rush selfie is the best selfie

Boi, I got a story for you guys....

 I met Scott and Avi tonight, Avi was such a sweet heart and he talked to everybody and I mean EVERYBODY. Like the night before I saw Avi outside the tour buses of our hotel as I was getting my luggage to spend the night with my friends. I was going to say Hi, but at first i thought it wasn’t him.  Then the next day, my mom said she spotted Kirstie and Mitch then right as we were about to leave for the fairgrounds we saw Kevin in the hallway. 

Soundcheck was amazing, I found out that Avi worked at Starbucks for three years, which is probably why he hates coffee, and that he also played the trumpet but stopped when he found out he had to march in marching band (but he still wanted to do music)

Me and my friends got somewhat barricade, and sadly none of us got picked for beanbag, but after the show we met Avi and took some selfies. He looked directly into my eyes, and it killed me. I thought I was ready for it, but as soon as I got close I couldn’t hold it. I could not stare back into his beautiful green eyes. 

My friend sent me a five second video of me and Avi taking a selfie and afterwards he stared at me thinking that I was going to say something else. I was, but i was so nervous i high tailed it to the back of the line. I was going to bring up my star wars joke at the end but he had to go, which was very sad news. Just as I was about to leave, Scott comes running out so me and my friends hurry back. They didn’t get a selfie with Scott unlike me, making me feel terrible and selfish (thanks mom for rushing me). All in all, this was the best weekend i have ever had… I hope to see Avi soon, maybe on his own tour with his Sequoias. (pictures below cut)


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My first ever Warped Tour was this year in Dallas. I signed up for a Bandhappy class with Tyler, Scout and AJ from Issues, so I was beyond excited. When I went to the BandHappy tent with my boyfriend for his lesson with Michael, Michael and Sky were there just chillin waiting for their students. I met and talked with Sky for a little bit while boyfriend was in his lesson with Michael, and I have to say, Sky takes some very interesting selfies. After boyfriend was done with his lesson, I got to meet Michael and take a selfie with him. He’s such a nice guy but I could tell he was in a hurry, so I didn’t waste his time. When it came time for my own lesson, I was literally shaking, cause I’m literally an Issues and Tyler Carter fangirl soooo I was pretty stoked. I’d brought some purple Nike shorts to give to Tyler cause they matched his purple hair and I thought he’d like them. The guys walk up and do their class and after, Tyler says “Now let’s take some selfies and shit.” So we got to hang out and talk with them for a while and I gave Tyler his shorts. I asked if he’d wear them on stage and his exact response was this: “I’m not sure if I should wear them on stage, cause my dick might end up floppin out, but I’ll definitely be wearing them on the bus.” On the outside, I laughed it off and took my selfies with the guys but on the inside, my inner fangirl was screaming and jumping around like a 10 year old on a sugar rush. Then I went to catch their performance on the Journeys stage and crowd surfed for the first time ever. So that was fun. THEN the next day on twitter, I saw the best thing ever on Tylers twitter page: a selfie of him WEARING the shorts I gave him, and all the fangirls were replying to it saying things like “dat ass,” “Booty,” or some shit like that and I just sat there reading the replies thinking to myself  "you’re welcome fangirls.“