the others.

It’s following the manga closely in some respects, but it’s not changing the things I feel should be changed, and a lot of the changes it’s making I don’t like. They’ve cut out some of my favorite bits- like Rei’s prickliness and feminist speech from this ep, Usagi’s crossdressing, Mamoru’s delicate flower moments and silly sassiness from episode 3 and the changes it has made I mostly don’t give a shit about- Ami’s introduction was a lot better! But after that it went downhill and the major change it’s made is keeping the Shittenou alive, which I don’t give a shit about tbh and interviews have indicated they made the change for reasons I detest. 

I don’t think the creators and I are on the same page.

I appreciate seeing my girls again, and I appreciate the respect for Naoko and the female fanbase the creators have shown. At the same time, a lot of this has been so rushed, sloppy and so clearly underbudgeted that I think the Sailor Moon fandom deserves so much better.

I am glad it is happening. I feel we deserved better, but I am still glad it is happening at all. I hope there is support and it leads to more projects in the future. Sailor Moon is on everyone’s radar. People are talking about it. There are new musicals, there’s lots of stuff going on. Crystal so far has given us Moon Pride and so many fun little things. Anything that gets the sailor Moon fandom active again makes me very happy. I think Crystal is very accessible and that makes me happy.

I will enjoy watching it if it stays about this quality, don’t get me wrong. I will stay up, I will watch it and blog it and unless there’s a real dip in quality I won’t dislike or hate it. But I won’t be head over heels and starry eyed. I have to dial back my investment here for my own emotional sake- I don’t want to get bummed out over an anime. I need to be detached from it. I can’t live with this affecting me on an emotional level.